1970 Penny Value: Error List, No Mint Mark, and Small Date

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1970 Penny Value – Many people still have 1970 Lincoln pennies in their homes. Many also think that this Lincoln penny is not very valuable. But you can still get the highest price of this 1970 Lincoln cent with certain conditions. Almost everyone must have changed at home and one of them is the 1970 penny.

1970 penny value

To find out how much the 1970 penny value is, you can get it in this article.

Facts About 1970 Penny Worth

This 1970 Lincoln penny was set at a tense time for the United States. Because at that time the Vietnam war was going on and many shootings killed many people.

These coins were made during wartime and are made up of 95% copper and 5% zinc. This 1970 Lincoln penny was made in the Philadelphia, San Francisco (S), and Denver (D) Mints.

Collectors are very interested in collecting this 1970 Lincoln penny because 2 varieties make it high value. Even one of these varieties has a very valuable value.

1970 S Large Date Penny vs 1970 S Small Date Penny Value

We need to know that there are two varieties of 1970 Lincoln cents that are quite interesting for collectors. The most valuable variety is the 1970 small date penny value which makes many collectors look for it because it is a rare coin that was only made from 1959 to 2008.

Even the Small Date Penny is much rarer than the Lincoln Large Date penny. So make sure you have to be more careful when buying small date Lincoln pennies.

1970 S Large Date Penny vs 1970 S Small Date

To better differentiate the Large Date and Small Date on the 1970 penny, here are some of the most important differences to know:

  • If the end of the circle “9” goes above the min-max, then this is a Large Date penny. But if the end of the circle “9” points to the number “7” then this is a penny Small Date.
  • The Cent Large Date at the top of the “7” sinks below the imaginary plane that will align the other digits. But for Small Date cents the top “7” aligns with the tops of the 1.9 and 0 numbers.
  • The bottom of the “7” on the Large Date penny slipped and is below the imaginary line. However the lower Small Date Penny “7” is in the same field as the “1” and “0”.

By knowing the most valuable variety, the 1970 penny value you will get is also higher. Because of the better conditions and rare varieties, the price can be very expensive.

Very lucky for the collector who managed to find the 1970-S Small Date. So that you can distinguish them easily, pay attention to the number of the date this coin was made.

How Much Is 1970 Penny Worth?

The 1970 no mint mark and mint mark pennies are very easy to find. This is what makes you will find many coins but with different varieties. The price of a 1970 Lincoln penny depends on the type.

For a penny, you can get $0.02 to $40.

To find out how much is a 1970 penny worth, you must know the condition of the coin and the variety of coins you have. See the 1976 penny value article on the discussion we discussed earlier.

You can get a higher price if you have an uncirculated 1970 Lincoln penny. Suppose you are selling a Lincoln penny for $0.65 with no mint mark and with a valuation of MS 65 in an uncirculated condition.

However, if the 1970 cent you are selling has a mint mark, then the price will also go up significantly. The 1970 penny value is $0.30 in an uncirculated condition with an MS rating of 65.

Because these coins are usually minted in lower quantities, they are rarely available. So the S penny can help you get an advantage if you have it.

In the 1970s penny value depends on the design. If the 1970 S penny value is a small date with a valuation of MS65 and is in an uncirculated condition, it is worth $55.

In contrast to the 1970 S, the large date is only worth $0.50. The difference is very far, this is what makes many collectors hunt for the 1970 S small date penny.

What is a 1970 D Penny?

1970 d penny value became one of the most valuable pennies you can find in your wallet. This 1970 D Lincoln penny was only printed for one year.

In addition, the uniqueness of this Lincoln penny is that it has an inverted design and is different from the Lincoln penny in general. So you can easily recognize it because this coin has a very large date stamped on it.

This large date is different from the standard Lincoln penny which is usually written in lowercase. The US Mint made this 1970 D penny with a new back and front design.

This reversal replaced the 1959 wheat penny. The face of the coin features Abraham Lincoln.

But you need to remember that the 1970 penny value is not worth a penny Lincoln S and S proof made in the same year.

How much is a 1970 d penny worth, not worth a 1970-S penny? You can only get it for no more than $0.30. Even this price is for uncirculated coins.

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Maybe when a collector sees you have this 1970 Lincoln D penny, they will give you some money out of goodwill. So you shouldn’t expect more because 1970s cents are much more valuable.

How Can You Tell if a 1970 Penny Has a Small Date?

1970 S pennies are worth the money because of their rare and unique condition. The small date of this 1970 Lincoln penny has made many collectors give the highest price.

The best way for you to see and determine the date size on this 1970 S penny is to compare it to other Lincoln cents.

To determine the S 1970 penny value you can compare it with the 1971 D and 1969 D coins that have the same date. If you can’t spot the difference or see the Small Date in 1970 S, then you can use a magnifying glass.

Because the 1970 S small date can be very different from other coins. In this 1970 en S, numbers and letters will look close to each other and look more italic.

Simply put, all the dates will be compressed on the surface of the coin. This can be seen very clearly if you use a magnifying glass. That’s the reason why you should use other coins for comparison.

Meanwhile, for 1970 Large Date coins, you can find them easily, namely, the letters and numbers have large enough spaces. This 1970 Lincoln Cent Large Date also has a date that tilts to the right.

Simply put, the 1970 S Large Date for all dates is written larger and bolder than the 1970 S Small Date penny. This is what determines the 1970 penny value on this coin.

What Does D Mean on a Penny?

To determine the 1970 penny value is also seen with the mint mark or the mark where this penny is printed. If we talk about the “D” mint mark on the 1970 cent, it indicates that this coin was made and minted in the Denver Mint.

The Denver Mint is one of four places in the US Mints used to mint coins. Other places are San Francisco, West Point, and Philadelphia.

You can also find the 1970 d penny error as the Lincoln cent which has a higher value. Although it is not as high as the 1970 S, with the variety, the value of the 1970 d penny will be even higher.

This 1970 D was made in Denver with all the amenities. The Denver Mint manufactures and is responsible for all coins in circulation. While the other three places are responsible for making uncirculated coins.

It can be concluded that the 1970 cent is indeed valuable with certain varieties. The Lincoln S 1970 Small Date cent means this coin was manufactured in San Francisco. Where this place only produces coins that are not in circulation.

Especially with a 1970 S that has valuable value, you can get a lot of benefits from this 1970 Lincoln penny. But what you need to pay attention to is when looking for the 1970 S small date.

Because many sellers have an S 1970 large date but sell for a Small Date. Of course, you have to be careful in buying it.

In order not to make a mistake when you buy an S 1970 small date penny, then you need to bring other coins for comparison. Look carefully at the date on the Small Date coin.

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To determine the 1970 penny value, you must know the difference and have the variety from the most expensive. The 1970 Lincoln cent may not be worth it to some. But if you find the S 1970 Small Date, then you can get the highest price under certain conditions. One of the considerations is that there is no circulation on the surface of the coin which will make its value decrease.

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