Measuring and Knowing Your 2014 Penny Value

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2014 Penny Value – You should know that there is some 2014 penny value that cost a lot more than their face value. At this point, the 2014 one-penny value that you have can probably make a lot of money. How do you know which 2014 cents you have can make money? You can see if you have the 2014 error money at a pretty high price.

Interesting Facts about 2014 Pennies

The 2014 Penny Lincoln is a very easy coin to find because it is made in very large quantities and is also widely circulated. There were more than 8.1 billion 2014 Lincoln cents printed.

What are 2014 pennies made of? The composition of copper and zinc has been widely used for making 2014 cents since 1982. This means that cents made before 1982 were not entirely made of bronze or copper.

Portrait of President Abraham Lincoln on the front of a Lincoln penny, released in 1909 and created by Victor David Brenner. Below the image of Lincoln’s statue, you can see his initials are “VDB“.

On the back of the Union Shield design or tail side, it was first published in 2010. This coin was designed to represent Lincoln’s respect for keeping the peace during the Civil War by Lyndall Bass.

2014 No Mint Mark Penny Value

The 2014 penny value with no mint mark was minted in Philadelphia which is approximately 3,990,800,000 coins.

2014 Penny Value

It is very common and easy to find in circulation.

Information about the value:

  • 2014 penny values are only worth the nominal stated because it contains very little copper and other precious metals.
  • If you can find a 2014 penny that looks brand new from the bank, then the 2014 penny value can be very high. In out-of-circulation and in good general condition, will get a price quote of up to 10 to 30 cents. It is a pretty good value.
  • The value will be higher if the 2014 penny is in a condition that is no longer in circulation. You can get money up to hundreds to thousands of dollars because of it.

According to reports, the record high price for a 2014 no mint mark penny that was rated MS69RD according to Numismatic Guaranty Company could sell for as high as $1,995 at the 2018 event. That is the 2014 P penny value Philadelphia mint

2014-D Penny Value

Many people wondering “is there a 2014 D penny?” The 2014 Lincoln cent with the mint mark “D” is a coin that has a value over the stated face value if it is not in circulation.

2014 D Penny Value

Penny 2014-D is made in the Denver Mint, which usually has a mint “D” mark on the coin. So having a mint “D” on the coin is normal and comes from the Denver Mint.

The Denver Mint made a total of 4,155.6 million cents in 2014 and makes 2014-D cents very easy to find.

How can you tell that a 2014 d penny value can have a high price, here is how to rate it:

  • If used and found still in circulation, 1 cent 2014-D has the same value as face value.
  • Uncirculated 2014-D Lincoln notes are priced higher from 10 to 30 cents.
  • The most-priced 2014-D Penny with MS69RD according to the Professional Coin Grading Service was able to sell for up to $2,200 at the 2018 event.

2014-S Penny Value

Are you having a hard time buying 2014 cents with a mint “S” on it?

That’s because the 2014-S cents were not made for circulation purposes. The number made reached 1,190,369 and was made in the San Francisco Mint aimed at coin collectors. Penny 2014-S is packaged in proof sets and directly sold to the public.

2014 S Penny Value

Penny 2014-S has a different appearance from the regular 2014 or 2014-D penny, this is because of the different way of making it ( foreign coins worth money ).

Modern proof coins are made using polished blanks and are struck twice using specially prepared molds mounted on presses that have a high tonnage and ensure every detail appears clearly on the coin.

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Here’s how much the value of 2014 American penny is worth:

  • A 2014-S proof penny is usually worth $3 to $5 under normal conditions.
  • The highest-priced 2014-S penny priced at PR70DCAM according to the Professional Coin Grading Service fetched $132.50 at auction in 2014.

2014 Penny Mint Error List

Mint errors can also have a high 2014 penny value. There are many types of 2014 penny error list in the most popular 2014 cents, as well as their values:

2014 Penny Error

2014 Multiple Die Penny Mistakes

What is the error on a 2014 penny? This 2014 penny error is rare and very valuable. Can give you a lot of money but is very hard to find.

In general, multiple dice can be seen on the 2014 penny in this section: Lincoln’s tie, Lincoln’s eye, or the inscription on the front or back.

Here’s the range of values:

  • In general, a doubling of dead money in 2014 will have a value of $25 to $50 or more, maybe it will be the same as the value of the 2014 penny Shield Reverse.

2014 Penny Off-Center Error 

For a coin to be said to have an off-center error it must have at least some design missing, and this error ranges from 1% to 99% of the center.

Here’s the range of values:

  • In general, 2014 penny error value off-center coins will be discounted up to 5% to 10%, and have a value of around $10.
  • Type of error cents outside the center 2014 penny value with the highest price is about 40% to 60% of the center and also the complete date. This coin error has a value of $100 or more.

2014 Penny BIE 

While doubly dies and faults and off-center varieties can be found on nearly all coins, one of the uniqueness of the Lincoln coin, and the most seeking info about the 2014 Lincoln penny value is the BIE variety.

This is a Lincoln penny with a small vertical crack that takes the shape of the letter “I” and appears between the letters “B” and the “E” of the word “LIBERTY” on the front.

A BIE 2014 penny coin value is $7 to $15, depending on the condition and size, the shape of the die crack “I” on the coin. That is the explanation about the type, errors, and all of the 2014 penny value.


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