Analysis 1972 Penny Value: Error, No Mint Mark, and Worth

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1972 Penny Value – Are you coin collector looking to increase your coin collection, wanting to get the best deals of the coin collectors, as well as to find rarest, most valuable Lincoln pennies, then you have come to the right place. Most of the time, when you are looking at 1972 penny value, you might think that most of them are worthless, and it won’t get you any more of money compared with other rarer coins.

While it is true, that most of the 1972 penny value is not the best value, some of them can increase their value, based on many things, such as the grading, conditions, category, and error pennies.

1972 Penny Value

Some of the 1972 penny values d can be worth so much more, even more than the initial face value. However, you need to understand that not many coins are worth the same and some of them could reach around $5 to $10.

Most of the time, you won’t get much value from the 1972 pennies, most of the 1972 penny value would only be worth their initial face value of one cent ($0.01).

With some abbreviations, and variations of 1972 such as the 1972 s penny value would be improved to the degree at least for more than $10 to $15. Keep in mind, that most of the time, you won’t be able to find a rare penny as it is very hard to get valuable pieces.

If you are looking to know more about the 1972 penny value, some valuable pieces of the pennies, as well as wanting to understand the 1972 Lincoln penny value, then you have come to the right place.

Here, we have the 1972 penny value and worth analysis, the market value that you should understand, which pennies you should buy, as well as some rare error pennies you can collect such as the 1972 double die penny value.

The Specifications, Metallic Compositions, As Well As The Design For The 1972 Pennies

Most of the time, when we are dealing with the old pennies, like the 1972 penny value, or the rarer kind of the 1972 aluminum penny, nearly most of them would only be worth around the same as their initial value, or just merely one cent.

Some of the premium grade pennies, including the uncirculated one, as well as the higher rarer grade of AU and MS grade, could reach for more than a couple of dollars, and even hundreds of dollars.

To understand more about the 1972 penny value, you would need to understand the specifications, and metallic composition of the coins, as well as the initial design of the Lincoln 1972 Pennies.

As the specifications of the pennies can have some impact on their value, and how it was seen by some collectors. So, there are the specifications of the 1972 Lincoln Memorial pennies.

Coin Specifications:

  • Type: Lincoln Memorial Penny
  • Year minted: 1972
  • Initial Face Value: $0.01
  • Metallic Composition: 99.2% Alloy copper, with the rest of 0.2% composition of copper
  • Coin diameter: 19mm
  • Total Weight: 3,11 grams

However, even though most of the time you will just find some worthless, or just regular pennies from the year 1972, if you are lucky, you might be able to find some of the rarer grades of the pennies and can even find some of the 1972 penny value error such as with the 1972 penny value double die.

These error pennies are sometimes what you should look for, but finding one can be incredibly hard.

One thing that affects the 1972 penny value is the composition itself. Back then, during the year of 1960s, the US government issued a change in penny specifications, changing from the 95% composition of copper pennies, to Alloy copper pennies with the composition of 99.2% alloy.

This in turn would change the penny value, as copper alloy has a lesser metallic value over the 95% copper penny.

The change was made in 1962, the change was mostly caused by the increased price of copper, as well as the need for usage of copper in industrializations, as well as many other sectors from military, industries, and even pharmaceutical.

Copper is one of the most versatile metals after all, and the prices of copper have inflated over the years, leaving the 1972 penny value lesser than the full copper pennies.

In 1972, the US government minted three types of the 1972 Lincoln pennies. These three varieties are different based on the mark it has on the reverse side, as well as the different locations they minted.

These varieties also have different quantities minted as well, so one variety is rarer than the other, while some of the rare 1972 penny values could improve based on their variety.

First, let’s take a look at the 1972 penny varieties, as well as what makes some of the 1972 penny value can improve based on their varieties. Some of the marked varieties with no mark can have different specifications too, so you need to understand all three of these varieties.

The Three Varieties Of The 1972 Penny Value

There are three varieties of the Lincoln 1972 Penny, the first variety is the 1972 Penny, the 1972 D penny, as well as the 1972 S Proof Lincoln penny.

Some of the variations, such as the Lincoln-Kennedy penny, and the Aluminum penny aren’t officially minted by the government; we will talk about this unofficial Lincoln penny shortly after these. First, let’s take a look at the varieties of the official Lincoln 1972 Penny first.

When talking about the 1972 penny value worth, the varieties can affect it too. First, let’s take a look at the 1972 Lincoln penny. The 1972 Lincoln no mark penny was minted in Philadelphia, with the total quantity minted was 2.933.250.000.

This amount by far was the largest, hence it was one of the most common types of pennies for the 1972 penny no mint mark.

The other variety is the 1972 D Lincoln penny, with the total quantity minted around 2.600.071.450. It was minted in Denver; hence there was the D mark on it. The Lincoln D penny was minted in Denver and can be found commonly on the West coast of America.

1972 D Penny Value

Even though this coin is a slightly lesser quantity than its no-mark coin, it is worth quite the same as the 1972 d penny value.

Next, there was also the 1972 S Proof penny. This coin was minted in San Francisco in the year 1972, with a total amount of just 376.935.104. This penny was a proof penny. It means that it was to be used as proof, or as the examination for the penny minted this year.

1972 S Penny Value

Most of the S-proof penny were uncirculated pennies, meaning that some of them survived the circulations, and in quite a good grade and conditions, of 1972 penny value.

Most of these varieties have a different value, sometimes there isn’t much difference between the type, so regardless of the variety, the differences would sometime be about the mark on it, whether it is no mark penny, D mark penny, or the S mark penny.

