About 1973 Penny Value (Error List, D, S, and No Mint Mark)

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1973 Penny Value – 1973 Penny can still be easily found, and is not a super rare item. At least, that’s what we generally know. Precisely if there is something unique on the coin, it will make the price also different. It could be that the price of the coin will be higher than the nominal value of the coin.

For example, a penny with a D mark which means it comes from Denver is a rare type with a high 1973 penny value. The making purpose of this coin cannot be separated from historical factors. This coin is made as a form of commemoration for an important moment that happened in the past.

1973 Penny Value

Another 1973 penny value is as a form of appreciation for someone for his services, for example, a penny with a picture of Abraham Lincoln and John F.

The History Behind The 1973 Penny

How much is a 1973 penny worth? 1973 penny value is influenced by historical value. In 1973 there were major events occurred that year, especially in the political field. This is the year President Richard Nixon is sworn in as President of the United States for the second time.

History records that Nixon became the only President who was sworn in with two positions at once, namely President and Vice President of the United States twice in the period 19691973 and the period 19531957. But then we know in history that these are times approaching the Watergate scandal.

At that time the United States Supreme Court overturned the prohibition on abortion in the state called Roe v. Wade. The signing of the Paris Peace Accords resulted in the absence of the United States’ involvement in the Vietnam War. This historical background will make you wonder how much is a penny from 1973 worth.

Point Of View On 1973 Penny

From the many discussions and reviews about the 1973 penny value, the result is that when compared to several other types of coins the price is rather much lower.

However, miraculously, if under certain conditions, for example, the condition of the coin is very well maintained and is no longer in circulation, then there will be a lot of demand and they can bid at a high enough price. You can get a lot of profits even with just 1 coin.

The value is less than 1 dollar or to be precise USD 0.91 for the Lincoln Penny. This coin-forming arrangement is a mixture of 5 % zinc and 95 % copper.

Please continue reading to find out about the United States Mint from Lincoln Penny which consists of several kinds including the info about the 1973 aluminum penny value.

Measuring Penny Value?

Almost all 1973 penny value corresponds to the weight of the copper that is the base material. In conditions that are already in circulation, the price will vary greatly and seem to fluctuate, which is around USD 0.01 to a few dollars. It is a great fortune and miracle if you match a penny that is no longer in circulation. Imagine how much profit you can get in one day.

Not only that but there are several other variants of the 1973 Lincoln Penny with a different price rating than those previously discussed. The first is the 1973 penny value which has no mint markings and the 1973 D penny which means it is from Denver and is very rare.

1973 D Penny Value

How much is a 1973 d penny worth? If you are lucky enough to find this type of coin in MS 65 grade and in good condition and not circulated.

With the basic material for making different coins, not made of copper but bronze, the 1973 penny value that can be achieved by the 1973 Lincoln D Penny is USD 0.02 to USD 0.03.

But in another case, with MS 65 grade and also in an out-of-circulation condition, the 1973 S Lincoln Penny is still possible to reach the price in the numbers even though the condition is the same. It is USD 0.85 in uncirculated conditions with the same value as MS 65.

Another type of coin bearing the mint S mark is hard to find and few. The coin was created to attract coin collectors who are willing to pay an unusual 1973 penny value. The name of the coin is Proof Penny.

Coins with the United States Mint are very popular among coin lovers and are also widely collected in recent times. Even so, these coins were not made public and in large quantities.

In uncirculated conditions (special conditions), in certain classes PR 65, this coin can cost almost USD 1 full. At that time, it was recorded that in a certain period, the United States Mint made 2,760,339 coins.

How To Rate Coins

Numismatics or people who look at ancient coins use the Sheldon Scale so they can assign face value to their coins. The Sheldon scale will move from a poor scale (P-1) to the best or perfect mint condition (P-1) (MS-70). At first, words were used to label the condition of the coin according to its 1973 penny value.

The words used are Good, Excellent, Fair, and so on. Then the collectors decide to create a new method or standard of mention that will be used for grading the quality of the 1973 penny value no mint mark.

Collectively, in the 1970s professional and expert numismatics created a community and made CoinGrading the standard. Since then numismatists have used a 70-point scale to determine coin values from lowest to highest.

