Guide on Canadian Penny 1867 to 1967 Value

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Canadian Penny 1867 to 1967 Value – Some of the old penny is worth more than you think. Old coins are considered collections, and some of the brightest specimens are even considered precious gems that have lusters and shine the same as other types of precious gems. However, not all of them mas their value, and some of them are just worthless. So, how do we differentiate between the Canadian penny that has its numismatic value?

Now, we are going to give you a complete guide on the Canadian penny 1867 to 1967 value and worth.

Depending on its rarity, category, scarcity, and grading, some of the Canadian pence could reach for a lot of money and has very high value.

Canadian Penny 1867 to 1967 Value

If you want to start hunting and collecting, we recommend you to search for penny around the year 1867 to 1967, why? We will get into that later.

1867 to 1967 Canadian penny is considered some of the best years, and the valuable numismatic value of the Canadian pennies. Canadian penny 1867 to 1967 value is greatly increasing, and always in high demand by many of the higher-end coins collectors.

It is also considered one of the good ways for high-end investment, and some of the low-end can also be considered ultra-low investments to make.

Before starting to hunt, and coin collecting for the Canadian penny, there are a lot of things to consider, and to know more about the Canadian cent.

Here, we are going to give you detailed information and a guide regarding the Canadian penny 1867 to 1967 value for your research, and collections ( read this: Canadian penny 1867 to 1992 value ).

Just like the most valuable wheat pennies article we wrote earlier, these guides will help you in your coin collecting and hunting.

If you like coin hunting, jewel advice, and antique coin collection, then you have come to the right place. Visit our official website to get more information and a guide regarding the Canadian penny from 1867 to 1967.

Guide On How Much The Canadian Penny From 1867 To 1967 Value?

Normally, most of the normal grades, to the good grade of Canadian 1867 to 1967 penny would be worth around $0.04. This is only accounting for the copper penny, not counting the error exclusive penny that could be much worth more than hundreds of dollars.

$0.04 is seen as the minimum Canadian penny 1867 to 1967 value you can get in the local coin grading, and appreciated by collectors. However, this is only based on the lowest grades, so different grades will have different values, depending on the condition, rare conditions, errors, and so on.

This Canadian penny value could fluctuate, and change depending on the grades, market conditions, and supply and demand laws.

For your information, the Canadian pennies from 1867 to 1967 were mostly issued in 1967, and most of these pennies are known as the Canadian centennial. Some of these pennies don’t have much value, since they were minted and circulated in very huge quantities. This is why most of the common penny of Canadian cents would only value from around $0.04 to at least $5.

Of course, there is also another Canadian penny 1867 to 1967 value that is much more worth than you think, especially some of the 1867 to 1967 Canadian penny error value.

These are rare pennies, that are incredibly rare, and only a handful of them are left in circulations. If you want to be a professional coin hunter, then you need to take a look and keep in mind these rare pennies.

1867 to 1967 canadian penny value

However, keep it in mind, that a lot of the 1867 to 1967 Canadian pennies has a commemorative series, meaning that a lot of them were designed, minted, and in circulation to commemorate a lot of events, and occasion, such as Queen Victoria, and Queen Elizabeth coronation.

These commemorative pennies series of the 1867 to 1967 Canadian penny value high, and always in very high demand for a lot of collectors.

Before we are talking about Canadian penny 1867 to 1967 values we need to know about the specifications, as well as the metal composition of the Canadian pennies.

Since Canadian, Royal mintage has minted a lot of different penny series, and different commemorative pennies, they are a lot of specifications, as well as the composition.

The Specifications And Metal Composition Of The 1867 To 1967 Canadian Pennies

Regarding the specifications of 1867 to 1967, its specifications, all features, and metal composition, of them are important to assess the originality, rarity, and grading of each coin.

Therefore, if you are looking to collect and hunt some of the 1867 to 1967 Canadian penny, then you might need to research, and know important details about each of the rare Canadian penny 1867 to 1967.

The weight of the 1967 Canadian penny is exactly 3.24 grams (Some derivations might be considered such as due to clipping and chipping).

The exact diameter of the coin is around 19.05 mm, while the thickness of each penny is 1.65 mm. If the coin is in a minted state, or perfect condition (MS Grade), then it should be exactly this dimension, without any clipping, chipping, or damage.

All of these specifications and features will help you determine whether the Canadian penny you had is authentic or not.

These will also in turn help you to determine the Canadian 1867 to 1967 value while also helping you to know its price. However, it is recommended to pay a visit to an expert such as coin grading, or local coin dealers to know the exact specifications, and grade of your coin.

As for the metal composition of the Canadian 1 cent from 1867 to 1967, Most of the penny was made of Bronze, (It is composed of copper and tin, and sometimes alloy too).

The color of each penny should also confirm that it was made of Bronze, with a brown surface, slightly red distinct color of Bronze.

