2010 Penny Value: Understanding the Most Valuable Coins

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2010 Penny Value – Collecting modern coins has been a trend among people. The coins, with their unique designs and characters, will be a good thing to consider collecting. When it comes to you to know the 2010 penny value, you need to know about it first.

Pennies can be unique to collect, as not everyone will choose this as a hobby. However, collecting pennies is fun and will be a good thing to try. So, if you have any questions about how much is a 2010 penny worth, you can find more answers here.

2010 Penny Value with no mint mark

We’ll discover the penny’s value and what makes it has different prices. Of course, it gives you an overview of how you choose them ( foreign coins worth money ).

So, are you ready to get to know more about it?

2010 Penny Value Overview

This penny is also known as the Lincoln penny or Lincoln cents. The penny is a mark of the new Lincoln cents era. It has been made in 1909 and it got a new era with the emergence of 2010 pennies.

Who designed this penny? The original design was made by Victor David Brenner. If you see the coin, you’ll find ‘VDB’ as his initial. At the coin, you’ll find it below Abraham Lincoln’s shoulder.

The original design from 1909 to 1958 has wheat stalks around ‘ONE CENT’ and ‘UNITED STATES OF AMERICA’. It makes the design easily recognized. 2010 penny value can also be determined with it.

Later in 1959, as the Lincoln Memorial motif appears, it gets a new design. The design is made by Frank Gasparro. His design continues to be on the back of the pennies until 2008. A year later, US Mint celebrates 200th Lincoln’s birth anniversary.

US Mint released four special, unique designs which depict Lincoln’s life. A year later in 2010, Union Shield pennies are launched to commemorate the union, which was preserved by President Lincoln.

The Value of Many 2010 Lincoln Pennies

As we’ve discussed before, the 2010 penny value can be quite valuable due to its unique history. 2010 one-penny coin value is often questioned by collectors. You can see some versions of the 2010 pennies, which we’ll review here.

2010 Penny with No Mint Mark

The pennies with no mint mark can be easily found. The coins are struck at Philadelphia Mint. There, an estimated amount of 1,963,630,000 coins were produced. Why it doesn’t have the mint mark?

The reason is quite simple; Philadelphia Mint didn’t put a P mark. It makes the no mint mark that 2010 pennies are not that rare. However, they’re still valuable.

The varieties with no error value of 1 cent each. The uncirculated ones of 2010 no mint mark penny value are worth 10 to 30 cents. The highest is $1,007 for a penny.

2010 D Penny Value

The 2010 D pennies, just like their name, has a D mint mark. It means, it is produced in Denver Mint. It produced 2,407,200,000 pennies there in 2010.

2010 D Penny Value

Indeed, it is a much bigger number than the ones in Philadelphia. It’s not a rare penny version, but it can be quite valuable. It cost 1 cent to 30 cents. However, the highest price is $4,994. 2010 d penny error value also affects the price.

2010 Penny with Satin Finish

There are some uncirculated coins available, sold by US Mint. The coins have different designs and characteristics. The coins are pretty, as it has a satin finish that makes them elegant. There are 583,897 coins available.

The satin finish coins are worth $1 to $3 and the highest price for satin finish coins in the 2018 auction.

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2010 US Penny Value for D Mint Mark

It is the one produced in Denver Mint. The special part of this coin is how it has a special matte finish, making it unique. Only 583,897 coins were produced in 2010.

This coin is worth between $1-$3. However, it has the highest price at $995,95 in an auction held in 2018.

2010 S Penny 

This penny is a good one, with a unique mirror-like surface. It also has frosted lettering. However, it is made for collectors. The coins are produced at 1,689,216 coins in 2010. It makes the penny as a common coin in the US.

2010 S Penny Value

Although it’s not a rare coin, it has a quite valuable price, ranging from $2 to %5 per coin. 2010 one penny coin value for this series is $507 for its highest price.

Collecting pennies can be one of the most challenging yet fun hobbies to do. It can be fun, cause hunting for rare coins will need your persistence. Besides, you’ll also need to learn about the 2010 penny value and grading. For example, you’ll need to know the difference between the 2010 shield penny value and the 2010 1 penny value.

Understanding the Grading of 2010 US Lincoln Shield Penny Value

If you hear about errors, you’ll see how they will negatively affect the price. However, it can be different when you get to collect the pennies. 2010 error penny value will be quite high, depending on what 2010 penny error value it has. So, what are these valuable errors you can find?

Off-Center Error

Just like any other human-made stuff, the pennies can also get some errors. It can get off-center when it’s produced. The percentage can be 75% off-center, making it unique and will not be found elsewhere.

It is worth ranging from $5 – $15, making it quite valuable for its condition.

Double Die Error

It might be one of the rarest things to happen in Lincoln’s coin. However, there are some errors like double letters and other parts of the coins. This rare coin is worth around $20 to $50, making it quite valuable among all penny editions.

Some people ask about did they make pennies in 2010. Of course, US Mint produced some versions of pennies. 2010 penny value is also different from one version to another. Of course, some of the errors make it even higher in price. So, do you consider having it?


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