Numerical Points are very often used with value using native adjectives. In general, this is what the coin values look like:

  1. P-1 / Bad – Almost broken and hard to tell apart; the mint mark and date must be visible if they are to be used; or vice versa, somewhat damaged.
  2. FR-2 / Fair – Almost perfectly smooth, No damage as is commonly seen on bad-grade coins. The details on the coins can still be identified.
  3. G-4 / Fair – The inscriptions have been merged to the edges in some parts, and the supreme element has been largely erased.
  4. VG-8 / Very Good – Starting to fade, all the core design elements are still visible, although not very obvious. There are still a few details in the middle of the remaining coins.
  5. F-12 / Good – The coin looks very worn, with even wear and tear, and the overall design of the coin can still be seen. The rims are still in good condition.
  6. VF-20 / Very Smooth – Starting to fade, some features can still be seen even though they are soft. The letter arrangement of the word LIBERTY can be seen.
  7. EF-40 / Very Smooth – Gentle use; gadgets can be seen, and bold print is important. Light wear that can be seen but still has a clear and bold design.
  8. AU-50 / Uncirculated – Slight wear on the highest part of the coin design; can have contact marks; must be eye-catching.
  9. AU-58 / Uncirculated Choice – There are signs of wear, but prominent contact marks are not visible; mint has an excellent shine, and catches the eye very well.
  10. MS-60 / Mint State Basal – Totally out of circulation; on the highest part of the coin there is no sign of wear, even so, this coin is unsightly and does not catch the eye because of the lack of luster, the contact marks are quite obvious, there are hair scratches and other faults.
  11. MS-63 / Mint in Appreciable Condition – Out of circulation, there are some traces of contact, the luster has faded a bit, but the appearance is still eye-catching.
  12. MS-65 / Mint State Choice – Out of circulation and has a very good sheen, very few contact marks, and is amazing on the eye.
  13. MS-68 / Grade Premium Mint State – No longer circulating and has excellent shine, invisible contact marks, and is very eye-catching.
  14. MS-69 / Near Perfect Mint State – Uncirculated and has a flawless sheen, a nice, attractive punch, and is excellent at capturing the eye. This coin is in near-perfect condition with minor errors in the strike, and planchet, contact marks (only viewable using an 8x loupe).
  15. MS-70 / Mint State Perfect – At magnification below 8x, minor errors are completely invisible; the strokes are very sharp, and the coin is perfectly positioned in the center of the exquisite planchet. Very hard to find on any coin, truly a coin that is intact and shining, a sparkle that is not fake, and that no eye can resist the 1973 penny value.

1973 Penny Value At The Present Day

The quality and current condition of goods are the main determinants of the high 1973 penny value. How much is a 1973 penny worth today?

The following is an overview as well as the types of errors that a coin may have and affect the coin’s original appearance and value.

The level of damage will cause very dynamic and irregular ups and downs. Paying close attention to the indicators will help you set a price standard.

Factors that influence the assessment of valuable 1973 penny value are circulation number, special characteristics of the coin, whether the coin is in worn condition, and the overall condition of the coin. It is also important to know if the coin is still actively circulating. The better, so the 1973 penny value is higher.

Possible Mistakes in 1973 Penny

Many realize that the 1973 penny value can be quite high, but there are also flaws there. Like the 1973 Penny Lincoln which is a coin with a few faults. Some of these mistakes can make him have a higher value and be hunted by many people.

The details of the other problems are as follows:

– Double Die Penny

Errors in the shape of the coin make some craftsmen do several things to make the condition of the coin return to its proper shape. So the double die method is used to make a copy of the die and align it. This method is also applied on several levels, ranging from hard and slow ways, and so on.

Look for the 1973 double dime with a striking duplication of Lincoln’s lettering, date, bow tie, and eye. Depending on the size of the doubling, such a 1973 multiplied dice could yield the 1973 penny value anywhere from USD 25 to USD 100.

– Coin Off-Center

Off-center errors are caused by seriously misaligned dice. This error is very apparent when looking at the ribbon at the end of the coin. The unique thing that affects the 1973 penny value is that when the error is increasingly out of alignment, then the value will be greater, it can even reach a price of more than USD 70 if you are lucky.

