1976 Penny Value: D, Error List, S, No Mint Mark, and Rare

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1976 Penny Value – Knowing the history and value of the 1976 penny, maybe most of you don’t know if the 1976 penny value is worth more than the nominal itself. Even the old, dime, turned out to be worth more than a penny.

Of course, an opinion like this will raise some curiosity from the public. So they feel very curious about what the real value of the Lincoln 1976 penny is.

Because there are still many people who are curious and have not been able to find the answer, try to read the following information because it will reveal the discussion of the answers to the questions above so that it can help you understand them.

1976 penny value

What is a Lincoln Memorial Penny

As in our main discussion this time we will focus on discussing the 1976 Lincoln penny. This time we will measure how much this penny is worth. But before doing that, let’s at least discuss the history of the Lincoln coin.

The Lincoln cent was the first to be produced in 1909. It uses the original statue of Abraham Lincoln by designer Victor D as the symbol of money. The obverse on all Lincoln pennies shows a bust of President Abraham Lincoln facing right.

And there are the words that say “IN GOD WE TRUST” at the top center. As well as the mint mark can be found above the date, you can find it on the right of the statue and the word that says “LIBERTY” on the left.

All Lincoln pennies manufactured before 1982 are 5% lead, 95% copper, and zinc alloys. But in 1982, the composition of the penny was changed precisely after the copper price increased to a level that made the cent more valuable than its face value.

Because the new penny composition after 1982 was composed of an inner layer of 97.5% and a copper layer of 2.5%.

Getting to Know The Penny 1976 Lincoln

Before knowing the 1976 d penny value, let’s first discuss the 1976 Lincoln penny. Regarding this coin ( most valuable foreign coins ), the 1976 penny error list memorial was minted in Philadelphia if there is a lack of mint marks.

Even during its printing, in 1976 the memorial Lincoln cents successfully produced as many as 4,674,292,000. The 1976 Lincoln memorial penny turned out to have a deeper and sharper blow than in other years.

Why? This is because this coin mint is stronger and the printing technique is certainly better.

For the specifications of the 1976 Penny Lincoln memorial, The diameter of the 1976 cent is 19.05 mm and the weight is 2.5 grams. You won’t see any lumps along the edge of the coin.

Latest Stockpiles by Investor and Collector

Previously, we have revealed that in 1982 the composition of the penny had changed. This is due to the high price of copper.

But a few moments later it turned out that copper began to experience a price decline again as it was at the beginning. This brought the melted Lincoln penny closer to the face value stamped on the coin itself.

For people who previously made this investment, of course, they prefer to stop hoarding if they see this situation because the anticipated return will be greatly reduced.

Who would have thought that in the space of a few years, copper would drop in price so that it would return to the same levels as copper in the late ‘70s and early 80’s when Lincoln’s money was hoarded?

However, due to the metal’s value, investors and collectors hoarded the 1976 Lincoln which was printed before 1982. This is believed to be due to the high 1976 penny value.

The Value Of The Penny 1976 Lincoln

Even though it is decades old, you can still find the 1976 Lincoln penny. Most of them are in excellent condition and show a genuine mint luster.

So this shows that many people like collectors or investors do save their pennies well. To get to know about its value, you can get the most valuable wheat pennies with the following information.

1976 No Mint Mark Penny Value

1976 penny error list

Note that the base value for all series 1976 cents is approximately 2 cents. We can learn from the 1976 penny error list produced by Philadelphia (which did not bear the mint mark at the time), that the total of about 4.6 M.

So that year’s change is not a rare thing, but lately, backward money is quite difficult to find. What is the reason? Quite a several collectors have begun to realize the inherent worth of this penny.

Although there are still lots of illegal cashing out of you in the United States penny, they still trade it speculatively. Uncirculated Lincoln cents usually have a value of 10 to 20 cents.

The most valuable 1976 penny value without any mint marks still falls on your specimen receiving the MS68RD value from the PCGS. That particular piece could fetch $7,931.25 at auction in 2014.

The Value Of 1976-D Penny

1976 d penny value

Previously you already know the 1976 penny no mint mark value. So now you can know about Penny 1976 d penny. Note that this type of penny is made in the Mint of Denver and has a mint “D” under the date.

What this coin has in common with the unmarked mint from Philadelphia is its very high creation. And of course, this has a higher value than the original nominal.

Given that it has a value of around 2 cents, this money is well worth keeping from circulation.

Even the price could soar for the better 1976-D because it’s worth more. The stipulation is that no wear and tear is found, absolutely not circulated, so that each is worth about 10 to 20 cents.

Moreover, the most worth 1976 D penny ever traded is the MS67RD graded specimen by the PCGS. Realized a total of $998.75 in 2016 sales.

The Value of 1976-S Proof Penny

how much is a 1976 penny worth

It turns out that 1976 pennies have a special kind. 1976-S Proof penny for collectors is made in San Fransisco. As for they only made 4,149,730.

These pennies are part of the 1976 proof set which also contains, 1976 dimes, and 1976 nickels. Meanwhile, the US Mint offers one piece of proof this 1976 is just a year.

Of course, By finding them in the aftermarket through coin dealers, collectors can purchase the coins or through other sources.

Most 1976-proof pennies have a value of around $1 to $2. One best example is the PR69DCAM by PCGS and in a 2002 auction, it scored a record price of $1,208. So we know that the 1976 penny value is worth more than the face itself.

A-List of 1976 Error Pennies Worth Collecting

It turns out that there are countless mistakes and variations of the 1976 penny that are valuable and can be found in your wallet today. Where you only need a sharp eye to find it. Know some of the mistakes and oddities of the 1976 penny.

  • Penny 1976 Doubled Die Error

Most people often call it the 1976 double die penny, when in fact the term penny will not find the term “double die”. But it turns out that there is a doubling of the Dice.

The coin generated from the Dice erroneously shows the doubling of a certain part of the coin’s one-sided design.

When all double dice were rare, the ones that could be seen quite clearly with the naked eye were the ones that would usually be the most popular.

While no large double dice with thousands of dollars are currently known as 1976 cents, some are small and can cost anywhere from $25 to $100.

So it must be mandatory to carry out extra supervision when trying to make sure whether you have double died.

  • Penny 1976 Off-Center

Once upon a time, something came out of the US Mint press in a pretty weird way. And one of the strangest mistakes is the off-center strike.

Just like the name suggests, the off-center error shows the shuttle design being struck in a way that only shows some of the inscription and artistic features.

We know that off-center errors are rather common. And if the error is only 1% to 2% outside the center, of course, it tends not to bring additional premiums.

It’s a different story if 5% to 10% or more outside the center is worth keeping. Because a 1976 penny that was 5% to 10% of the center turned out to fetch $10 or more.

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The most worth kind of off-center coin error is one that shows only half the design but the full date and Mint mark. An off-center 1976 penny can be worth $50 to $100 if it has lost 50% of its design but still shows the entire date.

So it can be seen that currently there is so much information that can be known if you want to know the 1976 penny value. Because if you want to get to know it more deeply then at least you have to know some information to open it first. Even though it only has a small nominal, it does not mean the value of the money is the same as the nominal. That’s why the value of this penny still confuses many people.

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