2005 Close AM Penny Value

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2005 Close AM Penny Value – When you are talking about the old coins, pennies and cents might not be the rarest, and coins that you might think of, and most amateurs would also think that cents and pennies are pretty worthless and only worth their value of one cent. Many expert coin collectors and coin hunters understand that some pennies are worth more than you think.

Some of the pennies and cents are worth more than the actual penny, as the price will go higher the rarer the coin is, the smoother the conditions, and also the older the penny.

An example of some rare penny is the 2005 close AM penny value that can go up to $15 to $30, The Canadian silver penny, the sovereign penny, and the list goes on and on.

2005 Close AM Penny Value and worth

In this article, we are going to talk about the 2005 close AM penny value, how the relatively new penny could gain some of its worth, and why it is not even that old and could be considered as a quite older penny.

This is the complete guide regarding the Close AM penny value, the history and origins of the 2005 penny close AM, the specifications of the 2005 Lincoln penny, and some error pennies with it.

If you like articles like this, including rare penny hunter, the value of the specific penny series, and valuable foreign coins, then you have come to the right place.

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2005 Close AM Penny Value, History, Origin, and Specifications

Even though most of the 2005 Lincoln pennies aren’t valuable pieces, and most of them are only worthy of their initial face value of just one cent ($0.01), in the correct conditions, they can be sold for a premium collectible price, especially with the coin that has the uncirculated condition.

Keep on reading this article if you are curious about the 2005 Lincoln penny, and the 2005 close AM penny value and worth.

The 2005 Lincoln penny is the Lincoln memorial penny, minted to replace the older wheatear penny that has been in circulation for more than decades ago.

The Lincoln memorial coin features the bust of US president of Abraham Lincoln on the observe side, with the inscriptions of “IN GOD WE TRUST” along with the mark “LIBERTY” and “2005”, if there is a mintmark, it will appear under the inscriptions of date.

On the reserve side, you can see the Lincoln memorial building, with the inscriptions of “E-PLURIBUS UNUM”, the inscriptions that have been the mark of United States currency and have always been in cents.

The 2005 Lincoln penny was composed of Zinc and Copper with a composition of 99.2% of Zinc, and 0.8% of copper.

Back then, the penny was composed of 95% copper, a versatile precious metal, and in use for many industries.

However, from 1941 to 1942, the US government decided to change the composition of a penny to contain more Zinc, to reduce the use of Copper.

The reason for this is that the price of copper itself is rising to the point that it was more expensive than one penny, resulting in more expensive to mint copper penny than the actual penny itself.

Now, let’s take a look at the 2005 Lincoln penny specifications:

  • Coin Type: Lincoln Memorial Penny
  • Minted Year: 2005
  • Face Value: $0.01
  • Composition: 99.2% zinc, 0.8% copper
  • Total Weight: 2.5 grams
  • Color: Reddish-brown
  • Variety: US 2005 Lincoln Penny, 2005 D Penny, 2005 S Proof Lincoln penny

In 2005, the United States Government minted the 2005 Lincoln penny, and they mint it into three different varieties.

The 2005 Lincoln penny has no mark, and the 2005 D penny, and the 2005 S Proof Penny, the D and S mark is the mark that differentiates between the coins, and you can be found below the date on the observed side.

Each of these varieties was minted in different places, with different quantities minted, so each of them is quite different.

Understanding the different varieties of Lincoln pennies, along with the different values that they might have is the key to understanding the 2005 penny value and how much value the 2005 close AM penny value and its worth.

• 2005 Lincoln Penny with No-Mint Mark

The 2005 Lincoln penny was minted in Philadelphia, with a total quantity minted of 3.954.600.000 during this year.

The 2005 Philadelphia Lincoln penny has no mint mark under the date, and it is also one of the most common penny minted this year. The value for the 2005 no mint mark penny is at least worth $0.01 to $0.4.

• 2005 D Lincoln Penny

The 2005 D Lincoln penny was minted in Denver, with the total quantity minted during this year of 3.765.450.000.

To differentiate between the D penny, and the Philadelphia penny, you can see the D mark below the date, on the observable side of the coins.

2005 d penny close am

The value for the 2005 D penny close AM is approximately around $0.4 for the finer grade.

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• 2005 S Proof Lincoln Penny

The 2005 S Proof Lincoln penny was minted in San Francisco, with the total amount minted being 3.344.675, and by far the least amount minted.

The S-proof penny, however, doesn’t carry much value, and worth, even though it is quite rare. The value for 2005 S Proof Lincoln penny is worth approximately around $0.6 to $5, for the 2005 Penny S proof.

These three are the main variety for the 2005 Lincoln penny. Each of these varieties is different because first, they have different total quantities minted, and also different mint marks on the coin itself. So, naturally, some of them have also different values, and intrinsic worth compared to others.

Even though most of the pennies from 2005 are still very rare, and since it isn’t older pennies, which means a lot of them are still in circulation up to this day, that means the inherent value for old coins isn’t there in the 2005 series.

However, some of the pristine, MS grade 2005 Lincoln penny can be sold for very high prices, ranging from hundreds of dollars, to even thousands of dollars for single coins.

Some of the error pennies can also be found within the 2005 pennies series. One of the notable 2005 penny errors was the valuable 2005 Close AM penny. Why Close AM pennies are worth money? And how big a deal is the error pennies themselves?

2005 Close AM Penny

The 2005 Close AM penny is one of the error pennies that has been found within the series of 2005 Lincoln penny. The error itself is pretty small; it is the error in the design for the penny where you can see the initial of “AM” in the “UNITED STATES of AMERICA” that has been too close to each other, meaning that it is the wrong design.

This error in design is pretty rare since very rarely that mintage made such design errors, hence the coin of 2005 Close AM itself is pretty rare.

Frequently Asked Questions about 2005 Close AM Penny Value and Worth

To answer your questions regarding error pennies, like the 2005 Close AM penny, you can see it in our Frequently Asked Questions here to help you guide on your coin hunting.

How Rare it is for Close AM Penny?

Close AM penny is quite rare, and since it has a different, error design from the usual, it is worth quite an amount of money. However, the chances of finding the error pennies such as these are very small, and even inherently impossible to find them in circulations these days.

How Worth it is The 2005 Close AM Penny?

Close AM penny is one of the 2005 pennies worth money, as its value could rise from around $15 to $20, for the finer grade. However, keep in mind to spend your money wisely, as this is still just a penny after all. If you are spending more than hundreds and thousands of dollars just for a good or finer grade for a penny, you are just fooling yourself.

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How to Know The Value for Close AM Penny?

Other than error pennies, you would also need to come to the coin grading service. There, your coin will be graded based on its conditions, if it is a good grade, fine grade, extra-fine, or the very rare AU grade and MS grade. The coin grading will also determine the authenticity of your coin, and see whether it is truly the error pennies of the Close AM penny and not just made-up errors.

That’s how you know about the 2005 close AM penny value and worth, you can also search for more information from your trusted local coin dealers. That’s all the information we can share, hope it helps!

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