When it is exposed to oxygen for a long time, the brown color of bronze will turn reddish, in turn creating more luster and beauty.

The metal composition of most of the 11967 Bronze pennies was 98% Bronze, with 1.05% Zinc, and also 0.5% tin. All of these materials made the bronze Canadian penny. Some of the pennies, especially the exclusive penny are made of much more valuable metals such as gold and silver.

However, this exclusive penny is considered very rare ( like the most valuable foreign coins ), and much more valuable than some precious gemstones.

Many people also have the idea to melt some of the 1867 to 1967 Canadian penny including 98% of bronze.

This in turn will get them high-valued precious metals, and since the Bronze value is much more worth it than one cent, therefore melting a bronze penny gets you some of its value, but the catch is, It is illegal to melt an official penny for its metal composition.

As for the current melting price of the Bronze, each Canadian penny is worth around $0.02 for the melting price, meaning that if you have a worthless penny, that has no initial intrinsic value, it is better and worth it to meltdown, for the bronze value.

To get to know a better idea of the Canadian penny 1867 to 1967 value you might want to visit a local coin grading service and your trusted coin graders.

Before starting to invest, or deciding to buy or sell old coins, you would need to research thoroughly the penny’s value, and worth.

For example, you would need to know how to differentiate authentic old coins, from fake pennies circulating a lot.

Knowing how to differentiate between an authentic penny, rare error pennies, and knowing how the worth of each penny is will greatly help you to collect rare coins, and make better judgments for your old coin investment.

Notable Facts And Frequently Asked Questions About The Canadian Penny From 1867 To 1967

Now, investing your money in old antique coins is not always an easy option, especially if you are planning to buy some rare pennies. These rare pennies are especially expensive but much more worth it as an investment.

Old coins’ value is always increasing, since the supply will never be increased, however, the demands will always be there, and hence the price always increases.

This makes an old coin like the Canadian penny 1867 to 1967 value always a good choice for investment, with the value always promising. However, you need to be a smart collector and invest in a proper coin.

To help you better make a decision, here are a few notable facts, and also frequently asked questions regarding the Canadian penny from 1867 to 1967.

How Much Is 1867 To 1967 Canadian Penny Worth?

To determine the value and worth of each 1867 to 1967 penny, there are many deciding factors such as rarity, category, metal composition, condition, lusters or shine, type, and many more.

Most of the time, however, you will only end up finding very common old pennies that can only be worth around CAD$0.04 to a maximum of $10, these common penny is mostly in normal to a good grade.

However, if you are lucky, you can find some rare pennies, like the 1921 Canadian penny, the Shoulder fold penny, etc.

Some of these rare pennies are worth more than you think and even could reach around $100 to even an astonishing $20.000.

How Much Is 1867 To 1967 Canadian Penny Worth

If you want to know how much each Canadian pence is worth, and how it was graded, you can pay a visit to your local coin grader, and coin dealers.

They will explain to you how each coin is graded, the conditions and grading that differentiate between each penny, and how the worth of your penny is calculated.

What Makes 1867 To 1967 Canadian Penny Rare?

A lot of Canadian penny rarity comes from an accidental error from mintage, redesigning, and scarcity of production.

For example, when a coin is minted in a very limited amount of coins, and therefore only a very little amount of the coins end up in circulation, this makes the coin very rare and has its intrinsic value. Some of the coins also have a luster and shine just like gemstones, making them shine beautifully.

For example, the 1921 50-cent piece of the Canadian dollar is a very rare type of coin, because, in 1921, the Canadian government has changing the minted coin design, changing the initial design for the 50-cents, to the newer design.

The original design remains in circulation but becomes very rare. This makes them incredibly rare and has their intrinsic value.

Most of the error pennies are made mostly because of the accident and redesign. The older original design makes them very rare in circulation, and only a handful of the rare error pennies are left in circulation.

Is There Any Mint Mark With Canadian Penny 1867 To 1967 Value?

The mint mark is an official stamp on every coin and cent, as a sign of authentication of the mintage. It is produced as the mark for every currency, and a mint mark is also a sign or mark of the authenticity of each coin.

It is issued by the government, hence most of the official currency will have its mint mark, however, this wasn’t the case for the Canadian penny from 1867 to 1967.

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When you are looking at 1867 to 1967 Canadian penny, you won’t find any of the mint marks in them. There was no engraving or mint mark on the 1867 to 1967 pennies because most of them were only minted in one minted coin.

So in conclusion, most of the 1867 to 1967 Canadian penny was common pennies, so the value of most of the pennies isn’t worth so much. However, depending on its grade, and rarity, the most common penny, would be around $0.04 to $5, while the good grade could reach around $45.

However, in a special case, the Canadian penny 1867 to 1967 value could reach more than hundreds and thousands of dollars, especially with the rare grade, and on the perfectly minted stage or (MS grade). These would certainly be one of the best and most expensive pennies in Canadian history.


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