1946 Wheat Penny Value: Error and No Mint Mark

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1946 Penny Value – Although pennies are considered the lowest denomination in US coins in circulation to date, you can’t deny that they are also one of the most popular coins which became the target hunt for many collectors. 1946 Wheat penny value is one of the current topics that has attracted the attention of many people. Penny Lincoln 1946 is an example of a coin that became the target of many coin collectors out there.

Although this coin is classified as old and in fact very old, it is known if it turns out that this money is more valuable than its nominal value. However, we know that other old pennies are also of great value.

1946 wheat penny value

So that people’s biggest curiosity today is how much is the value of a 1946 wheat penny? Is this coin worth keeping? That’s why on this occasion we will reveal how valuable the penny is and some other interesting information that is interconnected.

How Much is a 1946 Wheat Penny Worth in 2022

If you want to reveal the current value of the coin, then at least know about the 1946 Lincoln wheat penny error value first. Where do we know that almost all Lincoln pennies have similarities?

We know that the face of the coin is of course became the main attraction. This coin is dominated by Abraham Lincoln, the former President of the US. Then on the left side of the front bust of the Lincoln image, there is the inscription “Liberty“.

As for the right side of the Lincoln image, there is also an inscription indicating the year of printing in 1946. What is certain is that the words “IN GOD WE TRUST” are emblazoned at the top of the Lincoln image written in a curved manner.

On the back of the coin, two inscriptions are occupying most of the center. One of the inscriptions reads “United States of America” while the other reads “One Cent“.

For on the left and right, it turns out that there are features of two white bars. The existence of wheat stalks is what makes this coin often called the 1946 “Wheat Penny” error. While above it there is a curved inscription that reads “E Pluribus Unum“.

What is the 1946 Wheat Penny Value?

Based on the name alone, we certainly know that this coin must have been used in 1946. So it is very clear that this person is now obsolete. That’s why the money is suitable for collection and its value is more valuable than its nominal value.

Still, It is a relatively common coin that has already been made in the millions. So if you currently find 1946 pennies, most likely the money will wear out. That’s why it would be worth less than a 1946 penny uncirculated.

Below is a list of the 1946 cent values. And you can also pay attention to the creation value so that it can tell you exactly how much money was made.

  • 1946 cents (no mint mark, and made in Philadelphia). 991,655,000 have been printed and have a value of 2 to 5+ cents
  • 1946-D penny (manufactured in Denver). 315,690,000 have been printed and are worth between 3 to 5+ cents
  • 1946-S cents ( struck in San Francisco ). 198,100,000 have been printed and the price ranges from 5 to 10+ cents.
  • 1946-S S Over D Mint mark Variety. Don’t know about the build But it’s worth around $10+.

*Please note: The coin values above are for specimens that will bring to Hauzan an average circulation and of course free of damage. Such damage includes such as holes, bends, or the presence of signs of cleaning. so that the value will be higher than that specified above if the money is not circulated.

How to Identify The Value of a 1946 Penny

Based on the information above, we can find out if each 1946 wheat penny no mint mark value is different based on its characteristics. That’s why on this occasion we will discuss how to identify the coin based on its value.

1946 Lincoln Penny

This type of penny is a coin made in Philadelphia. Even this penny is quite impressive because it occupies the 5th highest position of the most valuable wheat pennies series.

How to identify it is very easy, you only need to look at the inscription of the ladder of manufacture.

On the face of this point, you will see the year of manufacture to the right of the Abraham Lincoln statue. If there is no writing under the 1946 writing, it can be concluded that the type is a 1946 wheat penny no mint mark.

Looking for this money collection, you just need to carefully examine the bow tie from Lincoln. The causes that collectors prefer today are Mint state values and examples like the ones that are obsolete.

1946 D Wheat Penny Value

Previously you already knew about the types of penny value variations in Philadelphia. Then next you can try to identify variation D money. Because by identifying it, you can find out the 1946 d wheat penny value.

1946 D Wheat Penny Value

How identify it is quite easy because you can pay attention to the year of manufacture of the coin. If under the 1946 writing is the letter “D“, then you can classify it as a Denver production.

So the 1946 wheat penny error value can be measured if you can know about the value category of the penny.

Despite producing and being the 10th-highest penny in the series, still many collectors are looking for it. It is recommended to collect coins that are slightly used or in Mint State condition.

1946 S Lincoln Penny Value

The 1946 wheat penny variety is a coin variation of the San Francisco mint. It has even developed a collector following. Where is abundant on the scale of rarity Which is certainly in the good grade.

1946 S Wheat Penny Value

For collectors who support value, they like this for its lower creation value. Moreover, interesting coins are in very smooth or better condition. A well-defined coin to look for to add to a collection is one that circulates with separate lines on the wheat bar.

How to identify this variation of money? Of course, it is also quite simple how to identify other variations in the value of money. The first thing to note is the year of manufacture on the coin.

Because you can see at the bottom the words “1946” to the right of the image of Abraham Lincoln. If you can find the letter “S” at the bottom of the writing for the year, it can be classified as a 1946-S Lincoln Penny.

If you have confirmed it then you can find out about the 1946 s wheat penny value.

How to Grade the 1946 Lincoln Penny

If you want to know the 1946 wheat penny value, then you must have a lot of information capital. One of them is information on how to value the 1946 Lincoln penny.

1946 wheat penny no mint mark

That is why below we will provide you with information on the different coin values and what they meant for the 1946 Lincoln.

  • Type: Wheat Penny
  • Year: 1946
  • Mint Mark: No mint mark
  • Face Value: 0.01 USD
  • Total Produced: 991,655,000 [?]
  • Silver Content: 0%
  • Numismatic Value: 15 cents to $4.00

Value: As a rough estimate of this coins value you can assume this coin in average condition will be valued at somewhere around 15 cents, while one in certified mint state (MS+) condition could bring as much as $4 at auction.

Uncirculated: This coin is often known as a coin that never spends time changing hands. So that right after the coin is minted, it is immediately stored in the storage area to avoid various damages. So it can be said if you are in any aspect.

Extremely Fine: It is said to be a coin that falls into a very good class because this coin has a high probability of never being circulated. However, it can still be damaged to some degree.

Usually, there are only minor flaws such as Scratches. That’s why it’s only natural that there are minuscule flaws in this coin. Even so, it’s still in great demand.

Fine: the fine category is the value given to long-circulating Lincoln pennies. While it’s true that these coins are still in very decent shape, still you can find some very obvious signs of flaws from the time they were in circulation.

Although there are shortcomings such as scratches or chipping that can be seen clearly on this coin, it is still not enough to compromise one of the features that have been raised.

Good: Coins that are categorized into this category are coins that have been widely circulated and have been damaged quite heavily.

For example, it can be seen from the deep scratches that it is complete from the various features raised.

Although the worth of this coin may be lower than a coin in much better condition, it is still a good addition to your collectible.

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That’s about how much is a 1946 wheat penny worth and some interesting information on it. So now we can know that even though it only has a nominal value of one penny, the value is more than the nominal value.

And please note that the 1946 wheat penny has become one of the targets of collectors because this money is often referred to as one of the historic coins.

Because there are so many events when the coin is made. Although this is the period from the end of World War II, there is still a heated cold war. That’s why as a collector, you are obliged to know how much is a 1946 wheat penny worth with no mint mark. Because this will determine the quality of your collection.


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