1967 Penny Value: Error List and No Mint Mark, Is it Worth Selling?

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1967 Penny Value – When looking at antique old coins, such as Wheat ear penny, Flying Eagle penny, Indian head penny, or Lincoln penny, their initial face value might seem cheap, after all, it is just a penny. However, behind its initial face value, it is worth more than you think. If you are a coin hunter, then you might already know that the value of old coins is different, and sometimes worth more than gold itself.

Some of the collections, for example, the collections of 1967 penny value could be worth more than $100 to $200 if the conditions and grade were right.

1967 penny value

The 1960s pennies are Lincoln pennies, created by the US Government to redesign the wheat ear penny that has been used since the 1950s.

The Lincoln 1967 penny value initially was a penny or $0.01, however, because it is the old coin, there are more than that.

So, to answer how much is a 1967 penny worth there are several factors, including the category of the coin, clipping, errors caused by damage or mintage errors, grading, and many more.

However, to get to know better of 1967 penny value, we need to understand the design of the 1967 Lincoln penny.

The Design Of The 1967 Lincoln Penny

The 1967 penny value is worth more once you understand how it was designed, and how it is initially minted by the US government.

As we mentioned earlier, the 1967 Lincoln penny was created to replace the wheat ear penny. In 1959, US Government release the first design for the Lincoln memorial penny.

From then, during the 1960s to the 1970s, the US government mints several million Lincoln pennies each year.

The 1967 Penny featured a bust of US president Abraham Lincoln on one side and the Lincoln memorial building on the other side. It is made from Copper, but some minted variations of the coin are composed of Silver and steel too.

There are notable inscriptions on the penny, along with the President Lincoln bust, there are inscriptions of “In God We Trust” along with “Liberty” and the year of release in this case 1967. On the other side of the coin, there are also inscriptions of “United States of America” along with quotes “E-Pluribus Unum”, and One cent inscription.

Now, we know the initial design of the Lincoln penny. Looks ordinary, and doesn’t have many specialties, however, there are much more than that, and several factors that make the 1967 penny value rise in recent years.

Some specimens might even be worth more than $100 to the highest grade specimens that sold for more than $4.000.

What Is The Worth Of The 1967 Penny Value And How It Was Graded?

The price and worth of a 1967 penny no mint can vary, and it is different from each grade, category, and condition of the coin.

The price could range from a mere $2 to $5 for the lowest grade, and to $150 to $200 for a middle-high grade, and the incredibly rare highest grade could even reach more than $2.000. It is notably worth it to know about what makes the 1967 pennies worth money and value rising.

The first factor that makes the 1967 Lincoln penny would raise is the category of the penny. There are at least three categories of each penny, the 1967 Lincoln Penny, the 1967 Lincoln D penny, and the Lincoln Proof penny.

Both Lincoln D penny and the Proof penny have been minted en masse and has quite common, so the price is pretty much cheaper.

The composition of the coins is also what makes the value increase, and even could reach for more expensive value. The main factors of the increasing value are the composition itself.

The initial face value might change over time, but the metal worth it in the coin is changing each year and after decades, the old metals will have inflated prices, making them worth more than their initial value.

1967 penny with Kennedy head was mainly composed of Bronze (The composition is 95% Copper and 5% Tin and Zinc).

There are also the special Kennedy coins that have been minted composed of silver and steel which are incredibly rare, and worth a lot. These metal composition factors in a lot in price changes, and inflated prices.

Other factors that might change and increase the value of each penny are errors. For many coin hunters, error mint is incredibly hard to find, but it is notably worth it to get.

1967 Penny Error List

As we mentioned earlier, one of the factors that could make a penny valuable is the error mark on the penny. The errors here mean that the inscriptions or the coin have a slight error that makes it fairly unique and different from other minted coins.

The error itself commonly comes from outside damage, and very rarely comes from mintage mistakes, for example, the 1967 no mint mark penny that is incomplete inscriptions.

However, if you find any mintage mistake, and make it an error coin, it could be very valuable, and worth more than $100 if in the right condition.

There are many valuable 1967 penny no mint mark along with 1967 Lincoln penny no mint mark and any other errors coin that you should note since they could be worth more than $100 per error mint.

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Here are some 1967 penny error values, and what kinds of errors you could find.

  • Double Died Error – It is an error where the inscriptions double die and are pre-punched during mintage.
  • 1967 No Mint Penny – There are some alterations to the 1967 penny no mint mark, either the inscriptions are incomplete, or there is no mint mark.
  • Die Crack and Die Break Error – It is an error of Die crack, or Die break. Cracking, and breaking on the surface of a penny, lead to an error crack.

FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)::

You have seen how much the 1967 penny value changed over periods, and in different categories, now here are some frequently asked questions regarding the 1967 penny.

How Much Is 1967 Penny Worth? – It all depends on the category, clipping or damage, and grading. If there are errors on the penny, it could be much more worth it than regular pennies. Visit your coin grading to grade your penny, and know more about how much your penny might be worth in the current market.

The Difference Between MS65RD 1967 and MS63RB Pennies? – They are both different grading systems for the old 1967 penny. The MS63RB is the grading system where you will mostly find fewer contact marks, and blemishes. As for the MS65RD it is considered an uncirculated gem that has quite eye-catching, and luster gem. These two are high-grade 1967 Lincoln penny.

What Are The 1967 Penny Errors? – Penny errors are slight errors on the minted coin. It could be damage from the outer source, clipping, chipping, double die, breaking, minting error, and many more. Normally it is quite common for coins to be damaged from the outer source, which is why error caused by outer sources such as damage and oxidation isn’t that much worth it.

However, if the error is mintage errors, for example, double die, and minting errors, it could increase the value of the coins, due to how rare it is for mintage to make such a mistake.

Error coins are coins that can be worth more but are incredibly hard to find, so many coin hunters even think that chance of finding error coins is vanishingly small.

What Is The 1967 Penny Value Of A Doubled Die Error? – Double die error is when the coin has been minted with a double die. The value of a double die is worth very much and can increase the value of each coin. If the coin also has a high grade and better category, then the price could be quite high, even worth more than $450.

The 1967 Penny with Die Crack And Die Break Error, What are The Value Of It? – Same with double die, the die crack and die break is an error penny that you should be looking for. However, it is quite rare to find, as the chance of finding it is incredibly small.

How the 1967 Lincoln penny was graded? – There are several grades for each 1967 coin, basically the higher grade, the smoother and more beautiful the coin, and worth more than a hundred dollars. However, a high grade is very rare.

The grading system is based on the smoothness of coins, their category, the clipping, errors, and many other several factors.

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1967 coin is one of the most common pennies, and it is very easy to find as it is not a rare coin unlike other antique coins like Roman old coins. The 1967 penny, although, commonly, some of the specimens might be worth more than $1500.

If you are a coin hunter and want to get your hand on the 1967 penny value, there are many kinds of specimens and types of the 1967 Lincoln penny. The most common one might only be worth around $2 to $5 at most, but if you are lucky finding a higher grade penny, as well as the error penny for collection, you might get well rewarded.

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