Worth and The Types Of 2019 Penny Value

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2019 Penny Value – Over the centuries the penny has gone through many changes. That also affects the 2019 penny value. There is a portrait of Abraham Lincoln made by Brenner and seen on the obverse of the coin which is still preserved, namely on the side of the head. You can find the initials of the sculptor’s name, “VDB,” under the image of Lincoln’s statue that is in the small inscription.

What are 2019 pennies made of? Many people believe that the material for making coins uses pure copper, but that is not entirely true.

2019 Penny Value

Since 1860 and many years later, many materials with a bronze composition with a copper base were used, but when the US Mint used a zinc and copper composition in 1982, things were no longer the same. The part of the coin is zinc and is plated with thin copper.

The Mints of 2019 Penny

All 2019 Lincoln pennies are made in Denver, Philadelphia with many people interested in the 2019 p penny value, then West Point, and San Francisco Mints with the mint mark shape S, D, and W indicating they were made in the San Francisco, Denver, and West Point Mint.

How much is a 2019 shield penny worth? There are a lot of people looking to blame the 2019 penny value for its price, which are:

Penny Value 2019 without Mint Marks

A 2019 no mint mark penny value that doesn’t have a mint mark at the bottom of a date made in Philadelphia could have made 3,542.8 million cents worth in that year. That value can increase to 3 billion when there is a “B” sign.

It might be surprising to question the feasibility of a commonly found coin like the 2019 penny without the mint mark. Most of the 2019 penny value no mint mark that is commonly found in circulation are only worth a penny.

If you find 2019 no mint penny value that is not in circulation, then you should pay attention to them, preferably never used to spend. You might find a penny like that in a pile of coins from the bank.

The coin can be found in circulation if it is used to pay cash to buy something or pay a merchant who has a new release from 2019. The value of the 2019 penny in the uncirculated state is 10 to 30 cents.

The high-priced 2019 penny value without the mint mark has an MS69RD rating according to the Numismatic Guaranty Company and is already on sale in 2021 for a whopping $2,575 and it’s pretty awesome.

Penny Value 2019-D

The 2019 penny value which has the mint mark “D” and is made in the Denver Mint, otherwise known as the 2019-D penny has 3,497,600,000. The number of manufacturers was lower than that made at the Philadelphia Mint that year.

2019 D Penny Value

The 2019-D penny is still easy to find as the number of manufacturers is nearly 3.5 billion and the 2019-D penny error will have a different value, it is also for the 2019 Shield penny.

2019-D with a nominal value of one cent will also get a price of one cent if it is in a used condition or a circulating condition.

2019 D penny value could approach the figure of 10 to 30 cents if it is not in circulation. The most valuable 2019-D penny can get bids for up to $1,399.99 in the 2019 auction event.

2019-S Penny Values 

The purpose of the 2019-S proof Penny Lincoln was not made to be circulated, so you could say this is not a coin that you can find easily and is considered rare. Using a 2019-S proof penny to spend is a disservice and a shame, as the penny is mostly worth $3 to $5.

2019 S Penny Value

The 2019 penny value in this case the highest priced 2019-S Penny ever sold at the PR70DCAM value, assessed by the Professional Coin Grading Service, sold for $95 at the 2019 sale event.

Value of Penny 2019-W

Formed in a special set, the 2019 W Lincoln penny value is only sold to collectors and is not intended for distribution.

When this kind of coin was created, collectors already knew that this 2019-W coin was very rare and that the price was much higher than other 2019 cents in general.

Penny 2019-W

The 2019-W penny mostly sells for anywhere from $5 to $10 if it’s in an uncirculated condition.

The highest 2019 W penny value has an MS70RD value according to the Numismatic Guaranty Company received a $3,605.55 price offer at the 2019 sales event.

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2019-W Proof Penny Value

The 2019-W proof penny is made especially for people who like coin collections and it is available in special sets.

It will be very difficult and impossible for you to find any 2019-W notes still in circulation. The 2019-W tokens produced are extremely rare. A very rare 2019-W-proof penny is approximately worth 5 dollars to 10 dollars.

The highest-priced 2019-W proof penny with a PR70DCAM rating according to the Professional Coin Grading Service, earned a bid of $467 at the 2019 event.

Reverse Proof of Penny Value 2019-W

Another type of 2019 type of W penny is the kind of reverse proof. This is a proof coin that differs from the usual as part of the coin is reflective and not opaque.

On the inverted proof coin, on the design, the shape of the letters and also the other raised parts have a mirror-like shape, then the flat surface is opaque.

A small number of 2019-W proof-of-back coins were made, and most were from $5 to $10. The 2019 W reverse proof penny value with the highest-priced and PR69DCAM value according to the Professional Coin Grading Service has a price tag of up to $400 at an auction held in 2021, especially the 2019-w penny uncirculated value.

Rare 2019 Penny Mistakes To Watch For

There are quite a few 2019 penny values that have a high price, not a perfect coin, but an imperfect coin, it also happens for the 2019 d penny error value:

You can see some of the 2019 penny errors values below:

  • 2019 double die penny value at $20 to $50 and up
  • Off-center penny 2019 is priced from $10 to $25 and up
  • Penny BIE 2019 for $5 to $15

That’s it for the explanation of 2019 Penny with all of the worth and also the types.


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