1992 Penny Value: Error Small 2, and No Mint Mark

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1992 Penny Value – When we are talking about old coins or antique coins, many people might not think about pennies at all, after all, it is just a penny that you can get from changes, under the rugs, under the sofa, and could be anywhere.

So, how does it value? Are some of the pennies can get valuable enough if it is rare, and the year it has been minted is rare? We will answer that, in our discussion here of the 1992 penny value.

Most of the time, pennies don’t get raised too much from their initial face value of $0.01, however, some of the rarer pennies, error pennies, and uncirculated conditions pennies can be worth your time, and money.

Regardless, the 1992 Penny value depends on its rarities and its uncirculated conditions. The circulated 1992 penny is very common, and the 1992 no-mint mark penny is quite rare too.

Before we get to know the 1992 penny value and delve deeper into it, we need to know about the penny itself first, the specifications, grading, rarities, and why some of them can be worth your money. So, here is the specification of the 1992 Penny.

Specifications Of The 1992 Penny

The 1992 penny is the Lincoln memorial penny. The 1992 penny value was initially just $0.01, to be used as pennies changes. The Lincoln 1992 Penny was designed to replace the wheat penny as the pennies in circulation.

The wheat ear penny itself has been in circulation for many years ago and now has been replaced with Lincoln memorial pennies ever since.

1992 Penny Value

To understand better the 1992 penny value, let’s delve deeper into its specifications, series, and type. Here are the specifications of the 1992 Lincoln memorial penny:

  • Type: Lincoln Memorial Penny
  • Year minted: 1992
  • Initial face value: $0.01
  • Metal composition: 99.2% Zinc and Alloy, 0.8% Copper
  • Total weight: 2.5 Grams
  • Varieties: Lincoln 1992 Memorial Penny, 1992 Lincoln D Penny, 1992 Lincoln S penny

The Lincoln memorial penny minted in 1992 was one of the series of the Lincoln memorial pennies, minted decades ago. It was made from 99% Zinc, with only around 1% copper.

It was minted featuring the bust of President Abraham Lincoln, with the reverse side of the coins featuring the all-famous Lincoln memorial building, the year of minting, and the inscriptions mark.

On the reverse side, you can see the inscriptions of Lincoln Museum, or Memorial Building, along with the words: “The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA”, and “E-PLURIBUS UNUM”. These words are minted in the exact shapes, dimensions, and sizes.

Sometimes, there are also rarer error pennies like the 1992 close AM penny value, and the Wide AM penny.

In the year 1992, the US minted the 1992 penny value with no mint mark; this was the 1992 Lincoln pennies that were minted in Philadelphia. The Philadelphia varieties have become the most common of the entire 1992 Lincoln penny.

To understand better the 1992 s penny value, and 1992 d penny value, you need to understand the differences between each variety, and why some of them can be worth more than others.

1992 D Penny Value

Each different variety has a different mark on them, and different rarities, making their value also different from each other, you need to understand each value, and variety if you want to start collecting 1992 error pennies.

Varieties Of 1992 Lincoln Memorial Penny

There were three assortments of Lincoln dedication penny that has been stamped in the year 1992. There is the 1992 Lincoln remembrance penny with no mint imprint, the 1992 D Lincoln penny, and the 1992 S Proof penny.

These three are various assortments since they are stamped independently, have different amount printed, and furthermore has an alternate blemish on them.

The first is the 1992 Lincoln penny, and it is the 1992 penny esteem no mint blemish on it. It has no mint imprint, in contrast to the next two assortments. It was stamped in Philadelphia and the absolute amount printed was 4.650.900.000 in the year 1992. It was one of the most widely recognized assortments of those two, and almost 95% of them are in coursed conditions.

Then, at that point, there is additionally the 1992 D Lincoln penny. The 1992 D penny was printed in Denver with the absolute amount stamped around 4.450.670.000, almost a similar sum as the one stamped in Philadelphia.

The D penny is portrayed by the D imprint under the year, showing it was printed in Denver. A portion of the uncirculated grade 1992 d penny mistakes can be very worth your time and assets to chase.

The last assortment of the Lincoln 1992 penny is the 1992 S Proof penny. It was printed in San Francisco, with an all-out modest bunch measure of 4.176.560 pennies. It is recognizably less than the other two assortments as a result of the S Proof grades.

It was stamped as confirmation pennies, meaning a ton of them end up non-coursed. A portion of the S Proof 1992 pennies are uncirculated, uncommon, and can worth more than $50 up to $100.

What Makes The 1992 Lincoln Penny Valuable?

The 1990s to 2000s Lincoln penny are quite valuable because, during the 1990s to 2000s, United States mintage used different dies to mint and produce the coins for penny circulations, along with minting the proof coins for coin collectors.

In 1992, there was a mixed-up happening, making the proof die used for the reverse side of the coin. It was supposed to start in 1993.

One error that occurs is that the distance between the initials of AM in “AMERICA” is different, and can be quite a distinguishing factor. Along with different AM initials, the FG initials, the base of the Lincoln memorial penny, and many more 1992 penny errors small 2 are worth your money.

