How Much Is A 1988 Penny Worth: Error, No Mint Mark, and Value

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1988 Penny Value – There are still many people who keep their 1988 cents in their homes and collect them. Yet many people still don’t know that it can be worth more than a penny. Some variations of the 1988 penny have a higher value even thousands of dollars. For those of you who want to find out the 1988 penny value, then we will help provide information regarding this 1988 Lincoln penny.

Because many of you didn’t think the 1988 Lincoln penny had several varieties that made the price higher.

1988 Penny Value

Although this coin is made of copper-coated zinc and differs from Lincoln cents made before 1980 in that it uses 95% copper, the 1988 Lincoln cents have not lost their value.

Facts About 1988 Penny

Before we find out how much the 1988 penny is worth the money, we need to first know the facts about this Lincoln penny. The Lincoln Memorial was created in 1988 and has over 11 billion coins minted.

The main composition of this coin is 99.2% zinc plated with 0.08% copper. This composition differs from pre-1980 Lincoln cents in that it is made of 95% copper.

In addition, this 1988 Lincoln penny weighs 2.5 grams and is the weight of a coin in general. As for the design itself, the front of this 1988 Lincoln penny has an image of President Abraham Lincoln designed by Victor David Brenner.

Even his name is written with the initials “VDB” in small letters under the Lincoln statue. As for the design of the back of the coin, it was made by Frank Gasparro who also has the initials “FG” on the side of the coin.

The back image of this 1988 Lincoln penny is a Washington DC monument that has been in existence since 1959 and is used on most coins. This 1988 Lincoln penny has a value you may not have thought of before.

Despite being a transaction tool that is generally used, some mistakes make its value even higher. 1988 penny value is getting higher with more obvious errors and the condition of the coin is still in good condition.

The determining factors such as the luster, the surface of the coin, the design of the coin, and the circulation of the coin allow collectors to judge the condition of your coin.

How Much is a 1988 Penny Worth?

To determine the value of the 1988 Lincoln cent can be seen from several conditions and variations. Like the error or type of coin minted in three different places. This is what affects the 1988 penny worth.

Here are some variations of the 1988 Lincoln penny that you’re sure to find and how much you can get them for. Make sure the condition of the coins you have is still in good condition so that you get the highest price.

• 1988 Penny No Mint Mark

This mint mark 1988 Lincoln penny was minted in Philadelphia and has no mint mark of any kind. This mint mark-less 1988 Lincoln cent is not a rare coin.

There are more than 6 billion mint-marked coins that were minted and can still be found easily today. The 1988 Lincoln penny that you can find easily because it is widely used is 1 cent.

Yet a few uncirculated 1988 Lincoln cents could be worth 10 to 30 cents. For 1988 penny value was no mint mark with the highest price ever sold in 2014 at $881.

Even though it’s only 1 cent, you can get a price of hundreds of dollars. 1988 no mint penny value, of course, must consider several important factors that make its value higher.

• 1988 D Penny Value

This 1988-D Lincoln penny is minted in Denver and has a mint “D” mark at the bottom of the date on the coin. This coin was minted in as many as 5.25 billion pieces which you can probably find easily and become a commonly used coin.

1988 d penny value

How much is a 1988 d penny worth? The value of the 1988 D Lincoln penny is similar to the 1988 penny without the mint mark, which is 1 cent for the nominal used.

If you have an uncirculated 1988 Lincoln penny or you prefer to keep it, it can cost anywhere from 10 to 30 cents. It depends on the condition of the coin you have and the fault your Lincoln penny has.

The highest price of this 1988 D Lincoln penny was sold in 2007 for $1,495 for a penny assessed by Professional Coin Grading. Even this Lincoln penny became very valuable even though it was only a penny.

• 1988 S Penny Value

This Lincoln penny made in San Francisco is the target of collectors. Because the US Mint creates coins of high quality and has a mirror-like reflection.

This is because the manufacturing process uses a high-tonnage press machine with the use of special molds and blanks that you have previously polished.

1988 S Lincoln Memorial Cent

It is because of this special press that makes this 1988 S Lincoln penny has such a beautiful and detailed design. You can see all parts of the con design more clearly.

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This coin was minted in 3,262,948 pieces and had a mint “S” mark. You can even find these coins at collectors for $1 to $2. However, the highest price ever obtained at auction in 2004 was $1,438 for a penny 1988-S.

1988 Penny Error List

These 1988 Lincoln cents are commonly used for transactions and you can find them easily in a pile of coins in your home. However, several errors in the 1988 Lincoln penny made it have a high value.

To determine the 1988 penny value you also need to look at how many faults the coin has and the condition of the coin such as the surface, wear, and design of the coin. Here are some of the errors commonly found on 1988 Lincoln pennies:

• 1988 Double Die Penny Value

The double die error is one of the most common errors found. This happens because the dice used to hit the coin are empty. This dice has an image that must be hit to an empty coin.

Due to an incorrect dice error when hitting an empty coin, the coin can get a double picture. You can usually see this in the eyes, ears, dates, letters, or other parts.

This error can occur when you print a coin and the position of the dice changes from its original position. Most of these duplications you can find easily with the naked eye, as in the 1988 d penny error which had duplicates in some parts of the image.

The thing you should know is that not all of these double-die errors have a high value. Because the easier the reproduction is visible to the naked eye, the higher the price.

1988 d penny error value is $20 to $50 under certain conditions.

• 1988 Penny Value Off-Center

The next error is the missing part. This is due to planchet or prints that are not aligned and make some parts of the coin missing.

If you want to get a 1988 penny value of $50 equal to $100 then this error should be 50% off-center but still show the complete date and mint mark.

The smaller the off-center, the smaller the value you get. For example 5% to 10% off-center, you can earn $10 for a penny. This is what makes this 1988 Lincoln penny even higher.

Why are 1988 pennies worth more? Because the fault of the Lincoln penny can make it a rare coin and the price can be high, even if you have it among other piles of coins.

• 1988 Penny Die Break

This error is the presence of cracks, protrusions, lines, or bumps that protrude on the coin. This error can be worth $3 or even higher depending on the bulge on the coin.

Die crack and die break is one of the most sought-after collections by collectors. This is because the bumps are flat and round around the coin and make it worth $100 to $200 and some coins are much more than this price.

Another error is BIE which is still rarely found. This error is the vertical line between the letters “B” and “E” and makes it look like the letter “I” between “LIBERTY”.

Coins with BIE errors are worth $5 to $10 depending on the condition of the coins you have.

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Is a 1988 penny worth anything? Of course, you can get the highest 1988 penny value with the error and condition of the coin. You can find any of the errors found on the 1988 Lincoln penny for the highest price.

The more obvious the error or variety on the coin, the higher the price. You can earn hundreds to thousands of dollars from a 1988 Lincoln penny that you normally use for transactions.

Of course, you have to pay attention to the condition of the coin, such as luster, surface, design, wear, and tear, and other factors that make the condition of the coin still worth selling.

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