1978 Silver Penny: Value, Error List, and No Mint Mark

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1978 Silver Penny – Most 1978 Lincoln pennies were either worthless or of considerable value. But the 1978 silver penny can still fetch a high price in the uncirculated state of the coin.

This penny coin is not meant to be made of silver, but a blend of 95% copper and 5% zinc. This penny value features President Lincoln on the surface and comes in two types, mint and unmarked.

1978 silver penny value has a higher value because the fault lies in the Lincoln penny with mint mark and without mint mark. For those of you who may find this 1978 penny in a pile of coins in your home, then we will help determine how much it is worth.

1978 Silver Penny Value

This Lincoln penny can look like silver due to several conditions that cause it to look like this, here are some things you need to understand about the silver penny:

  • Most printed in the US Mint
  • Plating with mercury, tin, or silver
  • Due to science experiments

To assess the value of a penny, you need to consider various things, one of which is Lincoln cents that are not in circulation.

How Much is a 1978 Penny Worth?

This mistake on the Lincoln penny has many collectors looking for it. Because of the rarer the error, the coins will not be circulated and the condition of the coin has a very high value at this time.

Moreover, the price of copper is getting higher every year. It is this reason that makes many collectors hunt for the 1978 silver penny. Errors in penny pennies also make the value even higher.

The 1978 d silver penny value and the 1978 Lincoln penny no mint mark have a value of #0.030 for the penny in uncirculated condition. As for a penny, a 1978 Lincoln S has a value of $2.50 for a PR 65 condition.

As we know that the 1978 Lincoln penny was the first penny made in 1978 it had a diameter of 1.5 inches and became a penny that replaced the wheat penny.

Therefore all cents made in 1978 can be worth more than their face value. Even these few cents can be worth hundreds and thousands of dollars depending on the conditions.

This 1978 penny d value has a very high value if its condition can be maintained compared to other Lincoln pennies. Especially with the mistakes that Lincoln cents have, such as having the right combination of numbers, the value can be very high.

While most people assume this 1978 Lincoln penny is simply the value of silver, today the melted silver for every penny is worth $0.02. Therefore this Lincoln coin can be sold at a more premium price, especially in an uncirculated condition.

Because coins that are not circulated, will not experience wear and tear and the condition of the surface of the coin is still very good. So how much is a 1978 d penny worth? You can earn hundreds to thousands of dollars from Lincoln cents in an uncirculated state.

This value can increase with errors in the 1978 silver penny. Try to see if your Lincoln penny has any errors to get a higher value. See the 1976 penny value article on the discussion we discussed earlier.

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What is a 1978 Penny Worth?

To determine the 1978 penny value, several things need to be considered. Most of the errors on this 1978 Lincoln penny make it a rare coin sought after by collectors.

The value of the penny has several key valuation factors that make the penny value high. Here are some grading factors from the 1978 silver penny:

• Strike

The first factor that becomes the main assessment factor is the strike or seeing how easy to read the writing or design on the coin. The easier it is to read and the design is still clear, the higher the price.

• Preservation

Lincoln cents were made as much as 5.6 billion and surely many people still have them today. With this preservation value, the collector will judge by how well the coin is worn.

If the coin is still far from being worn, then its value can increase. However, if the coin is used frequently or changes hands and is not cared for, then its value will decrease.

• Glitter

The 1978 silver penny has a luster that makes its value even more expensive. This factor determines the brightness and reflection of the coin’s surface. The better the condition, the higher the value offered on this Lincoln penny.

• Clarity

The next factor is clarity on the coin’s design or Lincoln’s penny error. The clearer the 1978 penny error, the higher the price. The more often the coin changes hands and is not treated, the more likely it is to wear out and this affects the value of the penny.

• Attractiveness

The thing that attracted collectors to pay such a high price on this 1978 penny was its error and charm. Moreover, this Lincoln penny has faults that make it worth hundreds to thousands of dollars.

To find the highest quality coins, then you can look at 65 MS and PR because the two look very close. Even some proof coins have light stains, but you won’t find this on an uncirculated Lincoln penny.

How Much 1978 No Mint Mark Penny Value?

Sen Lincoln 1978 has two types, namely without a mint mark and with a mint mark. To identify pennies that have a mint mark you can look at the letters “D”, “P”, or “S”.

1978 the penny d value was minted in Denver and became one of the coins commonly used for transactions. Because in 1978 the US Mint released three different types of cents.

One of them was on the 1978 penny with the mint D mark and the 1978 penny with no mint mark. The value of the Lincoln penny without the mint mark has an error that makes this penny rare.

Because the 1978 no mint mark penny became an uncirculated coin and made it have a fairly high value. Moreover, if there is an error in the printing of the Lincoln penny, many collectors will look for it.

1978 Penny Error List

Speaking of faults on the silver penny 1978, then you can find them on the top surface of the coin. You may see missing chins, ears, and eyes or other parts that appear to be missing.

Some Lincoln pennies have lumps, missing elements in the drawing, or cracks. Some of these mistakes occurred when the US Mint scored this 1978 Lincoln penny.

However this 1978 silver penny was minted in near perfect condition as there was little or no damage or no mint mark. But what makes the 1978 rare penny is that these pennies are usually in high-end uncirculated condition.

This means that these coins are not only far from wear and tear, but also do not leave marks, scuffs, or dings when used. This is the equivalent of an uncirculated Lincoln penny and the surface is still very good.

This is what makes the 1978 penny worth because 5.6 billion were created and only a few coins can be found in good condition because the rest have gone into circulation.

This is what makes 1978 Lincoln cents so rare due to the uncirculated condition of some coins. This is affected by the coins changing hands and the number of defects, cracks, or surfaces damaged by their use.

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History of Penny 1978

If you already know how to determine the value of your Lincoln penny, then you should also understand its history. Because this Lincoln penny became the first penny in the US to have the presidential design on the face of the coin.

In addition, this 1978 Lincoln penny was the last penny minted with a composition of 95% copper and 5% zinc. After these coins were minted, the materials for making other coins changed due to the increasingly expensive value of copper.

At that time, the increasingly expensive copper price made the US Mint decide to replace the raw material for making coins. This is one reason why this 1978 Lincoln penny is so rare as it was the last coin the US Mint minted using copper.

The price of copper shows an increase every year, this is what makes many collectors look for 1978 Lincoln cents to resell because the price of copper in the future will be more expensive.

The value of the 1978 Lincoln cent is seen from the composition and condition of the coin. The better the condition, the higher the value. This 1978 silver penny has the appearance of silver, but the base material is copper and zinc.

This is also what makes the 1978 Lincoln penny such a high value because of its unique appearance. For 1978 cents the no int mark has a value of $1 for the non-off state under MS 65.

In addition, a penny with a mint mark D also has the same value, namely $1. While the highest is Penny Proof S 1978 which has a value of $ 2.50 with a PR condition of 65.

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