1991 Penny Error List, Value, No Mint, and Guide

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1991 Penny Error – When collecting old coins, there are many rare oddities, and grades that differentiate between the usual worthless penny, the collectible penny that could reach for more than $10 to $50, or even a higher-end grade of a penny that could be worth more than hundreds and thousands of dollars. Just like the article 1976 penny value, we discussed earlier, now we would guide you in the Penny error list and value.

One of the factors that make the pennies differ in price and value, is the penny error. These are error; accidental error in mintage that makes certain penny has their increased value.

With this 1991 penny error list, we can help you identify some of these error pennies that could be worth more than $10, or even if you are lucky you can even find some higher-end pennies, with the rare 1991 penny errors.

1991 penny error list

If you have an old coins hobby and wanted to collect rare old coins, oddities coins, premium penny, and some error pennies, then our 1991 penny error list would help you in it, but let’s know more about the 1991 Lincoln penny first shall we?

The 1991 Lincoln Head Penny Specifications, History, And Origin

The 1991 Lincoln head penny isn’t the rarest or most exclusive penny, and unlike some of the exclusive higher-end grade pennies, most of the 1991 Lincoln head penny would only be worth its initial face value of one cent.

If you want to hunt some of the 1991 penny errors then you would need to understand the origin, face value, design, and complete specifications of the Lincoln 1991 penny.

The Specifications of Lincoln 1991 Penny:

  • Coin type: Lincoln head penny
  • Year: 1991
  • Initial face value: $0.01
  • Metal composition: 99% Zinc, and 1% Copper
  • Weights: 2.5 g
  • Mark: No mark

1991 Penny is a Lincoln head dollar penny. It was first issued in the early 1900s, to replace the old Indian head penny.

The Lincoln penny is still one of the most used, and circulated coins in US history, and many coin historians believe that there are numerous premium, special, and error pennies that are still in circulation up to this day.

1991 Lincoln Penny Error

To get a better idea of error pennies, these are a few 1991 penny errors and oddities that you can hunt, collect, and obtain.

Some of these error pennies are considered a rarity, and also oddities that can be worth several dozen of dollars.

1991 Penny Error List And Guide

A lot of the 1991 d penny errors are faulty coins from the mintage, they can be quite rare, and precious, where there is a rare curious of the error, but sometimes, there are also several errors that aren’t worth it.

Remember before spending money on error pennies, check on the faulty coins, and see whether it is the authentic error pennies that are real, worth it, and not just regular cent pennies.

Here are a few of the real error pennies that can be worth their value, and the real deal. Some of these pennies can be quite rare to find, with 1991 no mint penny value ranging from $0.15 to $10 and even can reach for $15.

To make sure you know what you buy, you would need to research first, and know it’s better, remember to spend wisely, it is just a piece of a penny after all, and not worth your hundreds of thousands of dollars.
1991 d penny error list to help you invest in proper coins:

• Double Die Penny – One of the 1991 d Lincoln penny error, the Double die penny is an error penny specimen that is died double, meaning that the surface is thicker than the usual Lincoln penny. It can also mean that the penny in itself has a larger quantity of the precious metal, and therefore has more value than regular old 1991 pennies.

• 1991 Penny No Mint Mark – No mint mark penny, is the penny that has a slight error, with no mint mark on the penny. It seems that mintage has an error in the mark, and somehow seems to be more premium, and rarer.

• Die Cracked Penny – Die cracked penny, is a penny that has a broken surface, and appears to be cracked. This, in turn, will let the die slightly altered, and seems to be quite different and rare.

• Wrong Mark on The Die Penny – The last rare specimen in our 1991 penny error list that has quite rare.

Like with the die penny that has an apostrophe on the die, and with Bie, instead of Die.

A few of the 1991 penny errors are quite uncommon, and you can find them on e-commerce. Some of these error pennies might be worth your time, however, some of it is also not worth it.

We hope that our 1991 penny error list here could help you to determine, and search for any error pennies that are worth your time and money.

Guides And Questions About The 1991 Penny Worth

Even though the 1991 Lincoln penny is not that valuable, its value is mostly valued with its initial face value of $0.01, or one cent.

Pennies minted in the 1980s aren’t the most valuable coin, and it is considered a very common collection. It is not considered an antique coin, because it is still not as old as other antique coins such as the 1960s Indian head penny.

Keep in mind that the 1991 penny value is also subjected to the law of supply and demand from the United States, ensuring that the buyer and sellers will have a fair price, and not manipulate its supply and demand.

Regardless, some of the pennies can be worth a pretty good amount of money, and if you know the value of some grades and types, some of them can get you more money.

If you want to start your collection of old coins ( most valuable foreign coins ), you should start with the 1980s Lincoln penny. Here are frequently asked questions regarding the 1991 Lincoln penny.

How Much Does A 1991 Penny Worth?

1991 Penny is mostly worth its initial face value of one cent ($0.01). If you decide to melt the 1991 penny, the melting price for the 1991 Penny is around $0.02 which isn’t much, since the 1980s penny has low value, and is generally not much valuable.

Some of the error pennies might be much worth it, even if it is such a common penny as the 1991 penny. Some error pennies can get you around $10 to $50; it also depends on the grade, as well as its category.

How Do Find 1991 Pennies Worth Money?

Considering most of the 1991 pennies are very common, and few of them were rarely minted, it is quite hard to find some of the 1991 pennies that worth money.

However, you can still find a few of the rare 1991 Pennies by going to the old coin auction and gallery.
You can also find other collectors and old coin dealers online, and if you are lucky you might stumble upon the great collections, see this section Lincoln Kennedy penny value.

If you understand about error pennies, you can also try your luck on finding a few error pennies. Here, our 1991 penny error list will surely aid you in your hunt.

How Much Is A 1991 Penny Worth And How Do We Know About It?

How much is a 1991 d penny worth? And the other variety of pennies? It all depends on the grading of each 1991 penny.

The grade is separated into a few grades, from the cheapest grade Poor grade (PR) to the most pristine, grade of MS. Poor grades would only just value one cent, the good grade can get you around $0.06 to $2.

1991 D Lincoln Memorial Penny Coin Value

However, some rare grade, especially some of the higher-end grade of MS is incredibly rare and very expensive.
The highest grade is MS 70, it is a pristine, perfectly mint condition that if auctioned off at least could get you thousands of dollars.

What Makes A 1991 Penny Rare?

Some of the rare 1991 pence were because of the error pennies, making them have their special intrinsic value in the eye of collectors.

Some errors such as the 1991 no mint penny error, double die 1991 penny, and many other errors and redesign will, in turn, create such special items that are rare, hence increasing their value.

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These rarities are also supported by grading or conditions. The conditions of the penny would also determine its value.

The highest grade is the MS (near-minted state), a grade that is so pristine, that the coin itself is shining, just like it was minted yesterday.

The MS grade value could be worth more than hundreds of thousands of dollars, let alone if it was rare pennies such as with error pennies and exclusive premium.

If you are planning to go hunting error pennies, then we recommend you to first check out the 1991 penny error list here, and understand first the differences, the concept of error pennies, and the different type of error that is worth the money. Remember to always research, and be skeptical regarding some old coins, since there are also many fake, rip-off pennies floating around the online market too.

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