1971 Penny Value and Error List: No Mint Mark ( D )

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1971 Penny Value – Everyone must have a change in their pocket, but some people do not realize that the change you have is valuable. For many people, a dime may be of no value. A fairly rare Lincoln penny is the 1971 Penny. We’ll help you find a 1971 penny worth more than $25 for two cents. Of course, this value is quite high for a Lincoln penny.

If you have uncirculated 1971 Lincoln cents, the price could be higher under certain conditions. However, for the 1971 penny value that was circulated, because it had undergone air circulation, the price was not as high as that which was not circulated.

1971 penny value

If you are interested in finding out the 1971 penny value, read this article to the end. Maybe you can find a 1971 Lincoln cents in your home and sell it to a coin collector.

Facts About Lincoln Penny 1971

All Lincoln cents are made with the same composition of 5% zinc and 95% copper. The value of copper, which has been high in recent decades, has made the price of the Lincoln cent increase.

This is the reason so many people are selling Lincoln pennies right now the price of copper is high in the market. The value of copper on the coin exceeds 1 cent.

This makes all 1971 coins automatically have a value higher than their face value. This is the reason why the cents 1971 penny should be kept because of its increasingly expensive price.

Generally, 1971 Lincoln cents are worth 2 cents per coin. All the money that came out in 1971 were coins that were generally used as a means of transaction.

Yet although these coins are common, there are rare varieties. There is a 1971 penny coin which is rare and the price can be very high. See the 1976 penny value article on the discussion we discussed earlier.

This coin is a 1971 doubled die which is currently worth more than $25 to $150. Just imagine you have one coin and it is valued that high. Surely many people will look for these rare coins to resell to coin collectors.

This 1971 d penny value made in the Denver Mints has a very high value. Denver became the place where the Lincoln penny was circulated. Even so, the 1971 D Lincoln penny has a high price because of its variety.

While the 1971 S Penny Value is a Lincoln penny made in San Francisco. This penny variety is not circulated and has errors that make its value high.

1971 s penny value

The 1971 penny value varies greatly depending on the variety of errors and is affected by the condition of the coin. Lincoln cents that have not been exposed to abrasion will get the highest price.

Especially the Lincoln penny has faults and makes the price high. You will find the 1971 S penny error list below.

How Much is a 1971 D Penny Worth?

The 1971 D Lincoln penny has more interesting characteristics than the other dates found in other Lincoln pennies. One of the most interesting characteristics is that this 1970 D Penny has a very detailed full stroke.

This coin is made using a very strong die during the minting process to produce a very clean and detailed strike. The letter D in this Lincoln penny means this coin was minted in Denver.

1971 d penny value

The Denver Mints created 2,911,045,000 coins in circulation in 1971. However, this number is lower than the year after, due to the high cost of minting a penny.

1971 Doubled Die Penny

Speaking of rare coins, 1971 doubled die is one of the rare variations of the Lincoln penny. This rare 1971 penny value can be very high, depending on the condition of the coin.

You will need to take a closer look with a magnifying glass to see where the error is. The Doubled Die on the 1971 Lincoln cents occurred because the coin was hit using a dice that had a double image.

This is what makes certain elements of the coin’s surface appear to overlap because of the dice. The most obvious multiplication is on the front in the words “IN GOD WE TRUST”.

This duplication on the side of the head is also found in the words “LIBERTY”. You can see it using a magnifying glass.

The 1971 Doubled Die penny may not be as popular as other coins known for their faults and high prices. But this Lincoln penny became one of the valuable collections.

Even from the millions of coins created, currently, there are only less than 500 coins that are scattered. This is what makes the 1971 new penny value increase because of this scarcity.

For doubled die, 1971 penny values ranged from $25 to $100 depending on the wear level of the coin. The lower the level of wear and tear, the higher the price. So before you sell it, make sure your coins are in good condition.

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There are still many people who don’t know about the rare 1971 Lincoln penny. Especially for those who are not interested in coins. Many of them don’t realize the coins they are using are rare coins.

How Much is a 1971 Penny Worth?

As we know that all pennies made in 1971 are worth 2 cents. For example, if you find a 1971 penny in your pocket and it’s worn out, it’s worth 2 cents.

But when the money you find is not circulated, then you can get a higher price than the original nominal value of this money. Here are some of the penny values that were in 1971:

  • 1971 penny printed at 1.9 billion and worth 20 to 50 cents
  • 1971-D pennies were printed at 2.9 billion and worth 20 to 40 cents
  • The 1971-S penny scored 525,133,459 and was worth from 20 to 40 cents.
  • The 1971-S Proof Penny scored 3,220,733 and was worth $1 or more.
  • 1971 Doubled Die Penny of unknown manufacture and worth $25 or more.

Each of these values also depends on the condition of the coins you have. 1971 S Penny worth money is very profitable for those of you who manage to have an uncirculated Lincoln penny.

What is a 1971 Silver Dollar Worth Today?

The current 1971 lincoln Kennedy penny value is worth starting at $14 with an MS of 63 and in an uncirculated condition. If it is in MS 65 condition and the coin is not in circulation, then the price can go up to $20.

As for the 1971-S Proof Penny, it is currently worth $15 with a PR value of 65. As additional information, the 1971-S Proof Penny was printed as many as 4,265,234 and now the number is decreasing.

The 1971 penny value is worth even more if you have the rare Lincoln penny. For example, the 1971 doubled die may currently be in a coin pile in your house.

People who are not interested in Lincoln pennies, will not realize that the rare Lincoln pennies they have today are of such great value. Especially if you have not only one.

What Makes a 1971 Silver Dollar Rare?

1971-S Proof Penny is one of the rare coins. This coin was minted in San Francisco and became an uncirculated coin.

Why is it said rare? Because this 1970-S Proof Lincoln penny faults not having serifs at the bottom of the foot. More precisely in the vertical position of the letter “R” in “LIBERTY”.

Many researchers have seen this rare penny and say that this variety is due to excessive polishing or due die abrasion.

But it was because of this error increased the 1971 penny value became a rare coin and have a high price. Of course, this Lincoln penny could have an ever-increasing price given the variety and price of copper that continues to rise.

Is a 1971 2p Coin Worth Anything?

A lot of people ask the 1971 penny value of the stack of 2p coins they have if they have a price of hundreds of pounds. The answer we gave was “NO”.

To differentiate between old and 1971 new coins, the three coins included the word “NEW” in their new Lincoln penny design.

So you can look at it in more detail and find the difference between old and new coins. 2p coin may be useful to some collectors, but you will not get a high price because this coin is not rare.

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You can get the 1971 penny value at a high price if you have the rare Lincoln penny variety, the 1971 Doubled Die Penny. The price can reach $ 25 to $100 or more.

This mistake made the 1971 penny worth more than you might think. One of the factors that influence the high value of the Lincoln cent is the condition of the coin.

Uncirculated and uncirculated coins are therefore more expensive than the circulating and circulating Lincoln cents. This affects the surface of the coin that you can feel for yourself. Coin collectors will rate your Lincoln penny rare or not and you’ll get a decent price for your coin collection.

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