1975 Silver Penny: Value, Error, and No Mint Mark

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1975 Penny Value – For many coin hunters, and antique collectors, collecting penny might not be the most appealing one, since most of them are quite common, and not the most valuable antique coins. However, there are a lot of specimens from the 1960s to 1980s penny that is quite valuable, including the Indian head penny, Wheat ear penny, Lincoln penny, and the 1975 penny value.

During the 1960s to 1970s, The government of the United States of America released a series of the brand new Lincoln figurehead penny.

1975 silver penny value

It is specifically designed to replace the older wheat ear penny that has been in use and circulation for decades.

Just like any other penny, the initial face value for the Lincoln memorial 1975 silver penny value for $0.01, however, there is more to it.

Even though its initial face value is just a penny, the value of old coins such as the 1979 silver penny value could be worth more than that.

You’ll find out that the 1975 pennies could worth around 20 cents, to $5, and even possibly some of the rarest grades could reach around $200,000.

It’s hard to believe that certain penny specimens could reach even $1.000, but it is what it is, and it’s true.

Today, we are going to delve deeper into the value of the 1975 Lincoln memorial penny, what makes some of the specimens valuable, and what makes them could increase their value more than their initial face value.

How much is a 1975 penny worth without a mint mark and how it was graded to give them better prices?

The 1975 Lincoln Penny Value Specs and Design

First, for those who don’t know about the Lincoln memorial penny, here are the specs, and designs for the 1975 Lincoln memorial penny.

  • Type: Lincoln Penny coins
  • Year minted: 1960s to 1970s
  • Initial value: 0.01 Dollar
  • Metal Composition: Bronze (95% copper and 5% Tin), some of the special coins of this penny are also made of silver, aluminum, and steel (Most are commemorative)
  • Total Weight of each coin: 3.11 g

The 1975 penny value mostly comes from the composition of its coin. The 1975 coin was mostly made from Bronze, a material composed of 95% of copper. What makes the value increase, and surpass its initial value, are the materials themselves.

The prices of the 1975 silver penny value are based on the weight of its metal composition, and the inflated price of its metal.

The design for the 1975 silver penny value features the bust of The United States of America president, Abraham Lincoln, and on the other side, there is the Lincoln memorial building.

It features inscriptions of “In God We Trust” on the Abraham Lincoln side, with the “Liberty” and year of mintage in this case it was “1975”.

On the other side, there are inscriptions of “United States of America”, with quotes “E-Pluribus Unum” which is the Latin word for Out of many, one, a traditional motto of the US.

Most of the Lincoln penny was made from Bronze, although there are also other commemorative silver, steel, and aluminum pennies, which we will discuss later.

How Much Is The 1975 Lincoln Penny Worth?

As we mentioned earlier, the value of the 1975 Lincoln penny is much more than its initial value of one penny.

There are many factors regarding about 1975 silver penny value such as the grading of its coin, the category of coins, the composition of the metal used, clipping, certain errors, and many more.

So, what’s a 1975 penny worth in the current market? Let’s discuss it further. See the 1976 penny value article on the discussion we discussed earlier.

1975 steel penny value

Well, good news for any penny collector, the 1975 penny has doubled its initial face value right now, so all of the 1975 Lincoln pence are now worth at least 2 cents. It is double the initial value of one cent at least.

There are three types of 1975 pennies, the 1975 d penny, the 1975 s penny, and also the 1975 silver penny. How much is a 1975 d penny worth? And how it was graded and valued?

The 1975 d penny was minted in Denver, with the total amount minted in the year 1975 around 14,754,280.

The S penny was minted in Philadelphia; the total amount minted was around 7,560,280.

Both of them were minted with the same composition of Bronze with the 95% copper to 5% Tin and Zinc ratio. The 1975 d penny value is worth around $2 to $5 each but can go over it with certain grading.

The 1975 Lincoln penny was a common coin; it is used for pocket change, and commercial use since the 1960s.

It was made in 1959 and circulated through 2009 ( see 2009 penny value ). Since the coin is made from copper, due to the rising price of copper, this penny is also now has increased value, and now worth at least 2 cents, doubling its initial value.

There were also 1975 silver pennies; however, it is not real silver. The 1975 silver penny is an aluminum penny, and it’s got quite a story behind it. Even though the silver penny is aluminum, and the 1975 penny was made of copper, be sure to save those, as the price of metals is always increasing, and the 1975 penny value will increase over years.

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The 1975 D Lincoln Penny Value

What makes the penny valuable isn’t just its initial face value, but rather the metal composition behind it. Due to the rising in precious metals price, copper, aluminum, silver, and steel penny has increased their value in their weight, and it is now worth it to save for them.

However, it is illegal to melt your pennies to turn in the copper value, even though the 1975 d silver penny value could rise at any minute.

1975 d lincoln penny

Generally, the 1975 copper penny value is at least worth around $2 to $5, however, there are also some errors, and grading that can be valued.

For example, if the penny is reddish-brown in coloration, with double-die errors, it could increase further by up to $45 to $50.

The grade of the copper penny was based on the coloration, as it turns from brown to reddish-brown, to the rare full-red copper coins.

There is also the 1975 steel penny value that is worth around $1.5 to $4.5. It is much more common than the other 1975 Lincoln penny; however, it is also worth keeping in your hands. For further information regarding the steel penny value, you can see our other article here.

1975 aluminum penny value, even though it isn’t a real silver coin, it is much more worth it to keep it for now, as the rules of melted coins, and the value for aluminum metal or old coins might increase someday.

It is best to collect it for some time if you are planning to keep it and sell it when the price is much better.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding the 1975 Lincoln Memorial Penny

If you are planning to collect, and hunts for the older pennies, or sell some 1975 Lincoln copper or silver you might want to see these FAQs first to make sure you know the worth of each of your coins.

How much was the 1975 copper penny value? – The value of a copper penny is mostly worth the metal, and the weight of its metal, in this case, the base value for a copper penny is around $2 right now. However, on the 1975 Lincoln penny, the number can change, based on many different factors, such as coin grading, the category of its coin, and errors penny.

If you want to know more about your coin grading, you will need to visit the coin grading service in your area. They will also tell you the worth of your coin, whether you have some antique coins such as error coins, or just regular pennies.

How the Lincoln penny was graded? – There are at least two antique coin grading systems, The MS63, and the MS65. The MS63 grade has reddish-brown but has somewhat dull lusters, and also there are blemishes on the coin surface. The reddish-brown specimens might be worth around $45 if the grade and conditions were right.

The MS65 however, are full red specimens, rare and beautiful specimens, that have shiny lusters of the reddish oxidation of the bronze coin.

It shines and is quite rare to find, and therefore the price could increase by a lot in a short amount of time. It is notably worth around $100 to $250, however, some incredibly rare specimens could even worth $2.500.

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To find the buyers for your copper or silver penny, you can contact old coin collectors, or try to find the buyers online on Amazon, or eBay. A lot of collectors and old coin sellers also sell their coins online, so you might want to check it out.

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