1960 Penny Value: D, Error List, No Mint Mark, and Worth

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1960 Penny Value – If you have a 1960 or 1970 Lincoln penny, then you might know that they are very common pennies and can be found in many places, and pretty much common. It isn’t a very valuable piece of old coins, however, there is still some value in it, and if you are lucky you can sell them for quite a high price, which depends on the grading, conditions of each coin, and the category.

In this article, we will tell you about the 1960 penny value and grading, how much is a 1960 d penny worth, and how it will net value in the current old coins market.

If you want to learn more about how the Lincoln penny is valued, here is how much it will value today.

1960 penny value

How Much Is The 1960 Penny Value In Today’s Market?

In 1960 and 1970 United States government released a Lincoln silver penny that has a mint mark or without a mint mark. This is what makes the 1960 penny value different from others in the first place.

1960 d penny value would differ from 0.02 Dollars to 50 dollars for a penny with the minimum of the good conditions, face worth value of the coin, and in circulated conditions too.

If the coin has a mint mark, the price will rise quite significantly. For example, you will get a higher value for uncirculated 1960 pennies; you can typically sell the penny for at least 0.65 dollars without any mint mark, and with uncirculated condition plus MS 65 grading.

However, if the coin has a mint mark, then it will raise its value quite significantly.

1960 penny value will lower if it is less rare, and pretty much readily available due to the minted coin. However, the 1960 d Lincoln penny value will net you a very high profit if it is an S penny, much rarer coins you can find in this category.

You need to understand, that the value of an S penny will vary depending on its design. The silver dollar has a different design.

First, the design that has a small date, an MS 65 grading, and also has uncirculated conditions would net around 55 dollars. However, the same penny that has a large date will mostly be worth at least 0.50 dollars.

This huge difference in value is mostly because of the difference in the date, and design. 1960 large date penny, for example, could only net around 0.50 dollars to 2 dollars.

However, if you get your hand on the small date penny, with good conditions, and grading it could get you good earnings. It is a difference in the large or small date that you should understand.

What Is A 1960 D Penny Value

There are two different dollar pennies from 1960 through 1970, it is the 1960 D Lincoln dollar penny, and also Lincoln S penny.

However, we are going to talk about the D Lincoln Dollar penny first, as well as the 1960 penny value for selling in the current market.

1960 d penny value

The 1960 D penny is very valuable to find. It is pretty valuable, and if you can find it, it will net quite a hefty sum. If you want to collect it, then it is also a very nice collection that will certainly give good value to your total collections.

It is minted only in one year, so it is pretty rare found, compared with other common dollars, or Lincoln penny minted all year round.

It has a different reverse design when compared to other coins, and you can easily recognize this coin with its larger date inscription. It is different from any other inscriptions on Lincoln coins.

To give you broad terms, the 1960 penny value will be doubled if it is rarely found, has small date inscriptions, and also has a mint mark. If it has a reverse design, the value will be so much more worth it.

The United States government minted the 1960 D penny with a brand new observable and also reverses design. This reverse design is to commemorate the feature of President Abraham Lincoln.

It was minted to replace the older ear of wheat cents that has been minted in 1959, changed its design, to have its front side redesigned with the portrait of a bust of U.S president Abraham Lincoln.

One factor that makes the 1960 silver penny value double is the small date inscription that can be found in certain specimens.

How can we know if the penny has small dates? And thus has a different value than any other coin? The best way to see the date size of each penny is to compare it with any other coins.

When you use a different coin, such as with 1960 penny, and also 1970 D coins, they have similar date inscriptions. Check its date inscription with a magnifying glass.

The smaller date penny has numbers that appear very close to each other. They will have dates with a slanted look, and they will look much more compressed date than any other coin.

Meanwhile, the large date coin will have sparse, well-spaced numbers and lettering, and you will notice that the date inscription will appear slightly tilted. It will make the numbers and dates slightly bolder and bigger.

What Is A 1960 Penny Worth Now?

Some things make a 1960 penny has a different value, from grading, category, conditions, mint mark, and also error list. If you get your hand on a penny that has a slight error, a mistake in minting, and mark conditions, it has pretty good value, compared with another penny that has been minted in standard condition.

Here are 1960 penny error list to see any errors that might increase your coin value.

Meanwhile the 1960 penny no mint mark is a penny that has been minted outside of the location such as US mints operation like in Denver Mint, Philadelphia, West Point, and San Francisco.

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The coins that have been minted are considered circulated products, while the coin that has no mint mark or has been minted outside of this mintage, is called an uncirculated product.

FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions):

If you have any questions regarding how much is the value of your 1960 Mint, and how it will net worth based on its grading.

Keep in mind, that hunting for cold coins is a hobby for many collectors, and it is up to you to choose whether it is for collection or selling. Here are the top FAQS that might answer your question here.

How Much is 1960 Penny Worth? – It depends on many factors such as coin conditions, grading, compositions, chipping, the marked coins or unmarked, the circulated or uncirculated coins, and the coloration of the coins.

A slight error in the mintage could also increase or sometimes decrease the value of each coin.

For example, if you have an uncirculated 1960 pennies, that has no mark it could net for at least 0.65 dollars, while the marked 1960 penny could have its value rise significantly.

The uncirculated S Lincoln penny could be worth at least 55 dollars, as it has a rare reverse design, with a small date, and also MS 65 grading.

How To Tell If A 1960 Penny Is Real? – There is three easy way to distinguish it from a real 1960 rare penny. First, it has a small date penny, You can see it by examining it on the magnifying glass. Some are circulated marks, that might net quite hefty sums. The type is D mark Penny, no mint mark, and Lincoln cent.

How Does A 1960 Penny Look Like? – it has a brown, bronze color, featuring the bust of U.S president Abraham Lincoln on the one side, With the inscriptions “In God We Trust” and Liberty 1960. On the other side, it is an inscription of the national Lincoln monument, with the inscription of the United States of America, E-Pluribus Unum.

How To Sell My 1960 Penny? – First, you need to take your coin into coin-grading. There your coin will be examined and graded based on its grading, conditions, chipping rarity, and many more.

This grading will determine how much your 1960 penny is worth, and how it will sell well. If you have finished grading, you can sell it to many collectors, and find buyers.

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To find trusted buyers, you have to reach out to antique hunting, and the old coin community that wants to get their hand on your type of coin.

Some of the 1960 pence are quite rare, especially the D, and S Lincoln coins, that only minted in quite a limited number. This will net quite a high value for many collectors.

However, the choice of selling it or keeping it is ultimately in your hand. You can of course keep it in your collection, to sell it later, when necessary or when getting more trusted and profitable buyers.

How much is the 1960 penny value in the current market? It all depends on the grading, and conditions of the coin. As of today, the 1960 Lincoln penny is quite rare to find, and if you have rarer collections, it can be worth more than $3.000, however, finding such rare coins can be quite hard.

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