Unofficial Varieties Of The Lincoln 1972 Pennies

In 1972, some entrepreneurs have an idea to stamp out the face of US president J.F Kennedy into the Lincoln penny, facing each other, and creating what is essentially the double head penny, or the Lincoln-Kennedy Pennies.

These Lincoln-Kennedy penny 1972 value differently from the usual 1972 penny value, and it is a quite limited amount, unlike the circulated pennies.

However, the 1972 Lincoln Kennedy penny wasn’t the most valuable penny at all, and in fact, the value is lesser than the usual 1972 penny value. Since it is an unofficial change and stamp from an entrepreneur, it is far less valuable, and most likely would be worthless.

You can find many people selling this kind of Lincoln-head penny in online shops, such as Amazon, and e-bay.

If you find the 1972 d Lincoln Kennedy penny value more than $0.04, then it is most likely fraud, and it is not worth that money.

Most of the time, the double head penny like this hasn’t much different value compared to its initial face value of one cent, so if you buy the expensive Lincoln-Kennedy head, then you are getting scammed, and well, lose some of your money then.

The Lincoln-Kennedy penny hasn’t that much intrinsic value, and most likely it is just a souvenir, a unique keepsake that you can show off. It isn’t rare pennies whatsoever, so you can’t hope to have a higher value, and more than its initial face value for these two-headed penny 1972.

List Of The 1972 Penny Error List

When we are dealing with some older pennies, the most valuable ones would be some of the error pennies such as the 1972 penny double rim error value, and some other error pennies. The error pennies are pennies that have a certain minted error from them, and they can value quite a bit, depending on their grading, conditions, and rarity of course.

If you are trying to find some of the valuable 1972 silver penny value, and want to know more about error pennies to keep, then look no further, as we are here to provide you with some examples of error pennies from the 1972 year series.

• Off-Center Penny –

Some of the Lincoln 1972 Penny has an off-center die, the error is quite rare, however, you can find some of the uncirculated ones on the market. There are currently at least hundreds of them on the market. 1972 off-center penny value would be around the $0.4

• Double Die Penny –

Double die penny, is the penny that has its penny double died, and therefore appears thicker, and slightly heavier. This error is pretty rare, and currently, there are at least less than hundreds, especially the uncirculated 1972 penny value.

• Close AM Penny –

The close AM penny is the close initials penny, and it has the closer AM initials. To see this kind of error, you would need to use magnifying glasses. Some keen eyes can understand, and distinguish the close initials AM penny easily.

What you need to understand about the error pennies, is they are incredibly rare. Most of the error pennies have been found, and already have their owner.

So, if you want to get some rarer error pennies, then what we recommend is trying to go to some older coin dealers, as well as try your luck on the old pennies auction.

What you should understand is, that you might not be able to find any error pennies at all, because it is that rare, so you can’t rely on them to fully make some money, and treat them as a more premium type of the Lincoln pennies.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding The 1972 Penny Value And Worth

When asked about how much the old coin like these was valued, there aren’t much to be said, as most of them are just nearly the same as their initial face value of $0.01, while some of them could increase their value by around $0.04, to at max $10, but if you are lucky you might come across some incredibly rare MS grade pennies, that can worth for more than $100 of 1972 penny value.

How Much is a 1972 Penny Worth

To help you in your coin hunt, and find out the best deals, as well as the increase in value for each penny, then you have come to the right place.

Here, we have a few of the frequently asked questions to help you get a better idea of the value behind the 1972 s penny value.

How Much is a 1972 Penny Worth

One big question regarding collectible error pennies like this is the value behind it. How much is a 1972 d penny worth when compared to the other older pennies? Is it worth some money or not? Most of the time, when you are dealing with old pennies like these, you will only find some of the common grades, the poor, or good grade. The common to good grade was around the same as $0.1 to $0.4.

If you are lucky, however, you might find some finer grade pennies, with the best grade being the MS grade.

These MS grades can be valued from more than $100, to even more than hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Some of the best MS grade pennies could be worth around $20.000, with the highest grade of MS 66 could reach more than $23,000. How much is a 1972 d penny error worth? It also depends on the grade and rarities.

Is there any value in a 1972 penny? Most of the time, it will just be worth around $0.04, however, some rarer, uncirculated grades could be worth even more than hundreds of dollars.

How The Pennies Were Graded

If you want to know the value and grade of the pennies, one way to do it is by going to the local coin grading service. There you can easily know the 1972 penny value, as well as some of the worth of the Old coins.

The coin grading service used the standard US coin grading chart that determines the worth and grade for each old coin based on different factors such as the lusters, shine, conditions, etc.

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They can value each of the coins based on how valuable it is in the eye of collectors, the higher the grade, the more valuable the penny is, and the more you can get money out of it.

For example, some of the 1972 double rim penny with a grade more than MS could be valued more than you know.

How to Know That The Pennies You Have Are Worth Money?

Best way to know how valuable your penny is, that by using the local coin grading service. They can show you how much valuable your penny is, by its grading and category. Not just the local coin grading service, you can also try to contact some of the coin dealers, as they can show you the best, and how they can give you advice regarding the local coin grade, and how valuable your 1972 penny value.

Where to Find Valuable Error Pennies?

Finding error pennies can be quite troublesome, as the chances of finding one are incredibly small, Some of the 1972 s double die penny would be rare, and the chances of finding one are also vanishingly small. If you are lucky, you can find it in many coin dealers, as they can sell you some authentic error pennies, but most of the time, finding an authentic error on pennies is very hard.

That’s it from us, an article regarding the 1972 Lincoln penny value, as well as the 1972 penny worth. The best place to find worthy coins is some coin dealers, and you can also bet your luck on some auctions for old coins. So, best of luck to you for finding the best, and most valuable of the 1972 penny value, make sure to research it first and know where to find the most valuable, authentic one.

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