Why Are You Wasting Your Time Trying to Find 1994 Pennies Worth Money?

Are you looking for 1994 pennies worth money? I’m not sure why you’re wasting your time. That year hasn’t been circulated in many years, so the likelihood of you finding one has decreased significantly, to almost nothing. Have you looked on eBay? If you look on eBay right now and type in 1994 pennies worth money, the first results you’ll get are auctions of pennies that aren’t worth anything but the penny they were made from.

1994 Penny Worth Money: There is No Reason

If I had a penny for every person who asks me how much their old pennies are worth, well, I’d have enough to buy a beer. No, seriously. A nice, cold glass of suds would be very welcome at my house after listening to friends and strangers tell me their stories of woe. 

These people have either never attempted to cash in on their worn-out currency or they forgot all about it and found it while cleaning out an old desk drawer or pantry shelf months later. 

But even if you haven’t touched a single penny since 1994 (you know who you are), don’t give up hope of getting some bang for your buck.

Who Would Want Them Anyway

They’re old and dirty. If they were in circulation today, they would be a quarter. They would have been taken out of circulation years ago for being worthless. 

Don’t waste your time with them! Go get yourself something better, like a nice shiny nickel from 2004 instead. And don’t let anyone tell you that old coins are more valuable than new ones, because it’s simply not true! They may be rarer by volume (and even then, they really aren't), but that doesn't mean they're worth more. 

Both rare and common items can cost thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars, but very few people care about spending several thousand dollars on rusty quarters.

How Much Money is a 1994 Penny Worth?

1994 pennies worth money

So, how much is a 1994 penny worth? First of all, an answer to that question will change depending on what year it is. In 2017, for example, it’s going to be about 2-3 cents. Of course, if you mean what is a penny from 1994 worth today or how much money can I get for these coins in 2018′′?, then there’s a different number. 

These coins have no real value unless they have some sort of collector value. If they don’t have any special meaning and they don’t look like they have any real wear and tear (even just by looking at them), then $0 is probably what most collectors would pay for them.

Better to Use This Time on Something Fun

A penny can still be a penny, but with inflation, that’s not quite as true. If a penny today is what it was back in 1940 (as measured by how much it could buy), it would be worth roughly 20 cents in today’s world. 

That’s not enough to buy much of anything, even if you were lucky enough to pick up a rare one-cent coin. It’s also worthless in terms of collectors' value and there's no such thing as scrap metal value for pennies since they're made of copper-plated zinc rather than steel or iron like older coins used to be.

Save Time and Energy

If you’re looking for a single penny from 1994, I wouldn’t bother. The U.S. Mint changed its cent production that year, using bronze-plated steel instead of pure copper, with a 95% zinc core (which was actually smaller than the previous iteration). 

The new composition combined with a lower weight means these coins are too small and thin to contain more than 2 cents in copper. (Plus, there is an urban legend about how rare they actually are.) 

That said, there's still a good reason not to throw them away: There were an additional 46 million minted compared to previous years; that's why they're still so easy to come by!

Pennies Worth Money - Waste of Time or Enjoyable Activity?

Pennies Worth Money - Are You Wasting Your Time or Having Fun Collecting Pennies Worth Money? Collecting coins can be an enjoyable way to pass some spare time and many people like learning about their history. 

But when it comes down to it, do you really get a good return on your investment when buying one-cent coins that were minted in 1994 and are now worth 20 cents each or more in 2014? My research says NO! Even if some of these rare pennies actually have some intrinsic value, they're still junk coins that can't be used. 

But just because I say so, check out what Mike Diamond (author of Beating The Penny: How to Profit from Rare Coins) has to say about rare pennies.

Is it About The Journey, Not The Destination?

Whether we like it or not, when we take action toward a goal, our brains tend to focus on what's directly in front of us—we get tunnel vision. 

This is called target fixation and can be highly detrimental to success. Instead of fixating on what's in front of you, think about it from a different perspective: What will happen if I don't reach my goal? If reaching your goal doesn't lead toward something that fulfills you, then why set a goal at all? 

For instance, if someone dreams of starting their own business but they know if they succeed they'll become incredibly wealthy and never want for anything again—this could be considered their ultimate motivation.

