How Much is a 1937 No Mint Penny Worth

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1937 Penny Value – 1937 pennies are very old pennies that were Minted in three different mintages. 1937 Wheat penny is part of the coin series from 1909 to 1958. The coins are issued in different years and are not worth much in their face value. 1937 wheat penny can be easily found, but several YouTube channels spread fake rumors about the High value of these coins. 1937 Wheat Penny Error value can be high, but only if the error is worth it.

Many Lincoln pennies are in circulation, and rumors also spread about their high worth. Therefore, questions like How much is a 1937 wheat penny worth? Searches like these are common on Google, and people earn from them.

how much is a 1937 wheat penny worth

Not all pennies are worth a fortune. Some specific pennies have value in the eyes of collectors. We will tell you guys all about them in our article. So, read till the end.

1937 Wheat Penny Value: Shape & Size

1937 penny can be recognized by the date mentioned on it. Mainly coins worldwide have dates on them that make it easy to recognize them.

Each coin has distinct images and graphics that can make them distinct from other coins. 1937 Wheat penny has some beautiful iconic imagery on it.

On the form, you can observe the iconic portrait of Abraham Lincoln. The date of mintage can be located to the right side of the portrait, and on the Left, you have Liberty written on it. Below the date, you have a mint mark that is smaller in size.

You can find “In God We Trust” written on the coin on the top. This is the front side of the penny, and on the back of the penny, you can observe “One Cent” written in the middle. “United States of America” is written below “One Cent .” Two wheat ears are found surrounding the words.

On the top, you have “E Pluribus Unum” written. “E Pluribus Unum” is a Latin phrase that means “Out of Many, One.”

1937 wheat penny no mint mark value

1937 wheat coin weight 3.11 grams. The coin is 1.4 mm wide and 19mm in diameter. The edges of the coins are smooth and don’t have any pattern on them.

The coins are made of steel and coated in zinc. 1937 coins are called wheat coins because of the wheat ears present on the back of the coins.

The wheat coins were minted from 1909 to 1958. 3 mint marks can be found on the 1937 penny. Penny with no mint mark is considered the most valuable. Let’s learn, how much is a 1937 no min penny worth?

How Much is a 1937 Wheat Penny Worth: Value of 1937 Penny

Most 1937 coins are not worth much. They have a face value equal to one penny, and some collectors might pay you 0.2 dollars.

The coin value increases with the condition of coins. Coins are categorized into several categories based on their condition.

A coin’s value is also considered by its mint mark. The mint mark is located under the date of the coin. A 1937 wheat penny no mint mark value is not as high as some consider it to be. Let’s learn about the values of coins.

Value-based on Mint

The coin’s value is based on its min. Mint means the place coins were made. From 1909 to 1958, there were three places in the United States where coins were made.

Coins are made out of steel and then later coated with zinc. These coins are more valuable than their actual value.

Some people often find melting pennies for their metal, which is a crime. Below we will discuss the mint marks and their value.

1937 Wheat Penny Value No Mint Mark

Coins minted in Philadelphia have no mint mark. 1937 Philadelphia coins are widespread and can be easily found.

A 1937 penny with no mint mark isn’t worth much. 309,170,000 pennies were minted in 1937. They are worth from 5 cents to 10 cents due to the material value

Their face value is equal to only 1 cent 1937 wheat pence with no mint mark value increases with the condition.

Suppose the coin has no sign of wear and tear and is in perfect shape, without a single scratch. Such coins can be worth something. PCGS MS-68 graded coin was sold for $7,200 in 2019.

1937 D Wheat Penny Value ( Mark )

A penny with a D mark is also not worth much unless it is perfect. 50,430,000 coins were minted with the D mark in 1937. D mark pennies were minted in Denver mint. It is a very famous and significant mint. One can easily find coins from Denver min; therefore, they aren’t much.

How much is a 1937 d penny worth

How much is a 1937 d penny worth can be determined by its quality? A person in an auction sold a 1937 penny with a D mark for $17,250 in 2006. The coin was graded MS-68 Red by PCGS.

1937 S Wheat Penny Value ( Mark )

S Mark on 1937 pennies means minted in San Francisco mint. San Francisco min made 34,500,000 coins in 1937, but they are rare now. A 1937 penny is worth around 10 to 20 cents. Pennies with high quality are even much more expensive.

A coin’s price is based on the condition coin is in. A penny in perfect condition can be worth a lot. Inaction from 2014, a 1937 wheat penny was sold for more than two thousand dollars.

S Mark on 1937 pennies

How much is a 1937 wheat penny worth with an S mint mark based on its condition? The coin was sold for two thousand because it was graded MS-67 Red by PCGS.

Value-Based on Condition

A coin’s condition can be the main reason for the high value of a coin. 1937 wheat penny value increases if it is in better condition.

1937 wheat penny error value is also high if the error and conditions are worth the money. So, the following are the conditions of pennies and their value.

