Quick Guide on 1986 Penny Value: Error List and Worth

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1986 Penny Value – One of the most common coins or valuable coins that you can find is a piece of a cent or pennies. It can be found anywhere, as change for your groceries, coins to fill your pocket or purse, found on the street, or in obscure places like under the rugs or sofa, and very easy to find.

Throughout the years, the United States of America has issued different types of coins and minted sets of coins annually in different states.

Today, we are going to talk specifically about the Lincoln wheat penny that has been in circulation for decades, the 1986 penny value and worth, and revealing that one penny can have worth more money than you could have thought.

So, before throwing out your old collections of Lincoln 90s pennies, you might want to give thought, about its 1986 penny value and worth.

1986 Penny Value

The 1986 Lincoln penny is one of the most common pennies you can find, after all, it is just a cent anyway. You can find 1986 penny anywhere, and even in obscure places like under the rugs, or under the sofa.

Even though the penny seems to be not valuable, and very common, some of the specimens, can have lusters like gems, shining brightly, and has beautiful eye-appealing feature.

1986 Penny, just like any other 1980s penny was the Lincoln head copper penny, designed and minted as the lowest nominal US Dollar, The initial face value of 1986 is $0.01 or one cent. However, what makes it interesting is that the value and worth of the 1980s pennies could increase, depending on the category, rarity, grades, etc.

The 1986 Lincoln dollar penny is one of the most common types of a penny, as it is a fairly common penny, and can easily be found anywhere (it can be found anywhere, as changes from groceries, found in obscure places like under rugs or sofas).

However, even the most common pennies might have hidden intrinsic value and rarities that not many amateur eyes could understand.

Some of the 1986 d penny value depends on the rarity and grade, while others are a common penny that won’t even be worth the hassle since it is only worth one cent.

To better know this, you need to understand the history, penny type, category, and origins o

1986 Lincoln Penny History, and Origins

In the 90s, the United States America government issued a Lincoln memorial penny, a piece of a penny that features the bust of Lincoln on the observable side, and on the reverse side, it is the Lincoln memorial building. The penny was made of Copper with a certain composition of Zinc and Alloy.

To understand more about the 1986 d silver penny value, we need to take a look at the coin specifications and composition of the coin itself.

  • Initial face value: $0.01 or 1 cent
  • Composition: 99.2% Zinc and Alloy, with 0.2% Copper.
  • Coin Weight: 3.11 g or 0.109 ounces
  • Coin Diameter: 19 mm or 0.75 inch
  • Coin Thickness: 0.05 inches or 1.5 mm
  • Shape: round
  • Edge design: Plain

The composition for the Lincoln penny was originally 95% with 5% Zinc, however, in 1982, due to the rising copper price, the value of copper was no way more valuable than one cent, and therefore the cost of creating the 95% copper composition of penny was rising for more than one cent.

Therefore, the US Government has changed the composition of a penny to contain much less copper.

1986 Penny Type, Category, and Grading Value

To assess the 1986 penny value, and judge its grade, category and rarity correctly, we would need to understand the 1986 penny category, type, and how it was graded.

The 1986 penny value is based on the grading, type, category, and also certain 1986 penny error for the pennies. First, we need to understand the category of the 1986 type.

There are three categories, the 1986 Lincoln penny, the 1986 D Lincoln penny, and the S 1986 Proof penny. Each of the 1986 pennies worth money however has a different value.

The 1986 Lincoln Penny was minted in Philadelphia; it was minted with the exact amount of 370.455.200. It was one of the most common categories, and therefore the value isn’t much.

Next, there is also a 1986 D Lincoln Penny minted in Denver. It was minted with a total amount of 330.550.670, a slightly lower amount than the 1986 Lincoln penny.

Now, there was also a 1986 S Proof Penny, minted in San Francisco as a commemorative Lincoln penny, only minted in a limited amount of 33.450.

1986 Error Pennies

One thing that could increase the value of the Penny was the errors on the coin. Errors are slight discoloration, broken, disfigurement, and slight alteration of the coin.

Most of the errors happen because of environmental damage, or exposure damage, causing the surface of the coins to be cracked, double die, blunted, and many more.

Some 1986 penny errors can increase the value due to their rarity and scarcity.

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Here are a few notable errors that might be worth your money.

  • 1986 Penny No Mint Mark – Some of the pence can have no mint mark on the surface of the coins. The no-mint mark penny could be worth it for around $10 to $15, depending on the category, and rarity too.
  • 1986 Double Die Penny – These are the double die pennies that have a double minted die on the surface of the coin. The 1986 d penny double die would appear to have the thicker die, and as a result, a thicker minted mark.
  • Cracked Die 1986 Penny – Some of the error pennies, for example, the 1986 silver penny could have the cracked die penny. It is mostly caused by environmental damage. The crack can increase the rarity, however, some cracks might even not be worth your money.
  • Missing Initial 1986 Penny – The 1986 notable penny error is the missing initial on the minted surface.

For example, the 1986 penny missing I in liberty would have its minted surface missing out one of the marks. It is quite rare for this error and can reach out for around $15 to $20 for each error pennies.

Error pennies are considered very rare, and therefore finding some notable error pennies that can be worth a few dollars can be quite hard. If you are still starting your collections, finding error pennies are quite valuable but very hard to get.

The chances of finding error pennies are incredibly small, and the chances of finding error pennies are always slimmer each day. Error pennies are appreciated mostly because of their rarities, and scarcity.

The error that has been caused by an environmental error like chipping, die to crack penny, and any other errors are not worth so much, compared with the mintage error pennies.

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Frequently Asked Questions of the 1986 Grading, Value, and Error Pennies

To help you better understand the value and worth of the 1986 Lincoln coin, and help you to decide and identify the rare coins, and valuable error pennies, then here are a few frequently asked questions to answer your needs.

How to Know The Grade and Value Of The 1986 Lincoln Penny

To determine the 1986 penny value, you can go to the local coin grader. Coin grading service can determine, and judge the grades for your 1986 penny. The grading is based on the conditions of your coins, rarity, category, and some error pennies too.

The better the grades, the more valuable your coin might be, and hence the better it would be valued in the market.

What is a 1986 Penny Worth?

The value of 1986 is determined based on the grade of each coin. It is based on the conditions of the coins, rarity, the metal composition used in the coin, and oddities or errors that the penny has. The 1986 penny is not as valuable as any other penny, so most of the time, the value is just the same as the initial value, only one cent.

How much is a 1986 penny worth if it is rare or has good grades? The good grade of the 1986 penny could reach around $0.06 and $2, and the fine grade could reach at least $4 to $6.

However, the incredibly rare MS grade, the pristine minted coin could reach around $100 to even $1.000.

How Much is a 1986 D Penny Worth

1986 d penny is the Lincoln penny that was minted in Denver in the year 1986. It is minted in quite a lot of amounts, and therefore very common compared to any other category of the 1986 Lincoln penny. The 1986 D Lincoln penny is worth around $0.06 for the good grade, and for the finer grade, it can be worth around $4 to $6, while the higher-end grade could reach hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

The 1986 penny value isn’t much, especially for the poor grade, or just the normal grade of the 1986 Lincoln dollar. Since this coin isn’t rare, it doesn’t have much value, other than some error penny, antiquities, rarity, and pristine minted grade.

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