These different varieties of Lincoln penny were minted in Philadelphia and Denver, while the collector-proof penny is in San Francisco.

You don’t need a magnifying glass to distinguish different die varieties for each 1992 Lincoln penny, it is not very obvious for most people.

Many veteran coin collectors and numismatics enthusiasts don’t recognize too much of the 1992 Lincoln penny.

It is not just the 1992 Lincoln variety penny that made it expensive and worth your while, but actually, the special die variety that has been minted during the 1990s, to the early 2000s, especially the 1992 one.

Some error pennies like the wide AM or Close AM might also be found in the 1992 coins, and that can make their value increase more.

The Most Expensive 1992 Lincoln Penny

In January of 2017, the rarest, and finest 1992 Lincoln penny was graded by the US professional coin grading service. The 1992 coin was graded as MS 67 Red, one of the rarest grades that you can get for old copper pennies.

This coin is virtually flawless and has gleaming surfaces like gold, and precious gems, fire orange, with the rose-red hues tint. It strikes as a sharp coin, with no carbon spots you can find.

The appeal is also considered as nearly 90-degree clockwise rotations for the reverse. Any coin collectors that want to get their hand on this piece will need to pay a lot of money to these almost perfect specimens you can find for the 1992 Lincoln penny.

It was then sold for around $26.000 at the auction, and it is considered one of the most pristine and most expensive 1992 Lincoln pennies that have ever sold.

Some of the mere error pennies like the 1992 d penny double die wouldn’t be able to reach this height of grade, because most of them are circulated conditions, meaning that it isn’t as perfect and pristine as the uncirculated mint conditions.

In the August of 2018, the professional US coin grading service now grade the MS 62 red coin specimens, and it was later sold for around $2.600.

Substantially lower than the perfect MS 67 grade, but it is still quite a hefty amount of money for single coins.
Why do many collectors want to spend more than thousands of dollars for a single coin? The answer is the rarities of the coin itself and for collections indeed.

Frequently Asked Questions About The 1992 Penny Value

If you are planning to collect the older pennies, and want to start your collections, then you might be wondering about many questions, like how to get valuable 1992 Pennies, how to distinguish the error pennies that can be valuable, and how to know how much valuable your pennies are.

1992 Penny Error

Here are a few frequently asked questions about the 1992 penny error and the 1992 Lincoln penny in general.

How to Get Valuable 1992 Penny

The valuable 1992 Penny is very rare, and hard to get. Most of the time, you will end up with just the regular pennies, 1992 penny that you can find as changes in the dollar store, under your rugs, etc.

These are circulated conditions, meaning that it has been exposed to the elements, because it is in circulation for years. This is very common, and not worth your money, as it will mostly cost around its initial value.

However, some of the rare uncirculated grade conditions of the 1992 penny value could be worth your money and time.

Some of these uncirculated conditions can only be found on auctions, trade deals, and buying online in old coin dealers. You can try your luck on pennies mystery box online to get your hand on rare uncirculated, or error 1992 penny.

How to Know The 1992 Penny Value

The value of a 1992 penny can be different for each penny, and the value itself will depend on the grading, the conditions, and the rarities of the coins themselves. If the penny is uncirculated conditions, then it will be much more expensive, because the grading and conditions will be so much better. The uncirculated conditions are also very rare.

To know how much the 1992 penny value you have, you will need to go to the local coin grading service.
The coin grading service can exactly distinguish the error pennies, and grade them based on the rarities, and conditions.

Refers to the grading chart to know exactly how much each grade of the 1992 penny, and 1992 silver penny could be valued.

How to Distinguish The Error Pennies in The 1992 Lincoln Penny?

There are many kinds of error pennies, from the 1992 double die penny value of more than $25 to $40, to the Close AM penny that could be valued at around $50, and the 1992 silver penny value will increase further based on the error it has.

To know exactly what kind of error your penny has, you need to refer to our error pennies section. There you can see several error pennies that you can get, from rarer close, AM penny, 1992 penny value wide Am, double die, and many more.

Hopefully our 1992 d penny error list could help you distinguish which error pennies are worth and valuable to sell.

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How to Know The Value and Grade Of The 1992 Lincoln Penny?

Well, to know the exact 1992 penny value and grade, you can go to your local coin grading service. There you can grade your coin to know its grade, based on its rarities, the error it may have, or the varieties of the coin itself.

The grade may vary, and it follows the official US coin grading chart, from the poor grade, good grade, fine grade, AU grade, and extremely rare MS grade.

You can also try your luck at the local coin dealers. Coin dealers can appraise, and know the value of your old coins.

If you get your hand on some rare error pennies, the coin dealers might also want to buy your coins for some quiet amount of money, depending on rarities, and worth.

That’s it on our discussion regarding the 1992 penny value, how it was worth it in the current market, and how you can get your hand on the rarer error pennies that you might want to get your hand on. If you like similar articles like these, you would also like our other articles, from the 1990s Lincoln penny value, penny error lists, and Canadian penny 1867 to 1992 value.

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