– Lifting Edge

As the name suggests, also known as ‘raised-rim’, for this type of coin, you will find that the rim of this coin is thicker than the others. The process of minting a coin that is wrong and in a slanted condition causes the condition to become thicker.

The 1973 penny value you get is at least USD 10 for a common or common error. However, if the error is prominent, or you can say it is an unusual error, then the price can be higher.

– D cents with “Liberty” Misspelled

Not many cases of writing errors are found in the word “Liberty”. But anything can happen if, during the printing process, various obstacles are found. Human error when loading the coins or errors in the printing process at that time.

– Prominent Mint Marks

When the mint mark on the face of the coin is minted twice, it is more likely that the mint mark will appear flat or even curved. Coins marked with a D or minted from Denver are often found to have this kind of 1973 D penny error value.

Such conditions that are stated in the 1973 d penny error list you can find on the internet make the 1973 penny value high and in demand.

– Cracks On The Die

Errors like this are very common and among the easiest to find. However, if the form of the error is unique and rare, then the price of one can be high. If it’s not specific, then don’t expect too much.

Several Kinds of Lincoln Penny That Has Been Printed

In 1973 the Lincoln Penny was made or printed by the United States government. Even so, it was done without a prompt. In succession, the Philadelphia Mint was followed by Denver, and San Francisco followed after that to contribute to the printing and circulation of the early penny production.

1973 S Penny Value

This penny became known as the 1973 D Penny and 1973 Penny S, also about the 1973 S penny error value and you can find the mint mark on each of the coins on the back of the coin just below the date engraved on the coin.

Maybe there are also people wondering about the 1973 penny value S and also the Red 1973 penny value at this time.

Lincoln Money Valuation Scheme Division

In contrast to other types of the penny, there are only two classes of the 1973 Lincoln Penny that are generally known:

Penny with MS 65 grade has strong traction and the 1973 penny value is high. It is shiny and in uncirculated condition. Contact marks are on the penny but in a very small size. It was certain that the mark was there, but it was almost hard to find and barely noticeable.

Coins with proof grade PR 65 are second-class coins. With such a grade, there should be no defects in the coin. Even if there is it is only a very small scratch and is almost invisible to the naked eye. It is also applicable to find out the 1973 Lincoln Kennedy penny value.

A Precious Variation from the 1973 Penny

Some grading systems, 1973 penny value chart or quality standards can be the most severe and important benchmarks, they can even be used to determine how high a coin is worth.

So it’s not based on the ratio of the coin’s raw material mix or its circulation status anymore. It is more about the rare 1973 penny value.

The 1973 penny value 1973 Lincoln Penny is rated as MS 67+RD by the Professional Coin Grading Service, considered to have a total value of USD 3,850 purchased at an auction held in 2020. This is the penny that is considered valuable.

Then there is another 1973 D pretty fantastic coin with a 1973 d penny error value. With a grade of MS 67 RD and a gradation which was later sold up to a price of USD 4,993.75 in an auction also held in 2014.

Then the Professional Coin Valuation Service filed a claim for the top price on a very rare 1973-S Lincoln MS 67 RD grade penny, the total value of which was USD 2,232.50 at an auction held in 2016.

The Most Important Thing in Running a Coin Selling Business

Learn everything that may be related to how to care for your coins so that they are in good condition. Try to go out and meet people who are in the world of coin collection.

Find all the classifications for the 1973 d penny value the rare penny and also the 1973 s penny value. You will find out what shape or condition the 1973 penny value is very high.

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After that, you will easily enter the internet platform by posting a photo of your unique coin. Learn how to take good, eye-catching pictures to make them look convincing, genuine, and sparkling. So when at the beginning someone goes to your place, they will not immediately bid at a low price.

You have read for yourself how people rate the 1973 silver penny value and also another type of penny like the 1973 red penny value. Some even consider the 1973 Lincoln Penny value unimportant, some consider it a treasure and wonder how much is a 1973 Lincoln Kennedy penny worth. If you are very lucky, you can also get prices that are beyond your imagination at auction events. No one knows the way of life, so try to always be consistent and keep learning.

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