1987 Silver Penny: Value, Error List, and No Mint Mark

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1987 Silver Penny Value – Lincoln cents are highly sought after by collectors because of their rarity and very high value. Then how to distinguish which coins are rare and coins that have low value?

If you are interested in knowing how to determine the penny value, read this article to the end because we will provide information regarding the 1987 silver penny value that can be your recommendation.

1987 Silver Penny Value

Of course, all Lincoln cents have different values, depending on the composition of the coin and the condition of the coin when it was sold.

You can earn high profits when you find a rare Lincoln penny that has never been in circulation and is still uncirculated.

Facts About Penny 1987

This Lincoln Memorial coin was created in 1987 and has a similar design to other Lincoln pennies minted in the 1980s. At that time the US Mint minted coins by hitting on a planchet made of bare copper layers.

The composition of this Lincoln coin is made of 99.2% zinc and 0.8% copper. Unlike the Lincoln penny of previous years, which used copper as its main material.

Lincoln cents made since the 1980s use zinc with less copper alloy. Because the US Mint is considering the increasingly expensive copper price.

The 1987 silver penny design, has a Lincoln front that was designed by Victor David Brenner in 1909. Even the designer has a place on this 1987 coin design, which has the initials “VDB” right under the Lincoln statue.

As for the back or side tail, it was specially designed by Frank Gasparro who designed various one-penny coins from 1959 to 2008 coins.

The 1987 Lincoln penny weighs 2.5 grams and tends to be heavier than the Lincoln penny which is made of copper. Even so, this Lincoln penny is still fairly light because it is made of silver.

1987 Penny Value No Mint Mark

This 1987 silver penny was minted in Philadelphia and does not have a mint mark in the design of the coin. Even this 1987 Lincoln penny is one of the few pennies that doesn’t have a letter under the date.

The US Mint minted 4,682,466,931 coins without the mint mark, making this coin a widely used transaction tool.

Because it was printed in such a large quantity, this 1987 penny was far from faulty and was worth spending as much as regular money. This makes the 1987 cent more widely used as a means of transaction rather than being stored.

However, due to a large number of prints, it is possible that some 1987 Lincoln pennies had errors and were not circulated.

For 1987 Lincoln cents that are not used as a transaction instrument, or you choose to keep them, the value you can get is 10 to 30 cents.

Many collectors still keep the 1987 Lincoln collection worth hundreds of dollars. Because this has happened for this unmarked 1987 Lincoln penny which was as high as $546 at auction in 2008 in MS68RD condition.

It is because of this that many collectors are still looking for 1987 Lincoln cents in good condition as they can be expensive and worth hundreds of dollars.

1987 D Penny Value

In addition to Philadelphia, the US Mint also scored this Lincoln penny at the Denver Mint. This results in one of the 1987 silver penny variations having a “D” mint mark at the bottom of the date.

Despite having a mint mark, the 1987-D penny has also become a common coin and makes it a worthy transaction tool. Because the US Mint minted 4,879,389,514 coins.

Since this coin was minted today, many 1987-D’s have been lost to time, to fire, to damage, or to being thrown away. However, there are still many collectors who keep this 1987-D Penny penny.

1987 D Penny Value

To see how much value this 1987-D Lincoln cent has in terms of usage and there are no variations or errors whatsoever on this coin. Because most valuable foreign coins that are not worth or have been used, have a value of 10 to 30 cents.

But this does not deny that a 1987-D Lincoln penny was sold at its highest price in 2013 with a value of $1,998 just to buy a 1987-D Lincoln penny. In the process, this auction is certified by the Professional Coin Grading Service.

1987 S-Proof Penny

Following the two variations of the 1987 Lincoln penny that were commonly used as a means of dealing, the US Mint also minted special loose change that could be collected by coin collectors. Because the 1987 S-Proof is included in a good coin for collection and has a very high value.

This 1987 S-Proof Lincoln penny printing period was in the mid-1850s. The 1987 coin was minted using a high-tonnage press. This can result in coins that have a more detailed design and better quality than ordinary coins.

With this machine, the US Mint can ensure that all designs on coins appear beautifully. This is similar to a Double Die being affixed to a blank coin and then using a special blank to attach the design to the coin.

The US Mint minted 4,277,728 of these coins in San Francisco. This number is relatively small compared to the other two variations printed in Denver and Philadelphia.

Although small, this 1987-S Lincoln penny stock is still widely owned by collectors. You can buy them at coin dealers for $1 to $3.

For the highest price, the 1987 silver penny S-Proof, which was in 2004, was sold at $2,070 and has been certified by the Professional Coin Grading Service.

Of course, with this high price, there are still many collectors who are trying to find this 1987-S Proof Lincoln penny because of its increasingly high value.

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1987 Penny Error List

Although the 1987 Lincoln penny was printed in large numbers and became the most commonly used currency, this does not mean that this Lincoln penny has no faults or varieties.

1987 Penny Error

Here are faults worth looking for on your 1987 Lincoln penny:

• 1987 Doubled Die Penny

This error became the most popular or better known as the double die penny. This error is in the form of duplicating some parts of the design or writing of the coin.

Double Die occurs because the dice used to print, have different directions and angles and produce an image that looks double. Because the dice hit the coin, this makes the coin have a doubled share.

You can see it in the letters, eyes, dates, or parts of Lincoln’s drawings. The value itself can range from $ 25 to $50 depending on how high the error rate is and how the condition of the coins you have.

• 1987 BIE Penny

The next mistake on the 1987 silver penny was a crack that appeared in the small space between the letters “B” and “E” of the word “LIBERTY”. This error makes the coin look like it has the letter “I” and has a value between $3 and $10, depending on the condition of the coin you own.

• 1987 Off-Center Penny Error

The next mistake in the 1987 penny was the presence of money outside the center. This error is in the partial loss of the coin design caused by the improper position of the dice when hitting the coin.

For this error usually, only 1% to 2% of the part loses its design and even some cuts make the surface blank.

But the most valuable error is 5% to 10% which still shows the full date and mintmark.

For a 10% to 20% off-center error this can have a fairly high value of $10 to $20.

A Lincoln penny that has a $50 off-center error and still has a full date can have a value of $100. So try checking your 1987 Lincoln penny again, is there this error?

• 1987 Silver Error

Of the several errors that the 1987 Lincoln penny has, the most commonly reported error is the presence of a silver coin. This 1987 Lincoln penny is made mostly of zinc.

However, some people report having Lincoln cents similar to silver coins. This may be an experiment conducted by some schools that produces a copper outer layer that is chemically released from a silvery zinc core.

This makes the 1987 Lincoln penny a silver color, even though this is a chemical process from experiments carried out by several parties. But many also say that this 1987 Lincoln penny was never actually coated with copper, even from the very beginning.

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For a 1987 silver penny error, this could be worth $50 or more. The value of this error is quite high, maybe you can look for it from the pile of Lincoln pennies in your house.

From some of the mistakes in the Lincoln penny, you can look for it from the pile of coins you have. In addition to considering errors, this collector also looks at other factors.

Such as the condition of the coin, the shine of the coin, the design, the surface of the coin, and the coin which is far from abrasion.

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