Good Condition

Good condition coins are heavily worn. Their value is relatively low. Standard circulation coins with all visible and bold features can be categorized as good or very good condition coins.

They are valuable if they are rare. A 1937 penny in good or very good condition isn’t worth much. A 1937 s wheat penny error in good condition can sell for a reasonable price.

Fine Condition

Fine or very fine coins are coins that have very little wear on the coin’s high points. Such coins are not circulated much and look good in the hand. These coins are worth it if they are rare. 1937 wheat pennies are not worth anything in fine or very fine condition.

Extra Fine

Extremely fine coins still have sign-on luster on them. Sharp features can be observed in these coins. Great coins can be expensive. A rare extra-fine coin can be worth a fortune.

Extra acceptable 1937 wheat penny can be worth a dollar or more. Extra fine pennies are sold for reasonable prices in some places.

Uncirculated Condition

Uncirculated condition coins are costly. They are sold for a very high price. Uncirculated coins have no trace of wear but can have some minor scratches.

A rare coin with uncirculated conditions is worth a lot. A 1937 penny in uncirculated condition is worth a lot of money. Some pennies were sold for thousands of dollars that were in uncirculated condition.

Perfectly Uncirculated

Perfectly uncirculated coins are rare to find. These coins cannot be found in regular min coins. Ideally, uncirculated coins have a grading of MS-70.

A coin in perfectly uncirculated condition has no mark on it. It can be sold for high prices in auctions. A 1937 penny in perfectly uncirculated condition will be worth thousands of dollars, but no such penny is ever found.


How much is a 1937 wheat penny worth in Proof condition? Well, even thinking about it isn’t easy. A coin in the proof condition is rare to find. They are specially made coins that are of the best quality.

The mirror-like finish gives them the level of proof. A 1937 penny proof is never found and would be worth thousands of dollars if ever found.

Why are Some Pennies Expensive?

Some wheat pennies are expensive because they are rare. Rare pennies can be due to their condition or their mint mark. Error pennies can also sell for a fortune.

1937 d wheat penny error sold for a considerable amount in an auction. So, pennies or other coins become expensive when old or rare. An old coin can be worth more.

Like 1909, wheat coins are costly. A 1909 wheat Lincoln coin with VDB initials on it in uncirculated condition is worth around 3000 to 4000 dollars.

An old coin is more expensive than a new one. 1909 pennies are more than 100 years old. A hundred-year-old coin in mint condition is difficult to find; therefore, its price increases.

So, a coin’s value doesn’t depend on a single factor. It depends upon many factors like its condition, rarity, and mintage.

1937 Error Penny

1937 error coin can be expensive if it’s in good condition. An uncirculated 1937 s wheat penny error coin can be cold for a very high price. You need to know about the right people to approach.

You can sell your coins for a very high price. Coin collector buys error coins. Collectors want things that are rare and not available anywhere else. So, they can pay you a lot of money to get their hands on it.

Regular error coins with acceptable conditions are available on eBay. These coins are worth 100 to 200 dollars. Error coins with uncirculated conditions are available for 300 to 400 dollars on eBay.

A coin with significant error and an uncirculated condition is precious. If you have any coin like that, you must show it to an expert. They can tell you the actual value of that coin.

Why are Error Pennies Expensive?

Error pennies are expensive because coin collectors collect them. Coin collection can be a passion, and collectors pay vast sums of money to get their hand on a rare finding.

Old pennies with rare errors can be very expensive. They can sell for thousands of dollars. The older the coins, the more expensive it gets.

Pennies from 1800 hundred with an error are precious. A penny that is old without error is also expensive, but if you have an old penny with error. It can be a jackpot for you.

So, an error coin is expensive because it can be rare. A standard coin with error can become expensive when you have a rare coin with error. It will be worth a fortune.

So, that’s the reason error pennies are expensive. 1937 s wheat penny error are being sold for a good chunk of money on eBay.

Contact Experts

If you have old pennies and want to sell them, the best option is to show them to an expert. An expert can tell you the actual worth of your penny.

If you have a 1937 penny and want to know how much is a 1937 wheat penny worth. You should contact an expert to get the exact value of your coin.

Online experts are available that can help you identify your coins’ worth. You can visit their websites or contact them on the given numbers to get an idea about the value of your penny.

So, save yourself from scams and contact an expert if you want to know about the value of your coins.

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The article tells you all about 1937 wheat pennies. The article provides you with details about the coin’s size, weight, and imagery.

How much is a 1937 wheat penny worth also stated in this article? You can get a lot of knowledge about pennies if you read this article.

The mint and condition determine the value of pennies. We told you about the value of 1937 wheat pennies concerning their mint and condition. So, please read our article and learn about the 1937 wheat Lincoln penny. We also advise you to ask experts for help if you don’t know coins. Experts are available online, and they won’t charge you anything for their guidance. So, get their help and get good money against your valuable coin.

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