1947 Penny Value: D, No Mint Mark, and Worth Money

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1947 Penny Value – Since it is a significant part of American history, the Wheat penny set is one of the most important among collectors, 1947 wheat penny with the image of the most beloved US President is worth more than its face value.

But, since three mints produced them in large quantities, these pieces are not uncommon. Lincoln pennies are very popular among collectors. They’re almost as old as the mint that created them, after all. Can we say the same thing about the 1947 Lincoln wheat penny?

1947 penny value

The identification of each date and a specific variety of a coin is part of a thorough valuation assessment. The 1947 penny value chart lists three mints that struck independently.

Collectors like them because you probably have a penny that the San Francisco mint produced the least of the three, and you want to know how much 1943 s penny is worth.

Some dates, like as always, are more difficult to come by and cost more money, depending on their condition and how the values differ across their types. Read on to learn how valuable this currency is.

Facts About The 1947 Wheat Penny

These pennies were minted in 1947 in San Francisco, Philadelphia, and Denver. The entire mintage was 484,305,000 pieces, with Denver accounting for an incredible 194,750,000 of them.

The 26th US President Roosevelt commissioned a collection of $0.01 coins, which includes the Lincoln penny. To commemorate the 100th anniversary of President Lincoln’s birth, he commissioned engraver Victor David Brenner to create a coin.

On the coin’s negative side, a detailed picture of Abraham Lincoln may be seen at the center. The words “In God We Trust” are inscribed in a curve above him. And, on both sides, there are inscriptions that add to the balanced design. The inscription on the left says “Liberty,” and the year of minting is 1947 on the right.

You may read the Latin phrase “E Pluribus Unum” and the words “United States of America” on the coin’s reverse side. The coin is called the “wheat penny” because both the right and left outer edges feature wheat stalks.

How Much Is A 1947 Penny Worth

Despite the fact that certain significant dates from the Lincoln penny collection are worth a lot of money individually, the 1947 penny is an exception, and you may get it for less than $0.5 on average.

Finding an uncirculated penny is far more difficult. The highest recorded value of the 1947 penny value is $9,200, according to the Professional Coin Grading Service. Because of its MS 67 grade, one coin achieved that price during the auction.

As a result, since the highest quality grade was MS 70, it was almost flawless.

-1947 Wheat Penny No Mint Mark

In 1947, the Philadelphia mint produced 190 million Lincoln pennies. Since the Philadelphia mint only began using the P letter in the 1980 penny, these coins do not have a mint mark.

In general, low-grade 1947 pennies may be located for less than a dollar, while uncirculated coins are uncommon.

You can sell the uncirculated 1947 Wheat penny for $2 to $20, depending on the condition and dealer you choose, if you have it.

A bright, never circulated coin from the 1940s is a nice addition to a collection; however, if adequate detail remains, lightly worn samples and better coins are in high demand.

Mint mistakes, as they often do, will boost the coin’s worth. For example, in 2014, a 1947 Double die Penny in MS 65 condition sold for $550. A 1947 penny with a reverse laminate flaw may also be found. It’s a result of alloy mixing, which quality controllers failed to notice.

-1947 D Wheat Penny

In 1947, the Denver mint produced 194,750,000 coins, more than the Philadelphia mint’s combined total for all of these pennies. 1947-D Penny is a common letter on the rarity scale.

1947 d wheat penny

In very fine condition, the 1947 D wheat penny is worth around $0.10, and in extremely fine condition, it is worth around $0.20. For coins grading MS-63RB in uncirculated condition, the price is roughly $0.60. Uncirculated coins with an MS-65RB rating may sell for approximately $2.

In determining the 1947 penny value, the mint mark isn’t particularly important. In most situations, the distinctions between all three Lincoln penny types are minor. The finest collectible is the high-end Mint State survivor.

There are a number of distributed examples with varying values. These are appealing to beginning hobbyists and an inexpensive way to collect a long-forgotten design. A lightly worn piece should be inspected closer.

-1947 S Wheat Penny Value

On the rarity scale, (1947 s penny) San Francisco 1947 cents are plentiful. There was enough produced to offer a sufficient quantity now (99,000,000).

