How Much 1979 Penny Value: No Mint Mark and Error

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1979 Penny Value – Many people must have known that the Lincoln cent was a small change that was usually used for transactions. One of them is the 1979 Lincoln penny which is a coin that you may currently find in your home.

For those of you who still have a 1979 Lincoln penny, then now you should know how much the 1979 penny value.

1979 Penny Value

As we all know that Lincoln Memorial pennies made before 1982 have a higher value than their face value. This is due to the use of copper in this Lincoln penny.

This 1979 Lincoln penny is made of 95% copper and 5% zinc. This is what makes Lincoln cents have a higher value than face value.

For example, a 1979 penny no mint mark value which has never been used as a transaction instrument and is like new money issued by a bank, the value is 10 to 30 cents each.

Even in 2012, a 1979 Lincoln penny sold for $5,463. This is what you should consider because maybe you have coins that are quite high in value. Read 1976 Penny Value.

Recently a 1979 Lincoln penny was worth $6 for some reason. Such as coin condition, coin lining, faults, and rarity on Lincoln cents.

The 1979 Lincoln cent was printed in three places namely Denver, San Francisco, and Philadelphia. Each of the coins minted at the venue has markings such as “D”, “S” and “P” for its respective country.

Although it looks worthless, the 1979 penny can be more valuable than you think. This is what makes many collectors look for the 1979 Lincoln penny because of the high profits.

How Much is a 1979 Penny Worth?

Lincoln cents may have a higher value, but these coins are easy to find because of their large number of mints. But these days, 1979 Lincoln pennies are hard to find.

1979 pennies worth money even though they are not worth more than $0.02 for a coin in circulation. Coins that are not in circulation, have a higher price.

The outstanding Lincoln cent has a lower value because it is used for transactions and the possible condition of the surface of the coin already in circulation. Unlike the 1979 penny which was not circulated because of its unique condition and higher value.

For example, the 1979 penny no mint mark had a value of $0.030. You can even get the same price on the 1979 Penny D series.

Keep in mind that to get this value, the coins you have must be in an uncirculated condition and have an MS rating of 65.

In addition, the 1979 S-Proof penny also seems to be more valuable than the standard Lincoln penny. For this 1979 S, you can sell it for $5 to $6 if it’s in a PR-65 or uncirculated condition.

The main determining factor of proof money is that they are made by the Federal Reserve and printed in a state that does not have any flaws.

So how much does a 1979 penny worth? You can get it at a high value like on a no-mint mark coin and in an uncirculated condition.

1979 D Penny Value

This 1979-D Lincoln penny made in Denver bears the “D” under the date on the face of the coin. For this 1979 D, the penny was printed 4.13 billion by the US Mint.

But in recent times it has been very difficult to find this 1979-D Lincoln penny even though the number of production is very large.

1979 D Penny Value

How much is a 1979 d penny worth? Similar to the penny minted in Philadelphia, this 1979 D has a higher value than its face value.

This is influenced by the composition of the coins, namely copper which has a high value. This 1979 D penny that is obsolete or in circulation is worth from 2 to 3 cents.

As for those that are not circulated, the average value is 10 to 30 cents. For the highest sales in 2016 and 1979, the 1979 penny value was $ 3,995.

1979 S-Proof Penny Value

The 1979 Lincoln sen value has the same value as the 1979 no mint mark penny, especially if it is not in circulation. This coin has great surface and detail. Even this penny is looking for collectors because of its uniqueness.

The US Mint scored this 1979 S for 3,677,175 copies and has two types namely Type 1 and Type 2. You will see the difference below.

• 1979-S Type 1

Has an uneven “S” mark. Even when viewed under a magnifying glass, it barely resembles the letter “S” rather it resembles a long, bubbly rectangle.

1979 S Lincoln Memorial Cent - Type 1

This 1979 penny error can have a high value because of the uniqueness of this 1979-S type 1 penny.

• 1979-S Type 2

Because of that error, the US Mint reprinted the penny with a letter that looked more like an “S” than a type 1.

But apparently, 1979-S Type 1 is more common than Type 2. They both have the same price, namely $ 5 to $ 10. Compared to the 1979 d penny error, this 1979 S-Proof has a higher value.

1979 S Lincoln Memorial Cent - Type 2

The 1979 Type 1’s highest sales record was $10,925 and Type 2 sold for $3,819. These two coins are sold in uncirculated and uncirculated conditions.

1979 penny worth because the condition is still very good and you can check how much 1979 penny value you have.

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1979 Penny Error Value

Here are some errors you might find on the 1979 penny value:

• Doubled Die Penny 1979

Before you sell a 1979 Lincoln penny, you must remember that doubling errors are not all valuable and rare. This is due to the doubling of the machine caused by the beating of the coin.

One of them is the 1979 Double Die Penny which has a value slightly above the standard value. To get higher scores, you need to be doubling on the date, bow tie, letters, ears, and face of Lincoln.

This multiplier can be as high as $20 to $50 depending on condition and rarity.

• 1979 BIE Penny

The next error is known as a die break or when the dice punch the design towards the blank coin and then exhibit wear due to cracking.

These cracks can be transferred to the coin causing the coin to have several faults such as bumps, lumps, streaks, or raised lines.

A certain type of this BIE variety is the presence of a raised vertical line between the letters “B” and “E” from the word “LIBERTY”. The 1979 penny value is $5 to $10 in worn or circulated condition.

• 1979 Penny Repuched Mint Mark

This mint mark often looks crooked and gives this 1979 Lincoln penny an error. To remove the original punch is quite difficult.

However, the value depends on how severe the error is. The 1979 penny value is $3 to $10 in circulated conditions.

Is a 1979 penny worth anything? Of course, it depends on the type of coin you have and the mistakes that make this Lincoln cent so high. Another factor that contributed to the high value of the 1979 penny was the surface of the coin.

1979 Penny Error Value

Coins that experience wear and tear because they are circulating coins, then their value is getting lower. Such as the 1979 d penny varieties which have a low value because they are printed in large quantities.

But the 1979 D penny could have had a higher value if there was an error in the minting of the coin by the US Mint in Denver.

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How Much Money is a 1979 Penny Worth?

A few 1979 pennies became rare because they had errors that cost them so high. This makes you get more money than the nominal cents you have.

For example, for doubled die Penny, you can get it for $ 10 to $ 20 per coin. Also in the 1979 BIE which was also included in the rare coin category by mistake, you can get a value of $ 5 to $ 10 in the state of circulation.

A 1979 Lincoln penny can be worth more than you think. The first factor is due to the composition of the coins made of copper and zinc.

The price of copper goes up every decade and makes this 1979 Lincoln penny valuable and valuable.

The next determining factor is the condition of the coin. An uncirculated 1979 Lincoln penny and in the new condition such as out of the Bank, will have a higher value than the 1979 penny that was circulated.

Because coins that are not in circulation, do not experience wear or circulation. This affects the surface of the coin as well as its design which will be seen more clearly. Of course, different conditions were shown in the 1979 penny that was circulated.

Because the circulation process changes hands when it becomes a transaction tool, this affects its value. The longer the coins you have, the smaller the value. Therefore, the 1979 penny value was influenced by the condition of the coin and the errors that made the coin rare.

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