1999 Penny Value: Error List, No Mint Mark, and Silver

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1999 Penny Value – The value of most old pennies is based on their condition, grading, and uncirculated conditions. Some of the uncirculated 1999 penny values could reach more than a couple of dollars, hundreds if the grading is nice, and even thousands of dollars if it is in very rare MS conditions.

So, how can the price be different, when it is still the same old Lincoln memorial penny?

When we are talking about antique coins, and old coins, amateur people might only think of precious gold coins, old antique roman coins, and so on. However, the truth is, that many pennies can be worth even more than hundreds to thousands of dollars.

So are you wondering? How one penny, coins that you can find particularly anywhere, anytime, as changes, or under the rugs, can have so much value?

Well, to be exact, the penny you are looking for isn’t circulated, like you can find under the rugs, or as changes from dollar stores.

Most of the 1999 pennies you found on circulations aren’t valuable at all, and if you try to sell or buy them, well, the cost is just one penny or $0.01.

What we are looking for is the 1999 penny value from uncirculated conditions, with good grades according to the grading.

To understand better how the 1999 penny value could be surprising, could increase its value based on its uncirculated conditions, and how much it can increase?

Then you need to understand better the complete specifications of the coins, metal compositions, history behind the Lincoln memorial penny, how much it can be worth in the eye of collectors, and basically how much is a 1999 penny worth.

Composition and Specification Of The 1999 Lincoln Memorial Penny

The 1999 Lincoln Memorial penny was one of the long-lasting pieces of a penny in the US. First, it was minted to change the initials of the coins from the old Lincoln wheat ear penny, to the newer Lincoln memorial penny. It was changed to create a new design, as well as the compositions.

During the 1940s the composition of the penny in the US changed, but we will talk about it more in the history of the 1999 penny value.

1999 Penny Value

For now, to understand how much the 1999 penny value d and how it was seen in the eye of collectors, here are the specifications and compositions of the penny:

  • Coin type: Lincoln memorial penny
  • Year minted: 1999
  • Initial face value: $0.01
  • Compositions: 99.2% Zinc or Alloy with 0.8% copper
  • Total Weights: 2.5 g
  • Observe side: Bust of Abraham Lincoln
  • Reverse side: Lincoln memorial building
  • Varieties: 1999 Lincoln penny, 1999 Lincoln-D penny, and 1999 Lincoln-S Proof Penny

In 1999, the Us minted three varieties of the Lincoln penny, the 1999 Lincoln penny that was minted in Philadelphia, the 1999 Lincoln-D penny minted in Denver, and the 1999 Lincoln-S Proof penny that was minted in San Francisco.

Each of these has a different mark on its observed side, and also different rarities that can be found.

The mint mark, when it is present, can be found under the date, on the observed side of the coins, or on the bust of Abraham Lincoln. Each of the varieties has different rarities, and prices, some of the rarer coins are also be found for each of the coins, especially the Lincoln-S Proof penny.

There is nothing special about its composition, specification, and the looks of the 1999 Lincoln penny. Aside from some rare, and Proof penny, there are not many valuable pieces of coins for the 1999 Lincoln penny.

1999 S Penny Value

However, some of the 1999 penny value errors are caused by mintage, and some 1999 silver penny can be pretty valuable in the current market. To understand better the 1999 penny value, let’s delve into history.

The Varieties Of The 1999 Lincoln Penny

There are three varieties of 1999 Lincoln penny that has been in circulation, and some also have uncirculated conditions. There are the 1999 Lincoln penny, the 1999 Lincoln-D penny, and the 1999 Lincoln-S Proof penny.

These three are different because of the mint mark on them, the total quantity that has been minted, and the locations it was minted.

The 1999 Lincoln penny was minted in Philadelphia, with a total quantity of 5.240.600.000 minted in 1999. This variety is a 1999 penny with no mint mark, and you can see there are no mint marks under the date. It was a pretty common type of Lincoln pennies.

The 1999 Lincoln-D penny was minted in Denver with the total amount minted around 6.400.065.000. How much is a 1999 d penny worth? If it is a circulated condition it would only value for around its initial face value of $0.01, and if it is an uncirculated condition around $5.

1999 D Penny Value

Some of the 1999-d penny error values can be quite valuable for around $25 to $50, the 1999-d penny value could increase based on its grading.

The other variety is the 1999 Lincoln S Proof penny. It was minted only to be used as a Proof penny, meaning that it was minted for the collective purpose only, to be sold to collectors.

Therefore most of them didn’t see any circulations and only minted for around a handful of 3.350.966. It was minted in San Francisco, hence the S mark that you can see under the date.

The History Of The 1999 Lincoln Penny

The Lincoln Memorial penny has quite a history behind it, it isn’t just regular old pennies that aren’t valuable at all. Not many people appreciate the value of some rare pennies, and not many people also understand the historical value behind the Lincoln memorial penny. Many changes, regulations, and also the historical story behind just one piece of the penny.

