2007 Penny Value: D, S, Error List, and No Mint Mark

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2007 Penny Value – When you see a 2007 penny in your change, you probably don’t give it a second thought because there are so many of them in circulation. Don’t know that some 2007 pennies are worth more than their face value? It’s a lot more than you’d think! That is correct. A 2007 penny value might be worth $100, $200, or even more!

2007 Penny Value

As a result, how do you know if your 2007 penny value is worth more than the others? I’m going to show you the characteristics you should search for on your 2007 pennies in detail…

2007 Penny No Mint Mark Value

The Philadelphia Mint produced 3,762,400,000 Lincoln pennies with no mint mark in 2007. That’s a lot of money, over 3.76 billion dollars with a B! That doesn’t mean that the 2007 penny is unworthy of a collector’s attention, even though it is a common coin.

Worn examples of standard 2007 penny value from pocket change are only worth 1 cent and a no mint mark penny from 2007 is worth the same. An uncirculated 2007 penny (which looks to be in near-mint condition when found in penny bags or rolls) is worth 10 to 20 cents each.

Finally, in a 2008 auction, the rarest 2007 penny ever graded MS67RD by third-party grader Professional Coin Grading Service sold for $230. What about it?

2007-D Penny Value

Did you come across a 2007 penny with a mint “D? The Denver Mint produced the 2007-D penny, which had a “D” mint mark on it. All 2007-D pennies, like their Philadelphia counterparts, are rather common. In 2007, the Denver Mint produced a total of 3,638,800,000 (nearly 3.64 billion) pennies.

The 2007-D penny is extremely common and hence worth only 1 cent in worn condition, similar to the 2007 pennies with no mint mark. Uncirculated 2007-D pennies (which seem to have just come out of the mint) are normally worth 10 to 20 cents each.

2007 D Penny Value

Thousands of times its face value, the most valuable 2007-D penny is worth! In a 2008 sale, one specimen graded MS67RD by Professional Coin Grading Service fetched $431.

2007 Satin Finish Penny Value

Collector sets of coins were released by the US Mint in 2007, each containing a unique version of one kind of circulating coin produced that year. The 2007 pennies, which were reproduced in a premium satin finish and have a matte appearance than the usual ones produced for circulation, were among these.

Only in 2007 mint sets were the 2007 satin finish pennies produced at the Philadelphia Mint without a mint mark.

In proportion to the total number of 2007 mint sets sold by the United States, 895,628 of the 2007 satin pennies were produced. A mint is a place where money is made. These sets are currently worth between $18 and $22 after being sold at $22.95 each.

A value of $1 to $2 can be found on a typical 2007 satin Lincoln penny. In 2008, Professional Coin Grading Service received $253 for an example graded SP69, which is the highest price ever paid for a most valuable 2007 satin finish penny.

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2007-D Satin Finish Penny Value

The 2007 mint set included both the 2007 satin pennies from the Philadelphia Mint and the 2007-D satin finish Lincoln pennies from the Denver Mint.

For the 2007 mint set, the same number of satin finish pennies were produced as in previous years. As a result, the 2007-D penny had an 895,628 mintage, identical to the no mint mark satin finish penny.

A 2007-D satin finish penny of typical quality is worth $1 to $2 in good condition. Professional Coin Grading Service graded the most valuable 2007-D satin finish penny as SP69, and it sold for $403 in 2008.

2007-S Penny Value

As a proof coin, the 2007-S Lincoln penny was created especially for collectors. The 2007-S penny was produced using polished blanks that were manually struck twice with specially designed dies on high-tonnage presses to ensure that even the tiniest details are robust.

Struck at the San Francisco Mint and bearing its “S” mint mark beneath the date on the coin, it was made from polished blanks.

Frosty designs and printing that stand out against highly mirrored fields (a coin’s plain flat surfaces) are hallmarks of modern proof coins.

2007 S Penny Value

In the United States, it is known as the U.S. All 2,577,166 of these 2007-S pennies were included in proof sets and other special offerings for coin collectors, with the exception of a small number struck by error.

A typical 2007-S penny sells for around $2 to $5, as seen above. Professional Coin Grading Service graded PR70DCAM on the most valuable 2007-S penny ever sold, which sold for sold for $184 in a 2010 auction.

NOTE: What Is Your Penny’s Grade? You must first identify what condition (or grade) your coin is in order to determine the actual worth of your penny.

2007 Penny Error List and Value

There are numerous sorts of rare and valuable 2007 penny errors and varieties worth money to seek for,: Here are a few of the most common 2007 Lincoln penny errors to watch out for:

2007 Double Die Penny

The doubled die penny, which was released in 2007, is very difficult to come across and is also one of the most valuable examples of a 2007 penny mistake you might encounter.

There are several minors and rarer 2007 doubled die pennies that may be worth searching for, despite the fact that there are no documented 2007 doubled dies with major doubling errors.

Depending on the particular demand and scarcity of a given variety, they may have a value ranging from $20 to $100 or more. Lincoln’s eye, bowtie, Lincoln Memorial columns, and lettering are all important places to find doubling on the coin.

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2007 BIE Penny

On the 2007 BIE penny, there appears to be a capital letter “I” between the letters “B” and “E” in the word “LIBERTY,” which is unusual. This isn’t a spelling mistake, though! Rather, a raised line caused by a die crack (a break in the die caused by aging and overuse) is what the capital “I” really is.

This may appear at practically any size and may break virtually anywhere. However, if the cracks are huge, attention-grabbing, or form unusual or fascinating patterns on a coin, they may become incredibly sought-after collectors’ items!

Collectors are quite interested in BIE pennies, yet they are common enough that prices aren’t too bad. Depending on the condition, a typical 2007 BIE penny might sell for $5 to $15.

2007 Off-Center Penny

2007 off-center penny — Wow, this is a serious mistake! Part of the design for the 2007 off-center pennies has been lost. When the coin isn’t properly seated and aligned in the proper location between dies, or the dies themselves are misaligned, this happens.

Since it was struck off center, the coin’s design may be missing anywhere from 1% to 99% of its originality, and prices are usually proportional to the amount of design.

The most important form of off-center 2007 penny, however, is missing about half of its design yet still shows a complete date. $50 to $100 is a fair price for such items.

That’s all from our articles regarding the 2007 Lincoln penny value. The 2007 Lincoln penny by far isn’t the rarest, and the most prestigious coin ever minted in US history. However, there are also some of the uncirculated grades of 2007 no mint mark that can give a lot of value. The pristine, 2007 penny value can be varied based on their grades, pristine conditions, and rarities.

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