So what do I do with my Pennies Worth Money Searches Then?

Look, I can’t tell you what to do with your life. I can only tell you what to do with your (1994) Pennies Worth Money searches. Maybe if we can stop searching for these phrases, Google will remove them from their search engine and a whole new world of possibilities will open up for us. 

If that happens, then maybe someone will even notice me and hire me as an SEO Specialist. Maybe then I’ll get my girlfriend back...maybe! But until then, we must continue our search for 1994 pennies worth money...for America!

Is a 1994 D Penny Rare?

If you have a 1994 penny and it's in the mint condition it may be worth as much as $1.75 US. However, if it's circulated in any way, it is worthless. 

According to one penny expert: Pennies dated 1982 and later are made of zinc-coated steel which is almost entirely corrosion-resistant but can oxidize when exposed to air. 

The date of a penny is located on Lincoln's right side under his shoulder; if you're not sure whether or not your '94 penny has been exposed to oxidation (rust), here's how to tell: touch one of its corners and rub in small circles against your finger--if even just one coin touches your skin, it will feel like sandpaper.

What is The Error on a 1994 D Penny?

Even if there was an error on a penny in 1994, why would you think it would still be valuable today? Sure, that dime from 1982 might be worth something - but it’s only useful as an example of that year’s minting process or as a curiosity. Finding mistakes on our coins is actually quite common. 

You might not realize it because they’re almost never valuable - there are errors on tens of millions of these coins every year and most will never become collectibles. 

However, a small number do find their way into collectors' hand's thanks to some interesting errors: The wrong planchette: This happens when blank coin blanks (also known as planchets) aren't cut properly and instead show up in another denomination's batch of coins.

How Much is a 1994 Penny Worth D?

The amount of a 1994 penny is going to vary depending on a number of factors. The first is whether or not there is actually some copper in it. You see, our government removed most of the copper from pennies back in 1982

That means that most circulated and uncirculated 1994 pennies out there have little value outside of being a small token for something (like your wedding). However, if you happen to have one that's dated 1979 or earlier, that's likely a true piece of American history—one which could potentially be sold as high as $5,000!

How Much is a 1944 D Penny Worth?

The first thing you need to do is ask yourself if the 1944 D penny is a 1944-D cent or a 1944 D cent. If it's just a regular old 1944 cent, it’s probably not worth much. 

With that being said, there are some circumstances in which your coin might be worth $200+. In fact, I actually saw an example of one recently... but it wasn't from my personal collection. 

So let me walk you through what makes some dimes and nickels valuable and how much they're worth (i.e., why is my classic car so darn cool?). At any rate, keep reading for more details on how much old quarters (or even rare ones) could potentially be worth...

Why is the 1944 penny rare?

The ‘44 penny is sought after because it’s actually rarer than a 1919 penny. In all of world history, there have only been five confirmed 1944 steel pennies

Three were found in India and two were found in England. The ‘44 coin was supposed to be made out of copper-coated steel, but during World War II, copper was being used for ammo and other wartime efforts, so steel took its place. 

Thus, if a 1944 penny does surface at auction or elsewhere, most people think it is counterfeit – until proven otherwise by experts. If you do find one in circulation today (which is highly unlikely), it might be from counterfeiting decades ago or from a lucky coin collector who has simply held onto his treasure for decades.

Which is The Rarest Penny?

The problem with looking for coins is that there is no rhyme or reason for what will be valuable and what won’t. But don’t get too discouraged. There are a few things you can do to help narrow down your search for an elusive coin’s value. 

The easiest thing to do is take a step back from valuing individual coins and think about their face value (or, in other words, how much they can actually buy). 

It takes more than one rare penny to make a big difference in buying power; even if one of those pennies was found, it would have been used as currency rather than stored in a safe deposit box.


Finding value in pennies is overrated. Unless you’re in dire need of spare change, there’s not much point in searching for money. You might as well look for flying pigs instead. But if you really want 1994 pennies worth money, I’m happy to help! It's an amazing year because it's a rare year and every penny has at least one Lincoln on it! Wanna know how much they're all worth together? A lot! Well, perhaps not a LOT...but certainly more than what they're actually used for today. In fact, if I were in need of spare change right now and had an entire jar full of these coins, I would sell them all!

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