For starters, during the 1940s, during World War II, the US government changed the composition of the penny, from around 95% of copper to 99% Zinc or Alloy.

This change was mostly caused by the rising price of copper in the US, the heavy usage of Copper to support war needs, the creation of more weapons, and the rising of electronic devices in the world.

This made the copper used for the coins raise its price higher than one cent and made the price of creating the penny more expensive than the actual penny itself.

To combat this, the US government changes the composition of the penny to contain less copper and therefore changed its metal compositions entirely. From then on, any pennies minted after the 1940s will contain only 0.8% copper, and 99.2% Zinc.

What does it mean? That means the penny value that was minted before the 1940s will increase much more because of the copper composition inside them.

Most of the 1999 penny value won’t be valued based on its metal composition, even though the 1999 silver penny value is what some people might find. We will explain about the silver penny and copper penny later or the 1999 gold penny value.

Then during the 1990s, the US government mixed up coin productions for the Lincoln memorial pennies, creating a lot of error pennies, such as the double die penny, the close Am penny, and the close FG penny.

These errors were caused by the mixed-up in 1993, which should be implemented later in the year, but then implemented in the current year, creating the double die that it shouldn’t be.

The 1999 penny value mostly comes from this error on the pennies and is made rarer than others. Error pennies are quite rare to find compared with other pennies.

Approximately, at least 10%-15% of error pennies have been minted in history and have been around in circulations, and there are only a handful of 5% pennies that are uncirculated that has this similar errors.

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So, How Much Is The 1999 Lincoln Penny Worth?

In 2017, there are auctions for the sale of the 1999 Lincoln pennies with uncirculated grades. After the coin grading service graded these coins, it was now then found out to be the very rare MS 67 Red gems grade. The MS 67 grade is the highest grade of the Lincoln copper pennies; hence it was a very rare gem.

Collectors that want to get their hand on these precious gems would need to pay dearly.

The coin that has more than an MS grade will be graded as a precious gem, just like a ruby, sapphire, or diamond.

This is because the MS grade is the nearly Minted State, meaning that it has lusters like gems, reddish shining, and precious metals too.

Some of the coin’s 1999 penny value in this category could be worth around $100 to even a whopping $20.000. Later on, there was a 1999 penny sold for $4,000 in 2019. It was the MS 62 grade, even though the grade is lower than the MS 67 red gems grade, the price is still a whopping $4.000.

The MS 67 grade, approximately could be sold for more than $26.000, waiting for any collectors that want to pay dearly for it.

1999 Error Pennies

One thing that many coin hunters seek is error pennies, as they are rare and can be quite valuable. For those who don’t know, Error pennies are pennies that have been minted with errors from mintage, due to human errors, or die errors.

Some errors might also be caused by human errors and exposure to the elements. These error pennies are quite valuable because of their rarity and are very hard to get.

1999 Penny Errors

This are a list of some error pennies you can get from the 1999 Lincoln pennies:

Off-Center Penny

Off-center, a penny is regarded as the off-die penny, and when you see the mint mark and die is kind of off-center. 1999 off-center penny value at least worth around $5 to $6.

Double Die Penny

Double-die penny is one of the most common error pennies you can find, as it is quite common from the series of 1990s pennies. It is worth around at least $5 to $10.

Die To Crack Penny

Die to crack penny, is when the die appears to be cracked, and not so smooth. Die to crack penny are cheap, and not that valuable.

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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding The 1999 Lincoln Pennies

These are frequently asked questions regarding some of the 1999 Lincoln pennies, to help you hunt, and locate any 1999 penny worth a lot of money.

How Much Is A 1999 Penny Worth?

The 1999 Lincoln penny isn’t the most valuable of money at all, and since most of them have been around in circulations for decades, it has deteriorated, and most of them are not worth the money at all. If you buy a 1999 Lincoln penny that has been in circulation for more than its initial value, then you have been scammed.

However, some of the uncirculated grade pennies are rather precious but very hard to get. The uncirculated grade MS pennies could even reach at least a hundred dollars.

These are pennies that you need to look for. Keep an eye on especially pristine conditions penny that has been quite lustrous in its shine.

What Is Special About A 1999 Penny?

Nothing special about the regular 1999 penny you can find in the dollar store, however, some uncirculated grade pennies can be quite valuable and special, especially some of the error pennies like double die, or close AM pennies.

1999 Close AM Penny

The special one is the uncirculated grade penny that has been in pristine, near-minted state-like grade.

How Do I Know If My 1999 Penny Is Worth The Money?

You can go to the local coin grading service to check on the grades of your 1999 Lincoln penny. Here, you can check whether your 1999 penny is worth anything or not. A local coin grading service can grade your coin based on its conditions, grade, and any error pennies it can have.

That’s our discussion regarding the 1999 penny value and worth. If you want to know more about coins collections and precious coins you can try to get your hand on, then keep reading it on our official website.

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