Know Everything About 1912 Penny Value: No Mint Mark

1912 Penny Value - Do you have a 1912 penny? Is a 1912 penny worth anything? Do you want to know about the 1912 penny value? Learn about the 1912 penny coin value guide here. Some of the 1912 pennies are worth around 20 or 30 cents, but you can get more than hundreds of dollars if you are lucky. 

If you are looking for the 1912 penny for your coin collection or maybe you have a 1912 penny in your pocket change, then it is the right time for you to know about this penny. Because this old penny is worth a lot more than any other old penny.

What is a 1912 Penny Worth?

Generally speaking, today’s 1912 wheat penny value range from about 20 cents to $500 or more. The value will be dependent on the condition of 1912 pennies such as errors, varieties, the presence or absence of a mint mark, and some other factors. 

List of 1912 Wheat Penny Value

If you want to collect or sell your 1912 penny, you have to know about a mint mark first. A mint mark on an old Lincoln penny is an indication that the coin was struck in the U.S Mint facility. 

Look at your 1912 penny right now, you can find a mint mark under the date on the head side or on the observe. 

1912 Penny Value

If you have a 1912 penny with no mint mark, it means that the coin was struck at the Philadelphia Mint facility. 

How Much is a 1912 Wheat Penny Worth?

How much is a 1912 penny worth? Of course, it will depend on the condition. 

A 1912 one penny coin value range from 20 cents to about $35. Of course, the condition is in well-worn grades or average uncirculated condition. A 1912 penny worth that much if the coin is from the Philadelphia Mint facility.

A 1912 D penny value that was struck in the Denver Mint facility is more expensive than a 1912 penny value.  A well-worn 1912 D wheat penny value is from $4 to more than $150 if the coin is in average uncirculated condition.

A 1912-S penny value is worth more than a 1912 Philadelphia and a 1912 D penny. This penny is the scarcest coin of the Lincoln penny. 

This 1912 Lincoln penny value is from $10 in well-worn condition to more than $200 in average uncirculated condition.

A 1912 proof penny is a coin that was struck at the Philadelphia Mint facility, specifically made for coin collectors. 

This coin has a matte surface and exhibits a sharp strike. This 1912 penny worth more than $300 and you can still get more if you sell this coin.

The list of 1912 penny value no mint mark and with the mint mark is for the pennies with no signs of damage such as heavy nicks, holes, cleanings, bends, and any types of damage. For more please check the most valuable wheat pennies.

Do You Know The 1912 Wheat Penny Worth?

The 1912 wheat penny has no mint mark and with the mint mark will be valued differently. To determine the 1912 penny value, you need to know the condition of your coin is in. 

There are some steps to grade a coin. You will judge the coin based on legend, device, and field against a standard to determine the 1912 penny value. 

You will compare your coin to an image. This will help you to visualize better and see the differences in both things. 

You need a source of light during the grading process. It would be better if you use a 100-watt incandesce bulb. 

This will provide you with better light to see the subtle detail of your 1912 penny. You can also see the 1912 wheat penny no mint mark and with mint mark.

Uncirculated Grade of 1912 Penny

If you have an uncirculated grade of 1912 penny, it means that the penny never entered circulation. The coin was made from the mint and issued from the banking institution. 

At that point, the coin will be saved at this institution. If you want to know the mint state grade of this coin, you can’t find it on the surface. 

You can check some high points of the design by examining the traces of wear. For example, Lincoln’s cheek is extended to his ear and his cheek’s position is just below the eye. 

These are the prominent points of this penny. A mint state will be covered by mint luster. 

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Because Lincoln’s cheek is located at the central location of the coin, this part will be worn quickly. Don’t forget to examine some parts such as a change of texture of the surface, and any smoothing from the surrounding areas to indicate wear.

If you want to know the characteristic of a newly minted copper penny, then you have to look at the initial. This part will use mint luster to make it shine. 

Since it is made from copper, it is delicate in nature. Moreover, the color will change from a red-yellow shade to a tan-brown shade. 

A change of color in this coin is not new, even if it is expected. When the color changes, it doesn’t indicate wear. The original texture of the copper is very clear below any toning.

Extremely Fine Grade of 1912 Penny

A 1912 penny value on an extremely fine grade will get you some good cash if you sell it. What is the meaning of an extremely fine grade penny? It means that the coin is used in a short time. At that time a small amount of metal has removed from an extremely fine grade 1912 penny am.

You can use a better light to define the character of this grade. The prominent point is from Lincoln’s cheek. If the cheek is well raised, rounded in profile, and remains well detailed, it means that the coin is in extremely fine grade. 

Moreover, you can see a clear separation from the ear to the cheek is seen with flatness and the separation is also confined around the uppermost area.

A 1912 penny in extremely fine grade is sought by coin collectors right now. Especially the 1912 D penny has a nice mark on the surface. This coin has no heavy nick, so the look of the coin is crisp. 

Fine Grade of 1912 Penny

What are the characteristics of a fine grade the 1912 penny? Fine grade means that the coin has worn in moderate to heavy but still in fine grade. The wear can be seen on all areas of lettering and devices. You can see that the major details remain visible although it is worn.

For example, the area of the cheek is very flattered now and Lincoln’s coat can be seen separated from the shirt. 

You can also notice the area which extends from the eye to Lincoln’s ear. There is also a separation from, the cheek to the jaw and you can see the shallow remains between the area.

In this grade, incomplete mixing of metal alloys will create a lighter shade. This characteristic is a hit or miss for some coin collectors. This characteristic can either raises or lowers the value of the the 1912 penny.

Good Grade of 1912 Penny 

What is the meaning of the 1912 penny in good grade condition? The definition of a good grade penny is a very worn penny with most major elements still in good condition. A complete outline of Lincoln’s face remains good with some differences in details.

Lincoln’s cheek which was high in profile once now extends into his ear and the texture is smooth. The raised metal is now at the same level as Lincoln’s hair and eyes. You can also notice a faint line that now separated the neck and jaw. The slight texture remains in most areas.

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The color now changed into a warm brown and a lighter shade. The other characteristic is that there is no major mark seen on the fields and portrait area of this penny. The value of the 1912 penny will also be determined from any mark seen on this coin.

The 1912 Penny Facts

After you know the value of the 1912 penny, now it’s the right time to know some cool facts behind this coin. What happened this year when the coin was made? The 1912 Lincoln coin was designed by a sculptor named Victor David Brenner

This man also contributed a lot to the design of the Lincoln penny in 1909 and 1910. The designer put his initials which is “VDB” on the coin. You can see it on the tails or reverse side. However, not every penny has this initial. 

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However, the initial is no longer used after the first 1909 pennies were distributed. Some people thought that the initials were too large and it can lower the aesthetic point of the penny. So, you don’t’ see the initial in 1912 penny too.

How many 1912 pennies were made? There were tens of millions of pennies. the pennies were struck at the three different mint facilities which are Philadelphia Mint, Denver Mint, and San Francisco Mint facility. Now you know the 1912 penny value in every condition and characteristic. If you have one in your pocket, you can use it as your investment right now.


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