1947 s wheat penny

These are intriguing coins for collectors, from the early years of the second era of wheat cent history, which ran from 1909 to 1933.

In extremely fine conditions, the 1947 S wheat penny is worth around $0.25 in uncirculated status, and about $0.85 for coins with an MS-63RB grade when in circulation. Uncirculated coins with an MS-65RB grade may sell for around $2.

The design on all 1947 Wheat penny is the same. Mint marks can still be used to identify mints from different countries.

For example, on the obverse, beneath the date, you’ll find the S letter used by the San Francisco mint. In 1947, the S shows great lines in wheat stalks, as well as fine details of Lincoln.

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1947 Wheat Penny Value by Grading

You’ll be able to tell between a well-preserved and worn-out 1947 Lincoln penny if you’re a hardcore collector. The fewer circulation marks you’ll find on a coin of a higher grade.

It’s important to understand what makes the most valuable foreign coins. Viewing these old copper coins with a single light source is best done since 1947 penny existed in large numbers. Fine detail may be seen by tiling the coin side to side under a 100-watt light.

Grading is why the Lincoln penny value differs so much. You should now understand that certain portions of the same mint are worth more than others once you know how much value these wheat pennies have.

-Uncirculated Condition: The most pristine coin is an uncirculated one. These pennies have never been circulated and weren’t passed from one person to the next. They certainly belong in anyone’s collection, don’t they?

Their reverse and obverse sides are free of wear, as shown in the example. They also include important facts, such as Lincoln’s distinctive characteristics, intricate hair characteristics, and exquisite wheat stalk lines. They also have a lustrous finish on their surface.

Of course, a bright 1947 Lincoln coin with original luster and no darkening. However, the less valuable a 1947 penny becomes as it gets darker. The coins are still in mint condition, despite the fact that their color has faded somewhat over time.

NOTE: The coating (coat) line between Lincoln’s shirt and neck is an easy way to spot an uncirculated 1947 Lincoln coin. Since it is a high point, an uncirculated coin should be able to see it without any deterioration, that’s Why is the 1947 penny worth Money.

-Extremely Fine Condition: Pennies in mint condition have probably never been in circulation and are therefore in great demand, although they’ve suffered some wear. Little things, like small scratches, that you can’t see are what we’re talking about.

Of course, a few mistakes and flaws on the obverse or reverse sides of these more valuable coins might be spotted during the grading procedure.

Since they may have modest flattening, you may tell lightly worn examples from their greatest points. The shirt, neck, and bow tie should still be separated by the line of Lincoln’s coat.

-Good Condition: It’s likely that your 1947 penny value received a high grade if it was in circulation for decades. This coin has extensive wear, including scratches and design flaws, which is evident.

The obverse and reverse designs are nearly indistinguishable, and the letters are barely discernible. You’ll feel that the whole penny is smooth and flat if you run your fingers across the coin surface.

-Fine Condition: You may locate antique 1947 wheat pennies in excellent shape that have been circulated extensively but have avoided damage.

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They can, however, be ones that have been circulating for years before being safe-kept by someone. As a consequence, their surfaces have been smoothed a bit and they’ve acquired some minor scratches. Otherwise, these cents’ raised features have been preserved.

And, in 1947, San Francisco produced 99 million coins. The coin became significantly more plentiful and scarce as a result of that figure. Despite this, a few of the hundreds of pennies produced in 1947 turned out to be faulty, ones that quality checks missed.

A lamination flaw caused by a failure in the alloy mixing, annealing, or rolling process may be seen on the 1947 penny coin’s reverse side.

The coin’s rarity and value are both increased as a result of such a significant mistake. Collectors are also drawn to the 1947 penny value because of its uniqueness, which encourages them to appreciate the level of accuracy required for millions of identical coins.

The 1947 wheat penny has historical and numismatic significance since it is part of the Lincoln (Wheat) penny collection. This date, on the other hand, is rather widespread and may be found in decent condition.

Ultimately, you must consider the mint mark and coin condition while evaluating a 1947 penny value and its varieties. The worth of a 1947 wheat penny ranges from $0.01 to a few dollars, depending on its condition. A penny in the mint state, on the other hand, may fetch you a lot of money 1947 penny worth $1.7 million. Of course, the more valuable coins are less worn and brighter!

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