1962 Silver Penny: Value and Error List

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1962 Penny Value – One of the most common penny you can find is the 1962 Lincoln penny. It has been minted with more than 7.500.000 in quantity, and it has pretty much easy to find. However, even if it is easy to find, save it, as the 1962 silver penny value is actually rising, and somehow some of them could even be worth more than their initial face value, especially with the rising of the antique coins hobby, as well as inflation for precious metals.

Did you know that the 1962 silver penny value is worth more than its initial value as a penny? Back then the value is just a penny, just 0.01 dollars.

1962 silver penny value

However, as the decades when by, the 1962 penny isn’t circulated anymore and was considered an old coin, people realized that there is more than value in this one piece of coin.

How much 1962 silver penny value today, and how do we know that the 1962 penny we got also had value?

Here, we are going to discuss with you the face value of the 1962 silver penny as well as copper and 1962 steel penny value that has different value, grading, and prices.

So whether you are starting your coin collections, or wanted quick bucks with relic coins, you might as well see to it.

How Much Is A 1962 D Penny Worth And How It Was Graded?

Why there are suddenly rising in the 1962 penny value even though it is such a common coin back then, and didn’t have much value of antiquities like old Roman coins? There are several factors why the 1962 penny and 1962 d penny value has been increasing lately.

From the inflations and risings of precious metal prices, the rarity of each coin piece, to even errors in mintage of the coin.

However, before knowing about the 1962 silver penny value and how much it is worth in today’s market we need to know about it first, what is the 1962 penny? And how it was minted?

1962 d penny value

From 1960 to 1970, the United States of America government released a series of new types of pennies.

It is designed to change, and redesign the penny piece of the outdated wheat ear penny. The wheat ear penny was replaced with the 1960 Lincoln Penny.

The coin features the bust of US President, Abraham Lincoln on one side, and the Lincoln memorial building on the other side.

On the observe side of the Abraham Lincoln bust, it is inscribed with sentences “In God We Trust”, and has side inscriptions of “Liberty” and “1962” as the date. On the memorial building side, it features an inscription of “The United States of America” with the inscribed “E-Pluribus Unum”.

1962 Lincoln Penny Specifications:

  • Type: Lincoln Penny coins
  • Year minted: 1962
  • Face Initial Value: 0.01 Dollar
  • Composition: Silver Coins, Tin, and Zinc
  • Total Weight of each coin: 3.11 g

1962 silver penny was minted in 1962. US Government minted this coin has no mint mark, and also minted with another version of the 1962 D penny.

The mint mark of each coin is located on the observed side; below the date of each coin. There are marked and no mark coins, however.

Other than the silver version of the 1962 Lincoln penny, there are also bronze pennies and steel pennies. The silver penny is much rarer than the steel penny, and the bronze penny is the most common penny minted.

The Reason Why The 1962 Penny Has Been Increasing In Value

How much is a 1962 penny worth today? It depends on the type of the coin, composition of each coin, scarcity, and the grading of each coin. There are three types of 1962 Lincoln memorial coins.

The 1962 Lincoln coin, the 1962 d penny, and the 1962 proof coins. These three are the most common pennies you can find for this series, but each of them has a different value.

1962 silver penny value was minted in 1962. US Government minted this coin has no mintmark, and also minted with another version of the 1962 D penny. The mint mark of each coin can be seen on the observe side, under the bust of Lincoln figurehead.

There is also the 1962 Proof penny, which was minted as limited edition pennies that were minted specially for coin collectors.

This proof penny has a limited number of mints and is sometimes worth very good value. It is called a proof penny because it was struck, and then polished blanks, specially prepared dyes, and has a smooth mirror-like surface.

Proof 1962 pennies were minted in Philadelphia, and appeared in 1962 pennies proof sets, specially minted for many coin collectors. The total of proof coins minted was 3,208,244 proof cents, struck in 1962.

Although the proof cents weren’t distributed and didn’t go into circulation, We can buy proof pennies in many antique coin dealers today, with around 3 Millions specimens that have been struck.

1962 silver penny value can be different in its value. For example, the 1962 penny has a slightly lower value than the 1962 D penny.

1962 silver penny was initially minted in Philadelphia, with the total quantity of minted coins at 754,340,000 amounts. While the 1962 D penny value was minted in Denver, with a total quantity of 1,753,260,700, making the D penny much easier to find, and having a lower value.

Other than the composition and type of coins, there is also another factor that contributes to the rarity, grading, and value of the 1962 penny. It is the error on the penny.

Sometimes, the penny might have a slight error due to the clipping, and damage. This error may or may not improve the value of each old coin, and if the rare error is caused by the mintage, its initial value will be rising quite high.

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The 1962 penny error value will rise if several errors might cause the coins to be much rarer, and more sought after. It could be the error in the mintage, and many other errors such as doubling the punched mark. Some errors might be rarer, and prove to increase your coins.

Here Is The 1962 Penny Error List That Could Increase The Value Of Your Penny

The errors here mean that there are slight errors in the inscription, and conditions of the Lincoln coin, see also section: Lincoln Kennedy Penny Value.

These errors are most likely caused by damage from the exposure, discoloration caused by oxidation, and clipping. It is very rare to get pennies that get errors from mintage.

If there are errors from mintage, the 1962 silver penny value would skyrocket since it is incredibly rare footage from officially minted coins.

Some errors might bring much more worth and value to your 1962 penny collections, while some might just slight damage and clipping here and there.

If you are looking for a special piece of coins collection that has errors edition on it, here are some notable errors that might increase its initial face value.

While most of the 1962 Lincoln silver penny values are common, and rather dull ordinary pennies, some of the 1962 Pennies contain certain errors and varieties.

These errors and oddities are sometimes alterations, from damage, from an outside source other than mintage, however, there are also some other legitimate mistakes from mintage that can be found in 1962 pennies and any other coins type though.

Some of these errors are very rare and can give better worth compared with a dull ordinary 1962 penny. Some errors that are worth for you to keep or looking out for our Double Die penny, Penny with pre-punched mintmarks, and off-center pennies. However, finding an error in 1962 is vanishingly small each day, and incredibly hard to find.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding About 1962 Penny Value

To further answer the questions you might have regarding the 1962 penny, how much it will be worth if you sell it, and how it is graded in many coin grading in the United States, here are some frequently asked questions.

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How much for the 1962 pennies value? – The value of each coin depends on the category, type, clipping of damage, some errors, the grading, and rarity of each coin. The 1962 copper penny value isn’t much since it is a very common find, and it will net for around $2 to $5 at max.

However, some of the 1962 pence could net a very high value. This is due to the high grades, some slight errors, as well the value of scarcity and rarity. The highest possible value for a 1962 d penny worth $4.320 sold at an auction house in 2018.

How to determine the 1962 silver penny value and grading? – You will need to contact local coin graders that will determine the grade of your silver or copper penny. Once the coin is graded, you will get an estimated price for its selling. You might also want to search for errors in pennies that might be worth more than their grade.

How to sell a 1962 silver penny? – After it is graded, and you think that the price is worth it for you to sell, you can sell it at the local antiquities dealer, sell it online, or find buyers that want to get it. For the 1962 silver penny value with a higher grade, you might want to contact trusted buyers.

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