Why 1989 Wide AM Penny Worth: Error List and Value

1989 Penny Value - At a glance, ancient coins do look like ordinary coins that have no value. But, who would have thought, that the older the coin, the higher the selling price. Although it can no longer be used as a means of payment, the existence of ancient money continues to be a target for collectors. 

The most common example is the 1989 wide am penny. An ancient coin that has a high resale value due to its rarity and few die variations.

1989 Wide AM Penny Worth

What Makes Old Coins So Valuable?

The existence of rare ancient coins created a high selling price. In addition, the aesthetic value, materials, and history of the ancient currency are also factors that collectors look to. In principle, the element of scarcity is an important factor in assessing the old coins that can be collected. 

The rarer the old coins are, the higher the selling price. In addition, physical conditions also play an important role in determining prices. The better the physical condition of old coins, the higher the selling price.

Another factor that also affects the selling price of old coins is the imperfect physical condition of the coin, in this case, a misprint or miscut aka the wrong mint or the wrong cut in its manufacture. 

For most collectors of old coins, this deformed condition is an interesting one. 

For example, the 1989 penny wide am which has a physical condition at the distance between the letters "A" and "M" which is slightly far from each other makes it have a fairly high value.

At the same time, there are also old coin collectors who are interested in the unique serial numbers of the coins. For example, the serial number of the coin is sequential or a certain combination of numbers is considered beautiful. In conclusion, uniqueness can affect the selling price of old coins. 

One of the old coins which has a value that is 1989 wide am penny. 1989 wide am penny value is influenced by several things and conditions that make it valuable.

Why Are 1989 Pennies Rare & Valuable

Some old coins are worth more than others, for example, the rare 1989-D penny is worth much more than others. The 1989 coins are usually made of a copper-coated zinc composition. 

There is not much information about how this 1989 copper penny coin was finally made 7 years after the last Lincoln copper penny was made. However, what was known was that these rare error coins were worth a lot of money.

The Lincoln Memorial cent has the words AMERICA printed on the back. From the letters that make up the word AMERICA, there are characteristics of Close or Wide AM which means there is a difference in the distance between A and M in AMERICA on the minted coin. 

When the letters A and M are normally spaced compared to the other letters that make up the word AMERICA, the condition is referred to as wide AM. 

Meanwhile, when the letters A and M are very close together and even almost touch each other, the condition is commonly referred to as Close AM. 

Even more interesting in this regard is the rare occurrence where, in a given year, the letter spacing on a small portion of the coin differs from the spacing on the majority of the regular coins minted that year.

Another characteristic that is used to categorize this coin as a rare coin compared to other coins in the same year is the distance from the letters indicating the initials of its designer, FG. 

On the penny with the Close AM category, the distance between the initials is further from the memorial than on the Wide AM penny. And there is a horizontal serif at the end of the straight vertical section of the letter G on the 1989 d penny wide am.

How To Determine The 1989-D Rare Penny Coin

One example that is quite amazing is that some people have found a rare 1989-D penny coin that is rumored to have a price of more than $3,000

This is of course because the coin has a very rare rarity. Interestingly, you may not even realize that such a rare and very valuable coin you can find in your pocket. 

Then how will you be able to tell between the rare 1989-D copper penny and the common 1989-D penny?

The easiest way is that you to weigh it and the difference between normal 1989 d wide am penny value and rare 1989 d wide am penny are:

- The rare and high-priced 1989-D copper penny is around 3.11 grams in weight
- A normal 1989-D Penny weighs about 2.5 grams

To weigh it, you can use a tool in the form of a coin scale.

Another way to determine the difference between the rare and precious 1989-D penny and the normal 1989-D penny, you can try dropping it and hearing the difference. The differences are:

- A normal coin when dropped on a hard surface, such as a floor or table, will make a dull click.
- The more valuable copper coins made a quiet bell-like sound when they hit a hard surface.

In fact, it is not recommended that you drop coins on especially hard surfaces. However, this is an exception.

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How Much Is A Penny In 1989

Maybe you are also wondering how much is a 1989 wide am penny worth. According to some sources, today the value or price of the 1989 Penny without mint mark and the 1989 D penny are about $0.30 each in an uncirculated condition which is MS 65 grade. Whereas the 1989 S proof coin is worth around $9 which has a PR 65 condition.

Is A 1989 Penny Worth Money?

Maybe you do not have the normal nor rare 1989-D copper penny, or worn 1989 penny, and think the 1989 and 1989-D are just face value. However, it does not mean all the 1989 pennies you own are worthless. If your 1989 penny weighs around 3.11 grams, then your coin is probably a rare copper penny. That way, it means you have 1989 pennies worth money.

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