1966 Penny Value: Error List, No Mint Mark, and Worth

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1966 Penny Value – Some of you must have a collection of loose change at home that was once used as a means of payment, now you collect it as a collection. One of them is a 1966 penny coin that may be among the piles of change in your house.

Maybe some of you are curious about the nominal value of this 1966 Lincoln memorial penny. In addition, you can also find out how much 1966 penny value you have and can be sold at a high price.

Lincoln cents are sold depending on the condition of the coin. The better the condition of the coin, the higher the price. Especially if the Lincoln penny you have has errors or variations that can add value to the sale.

You may also think that most Lincoln pennies will be worthless because they are made of copper. Even in the market, copper coins were worth less than silver coins ( foreign coins worth money ).

Of course, this makes you hesitate to sell your 1966 Lincoln penny. So what is a 1966 penny worth? Of course, the answer is “Yes” and you will find out why here.

1966 Lincoln Penny Value

In 1966 the Lincoln cent was made of as many as 2,188,147,783 pieces which made it a coin used as a means of payment. But in recent decades, coins are very rare.

This is what makes the value of the Lincoln cent so high because this old coin is made of bronze which consists of 95% copper and 5% zinc.

As we know that copper is one of the semi-precious metals whose value has increased greatly in the last few decades.

how much is a 1966 penny worth

Moreover, the amount of copper in Lincoln cents was very high and could be twice its face value. Those of you who save 1966 Lincoln cents will probably get the highest offer of the moment.

How Much is a 1966 Penny Worth?

To determine the value of the Lincoln cent, look at the condition of the coin and the weight of the copper. Because the current value of molten copper in every penny is around $0.02.

This is the reason why you can get more value if you sell uncirculated Lincoln cents. Because the Lincoln penny that was not circulated had a very good copper content and a very smooth surface.

One example is the 1966 penny no mint mark also has a high value of over $0.20 with the MS63RB value contained in the uncirculated coin.

MS65RD in uncirculated grade also has a fairly high value of more than $0.50. Overall, the value of this 1966 Lincoln coin is not very high although it is still in very good condition.

1966 penny no mint mark value is quite high but if there is no uniqueness or variety in this Lincoln penny, of course, the value is not high enough. The more unique, the higher the value.

1966 penny value no mint mark has the highest price of $ 6,463 in 2012 with the best condition and uncirculated grade.

What is The Value of a 1966 SMS (Special Mint Sets) Penny?

The 1966 Penny SMS was produced a second time in 1966. This money was made as a substitute for traditional evidence and to replace the sets that were detained by the US in 1965.

SMS 1966 became the Lincoln penny which has a superior surface compared to paper money in general. But it’s also not as shiny or sharp as a penny proof.

The value of an outdated 1966 SMS penny will only be worth about two cents. But 1966 SMS can be worth 50 cents to $1 if it’s not in circulation and very well cared for.

1966 penny value SMS was valued at $2,500 in 2014 because it was in very good condition and worth it. This price is the highest price of 1966 SMS sold.

Where is the mint mark on a 1966 penny? You can find this mint mark as a variety or see where the coin was made.

What Are The 1966 Penny Errors?

Talking about Lincoln cents, of course, we must also know where the errors or variations that exist in the Lincoln cents are. 1966 penny error can be sold for a higher price than the average Lincoln penny.

For you to get the highest price you have to know the fault in this 1966 Lincoln penny. Maybe some errors are not easily visible, but if you look closely you will find this error.

1966 penny error list

1966 Penny No Mint Mark Value

At least you will find the 1966 penny no mint mark error list like the following:

  • 1966 Doubled Die Pennies

This error is caused because the dice have been multiplied several times in the design section. The doubled die is the rarest coin glitch and makes it quite valuable.

The 1966 Penny is known to have a doubled die error in the letter or date part of the coin. The value can be sold for $20 to $100 depending on the size of the doubling.

  • 1966 Die Break Pennies

1966 penny value with these die breaks could be increased. Because die break occurs due to cracks in the die. Cracks that appear can be bumps, streaks, or raised lines.

To get the highest value depending on the die crack taking into account the size, location, and shape. The value can reach $ 5 to $ 10.

  • 1966 Die Cud Pennies

This die-cud crack became one of the highest values in the 1966 penny. The die cud may be a large flat ridge or an empty area adhering to the edge of the coin.

1966 penny value resulting from this error of $100 and even higher.

  • 1966 BIE Pennies

This type of fault is known as the BIE variety which is a die crack that is vertical in shape and is similar to the letter “I” which is between the B and E of the word “LIBERTY”.

This type of variety is common but if you can take care of it then the value can range from $ 5 to $ 10.

What is The Value of a Doubled Die 1966 Error Penny?

The double die is a common mistake you’ll find on this 1966 Lincoln penny. This doubled die is what makes the coins rare and the price higher.

The value you get from a 1966 doubled die penny is around $20 to $100 depending on the condition of the coin you have and judging by the doubling rate on this Lincoln penny.

What is The Value of 1966 Die Break Pennies?

1966 penny values with die breaks that you can see as streaks, raised lines or bumps can be quite high. However, this also depends on the position, location, size, and shape of the die break on this 1966 Lincoln penny.

If you have a Lincoln penny with a die break, then the price you can get is anywhere from $5 to $10. In addition, the thing to consider is the condition of the coins you have.

Even if your Lincoln penny has faults, if it has circulated and worn the surface of the coin then the price can’t be too high.

Therefore, to keep the 1966 penny value high, you have to treat the 1966 Lincoln penny properly so that errors can be seen with the naked eye and the surface of the coin is still very good.

What is The Value of 1966 Die Cud Pennies?

Die Cud or cracks on this 1966 Lincoln penny you can find with the naked eye. The Die Cud can be a large, flat blank area or a bump on the side of the coin.

The value of coins with this die cud ranges from $100 or even higher and depends on the size, location, and position of the Die Cud.

If you find a Lincoln penny with a die cud, try to find out how much money you will receive.

Most 1966 penny with no mint mark has die cud which you can sell for the highest price. But the important thing you have to remember is that to sell Lincoln pennies they must be in good condition.

Because the higher the copper in the Lincoln penny and the condition is uncirculated, the higher the price.

To get the highest value of the 1966 penny, you have to pay attention to the condition of the penny. The better the condition of the penny, the higher the price.

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If we talk about ancient money, then several factors determine the high value of the cent. Moreover, the 1966 Lincoln penny has a very high copper content.

This 1966 penny is made of 95% copper and 5% zinc. This very high copper content is what makes the 1966 penny value increase.

Especially in the last few decades, the price of copper in the market is high. So it’s time for the Lincoln penny owner to sell his collection and get the highest price.

The high value of copper is what makes the price of the Lincoln cent higher and many people are interested in selling it.


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