1920 Penny Value is Worth

1920 penny value

1920 Penny Value - The popularity of the coin seems to be still the prima donna of collectors. Not a few people collect hundreds or even thousands of cents.

Knowing information about a coin's value will help in deciding to buy a coin. In addition, information related to coins is also useful if you want to sell your collection.

One of the most popular coins among collectors is the 1920 Penny. As we know that the Penny Lincoln is one of the iconic currencies of the United States.

The 1920 penny value is the most desired coin by collectors. You will fall in love, at first sight, think this coin is a modern coin.

Make no mistake! If you look closely, there is a very subtle age difference between these coins. This is why the 1920 wheat penny has such a high value among collectors around the world.

1920 penny value

About 1920 Lincoln Wheat Penny

Many people think that this coin is a modern coin. But if you look closely, these coins are much different due to age.

The face of this coin is very similar to today's modern coins. In the middle is dominated by the profile of Abraham Lincoln. On the left of his profile, you will see the words "LIBERTY".

On the right, you will see the number "1920" in which year this coin was minted. At the top, you will see the words "In God We Trust".

Behind it you will see the nominal "one penny" and there is the sentence "United States", At the top, you will see the Latin sentence "E Pluribus Unum".

What makes this coin called the Wheat Penny is because two stalks of wheat are on the outer edge of the left and right.

How to See 1920 Penny Coin Value

For coin collectors, having a 1920 cent coin is not enough. They should get coins that have good condition.

To value a coin in good condition, we must determine a valuation. This assessment should involve an expert who will examine the coin carefully and thoroughly.

This expert will explain the condition of the coin he is researching. The following criteria can be assessed by experts:

The Conditions 
The condition of the cent includes whether the coin is in circulation, or uncirculated. Along with the evidence that exists.

The second scoring criterion is to see where these coins are minted. This writing is in the mint mark on one side of this coin

The assessment also looks at whether there are variations or errors in this coin.

When valuing a coin, experts will rate the coin based on the above criteria. Later they will provide the results of their observations and the value that can be sold.

The following is a description of the value of a coin that has been researched by experts:

This condition is a coin that never changes hands. The point is that the coins were never in circulation and are perfectly preserved.

This uncirculated coin has almost the same appearance when it was first minted although the color will fade with age. In other words, this coin is in perfect condition.

Very good
Very good value coins mean coins that take very little time to circulate. This coin is in almost minimal damage.

Not even signs of damage were seen. If on a more detailed examination, you may see scratches. But with the naked eye, we can see the condition of this coin is perfect.

The value for this 1920 cent is a coin that may have been in circulation for a long period but the coin is still kept in a good manner.

This way the coin will remain in good condition even if there are many scratches. But the text and pictures still look very clear

This is the value assigned to this coin if it has been in circulation for a long time and shows many signs of circulation.

A good value 1920 penny is a coin that has changed hands a lot and is not properly guarded. So some letters or details will be lost.

1920 penny value

Determining the Value of 1920 Penny

After we see the criteria for valuing this coin and how the results are given by experts, then next we have to find out how much the penny value is currently circulating.

To determine how much Lincoln cents we have, you must apply the following steps:

Step 1
Step 1 is to determine the 1920 penny value with the variety of manufacture date and mint mark. Here you must identify the date listed on the coin and the mint mark written.

You can see the year of manufacture and where the coin was minted. The rarer the minted coin, the more expensive it is.

You can look at the letter "D" or "S" to identify where this coin was minted.

Step 2
In step 2 you have to determine the grading conditions. Here you must see whether the condition of the coin is included in the assessment criteria described above or not.

You can see it with the naked eye or in detail. Find and describe how the condition of the coins you have.

Write down any strokes or letters that are almost missing. This description will determine how much this penny is worth.

The value of this cent will be related to the criteria for the assessment results from the experts described above. 

Here your coins will get a rating ranging from uncirculated to obsolete condition.

Later this condition will affect the amount of value given to the cents you have.

Step 3
This is the last step. Here you should see if there are any special elements. The element in question is whether there is a mistake that became the point of this coin's popularity.

If this coin has a special quality, then its value can increase or decrease depending on the condition of the coin at that time.

That's the step you have to do to determine how many coins value you have. Then what is the value of a 1920 wheat penny? Here is some penny value information that you should know:

1920 Philadelphia Mint (No Mint Mark)
1920 penny value no mint mark from 15 cents to $1 in worn condition coins. If the coin is not circulated then its value is $20 to $40 in brown.

In contrast to pieces of red mint coins will be valued at $ 100 to approximately $ 10,000 depending on the condition.

1920- D (Denver)
Coins made in the Denver Mint are worth 20 cents to $2 in an outdated condition. As for the varieties that are not circulated with a brown color will be valued at $ 70 to $ 250.

1920-S (San Francisco) 
These coins made in San Francisco are worth $1.50 to $7 in good coin condition. Regular mint-cut coins will be valued at $125 to over $500.

That's the 1920 wheat penny value chart that has been used as a benchmark for pricing Lincoln coins.

The rarer and never circulated, the higher the price. They will be very valuable coins.

1920 penny value

Is 1920 Penny Value Worth It?

Of course YES! 1920 penny is money in circulation but is still in rare condition. What this means is that these coins are rare enough to find and have a very high value.

This 1920 wheat note has the rarest condition of showing a true red color. The redder the coins you have, the higher the price.

It is very difficult to find penny conditions like this because they are mostly used as a means of payment.

But the surprising fact was that in 2013 a penny 1920-S was sold as the MS-65 Red for $44,063. 

Error On 1920 Penny Value 

The thing that makes these coins so expensive and rare is the errors in the minting of the coins. Maybe this is very rare and there are only a few.

Because there were only 400 million pieces of 1920 penny coins in circulation at that time. This amount is certainly very little compared to other penny varieties.

This is the reason the 1920 Lincoln penny is so rare. Besides the fact that the rarest coins are Penny 1920-D and 1920-S.

Here are the most sought-after errors on the wheat penny:
  • 1920 wheat penny value with errors “BIE” will be priced from $7 to $25
  • 1920 cents with missing design elements or letters will be priced at $1
  • 1920 cent die chips will cost $5 to over $100
  • The most expensive is a 1920 cent die stamp will cost over $500. 
The rarer the error on this 1920 cent value, the higher. This 1920 cent is a rare coin most sought after by collectors.

The more red the coin, the higher the price. Because these coins were minted in very small quantities, these coins became rare.

If you are interested in coin collection, then study the 1920 penny value for more detailed information. The better the condition of your coins, the more expensive the price is given.

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