2000 Penny Value: Error List, D, and No Mint Mark

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2000 Penny Value – Did you know that 2000 pennies come in a variety of denominations and have a higher value than face value? In reality, there is a high likelihood that you would find a 2000 penny worth much more than one cent if you began looking through your coin jar or pocket change.

Before you begin hunting for rare and valuable 2000 pennies worth big money, however, you need to know exactly what you’re looking for!

On your 2000 pennies, here are the characteristics to examine to determine whether or not you have a valuable 2000 penny:

2000 No Mint Mark Penny Value

The Philadelphia Mint struck the 2000 Lincoln penny without any mint letter underneath the date, which was not a practice at the time. As a result, one of the more prevalent coins seen in spare change is a 2000 penny with no mint mark.

2000 Penny Value no mint mark

The coin is quite prevalent and may be located in circulation because the Philadelphia Mint produced 5,503,200,000 pennies in 2000.

Worn examples of the 2000 penny have no additional value since they are so widespread. The face value of a typical 2000-penny coin in your pocket change is one cent. It doesn’t mean that all 2000 cents are worth face value, though. Uncirculated 2000 pennies are worth more than their face value since they have no wear and have never been spent as money.

Professional Coin Grading Service graded and sold the most valuable 2000 Lincoln penny without a mint mark, graded MS69RD, for $3,220 in 2008. The average uncirculated 2000 penny value is worth 10 to 30 cents.

2000-D Penny Value

There were a total of 8,774,220,000 2000-D pennies made, making them extremely common. The Denver Mint in Colorado struck the 2000-D penny.

2000 D Penny Value

Your 2000-D pennies are worth face value (or one cent) unless you find one with an error or variation (described below). Pennies with no errors or variations are worth more than their face value, and these are common in the year 2000 penny value.

The most valuable 2000-D penny ever sold at a public auction was graded MS69RD by Professional Coin Grading Service for an incredible $2,415! Only uncirculated 2000-D pennies (those with no wear and never been used as money) are worth 10 to 30 cents each.

2000-S Penny Value

A small number of special 2000 pennies were struck by the United States Mint in San Francisco for collectors. To give a lovely, mirror-like finish and assist show every detail, these valuable 2000-S proof pennies were struck twice on high-tonnage presses using specially created dies and polished blanks.

The 4,047,993 coins minted in 2000 S penny value were significantly lower than the billions of circulation strikes produced in Philadelphia and Denver, as well as other cities around the country. In 2000 proof sets (which also include proof versions of other coins produced that year), the Mint did not distribute the 2000 S penny into circulation.

How much is their value? A typical 2000-S penny value may cost $3 to $5. The most valuable 2000-S proof penny went for a lot more. A 2000 S penny value graded as PR70DCAM by Professional Coin Grading Service sold for $2,645 in 2004. It was a numismatically perfect grade!

Note: Is Your Penny’s Grade Knowable? You’ll need to know what condition (or grade) your coin is in before you can determine the actual worth of your 2000 penny.

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2000 Penny Error List and Value:

As a result, what’s the 2000 penny worth? Among these millennial-era pennies, there are various sorts of mistakes and variations to seek out.

2000 penny error value

Let’s take a look at some of the most important…

2000 Wide AM Penny

The 2000 Wide AM penny mistake is one of the most well-known mistakes on a 2000 penny. By turning your 2000 Wide AM penny over, you may see if you have one of these pennies, which is known as the back (or reverse side) of the coin.

You have a normal 2000 penny if the bottoms of the letters “A” and “M” are touching the word “AMERICA.” You’ve got a 2000 Wide AM error penny if there’s an obvious gap between the letters’ bases.

2000 Wide AM Penny

The Wide AM dies were supposed to be used for striking proof Lincoln pennies, so some 2000 pennies feature a gap between the bases of the “A” and the “M. Yet, at least one piece of evidence was inadvertently utilized to generate circulation strikes.

Is it possible to value this penny’s mistake? A standard 2000 Wide AM penny may sell for $10 to $25, or more. In 2012, Professional Coin Grading Service graded and sold the most valuable 2000 Wide AM penny ever auctioned in public for $800.

2000 Cheerios Penny

Cheerios, the cereal juggernaut, ran a unique promotion in the year 2000 that you may recall if you’re over a certain age. A free, freshly minted 2000 penny in 10 million boxes of Cheerios was included in the promotion.

Sealed onto black-and-yellow cards, these pennies dated 2000 with no mint mark were distributed all around the country. Many, if not all, of the 2000 Cheerios pennies were taken out of their unique holders and spent or tossed into coin jars before they were discarded.

How much is it worth, exactly? Outside of its colorful card, a 2000 Cheerios penny is indeterminable. As a result, it is worth face value if worn. Unless it’s a 2000 Wide AM penny (as described above), it won’t work.

Cheerios 2000 Penny Value

Several Cheerios pennies have been attributed to this, yes. A $10 to $20 value is common for a 2000 Cheerios penny in its original packaging.

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2000 Doubled Die Penny

With minor doubled dies, there are around 2000 pennies. The lettering, Lincoln’s eye, or the columns of the Lincoln Memorial frequently include doubling on such rare coins. Is it possible to value the difference between this and a penny? Between $20 and $50, the value of 2000 doubled die penny varies.

2000 Off-Center Penny

Several thousand pennies have evidence of being struck off-center. What is its value of it? Depending on how far off-center the error is, the values for a 2000 penny with an off-center error are as follows:

A 2000 penny with a 1% to 3% offset is very typical and has little additional worth. A penny’s value might range from $10 to $20 if it is 5% to 10% off-centered. Around 50% of the design on the most valuable off-center 2000 pennies will be missing, yet the date will still be clearly visible.

2000 BIE Penny

Coin dies crack as they wear out. Raised lines, ridges, and lumps may be seen on the struck coins as evidence of these cracks.

Between the letters “B” and “E” of “LIBERTY,” there’s a very unusual kind of die crack that seems like a capital letter “I.” These are known as BIE penny errors, and they’re quite collectible! Is this penny’s mistake worth anything? A penny from the year 2000 is likely to sell for $7 to $15.

That’s all from our articles regarding the 2000 Lincoln penny value. The 2000 Lincoln penny by far isn’t the rarest, and the most prestigious coin ever minted in US history.  However, there are also some of the uncirculated grades of 2000 with no mint marks that can give a lot of value. The pristine, 2000 penny value can be varied based on their grades, pristine conditions, and rarities.

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