Details About 1910 Penny Value: Error and No Mint Mark

1910 Penny Value - Is it the first time you collect coins? Learn about the 1910 penny value right now. Around two thousand years ago, particularly in the Iron Age kingdom of Lydia, people used coins as their payment method. 

Although this event is not historically documented, we are pretty sure that people around that time started to collect the world’s first coin. Day by day, there is a term called the Hobby of Kings for people who collect coins. 

It is because at that time only kings can afford to collect coins, even the rare ones. Right now, the term has been changed in The King of Hobbies because there are so many people who collect coins.

Before you know the value of 1910 penny, you need to know why this hobby exists in the first place. Collecting coins is one of the hobbies which can last for a long time. 

Why? Because there is always a new coin to collect. 

Since there are many coin collectors, you can also have some ways to collect coins for there are endless possibilities. If you have a 1910 penny, you know the 1910 penny value when you meet the coin collector.

Do you know that collecting coins has its peak in the 50s and 60s? At that time, there were many coin shops that you can find in almost every corner of the United States. 

Due to economic downturns in the 80s and 90s, the coin collecting hit rock bottom. Moreover, at that time high-tech devices such as video games existed around that time.

1910 Penny Value

Is a 1910 penny worth anything today? Of course! According to experts, there are more than 140 million people in the United States who collect coins. 

Even some celebrities such as Nicole Kidman, James Earl Jones, and Buddy Ebsen, are known to collect coins. There are some reasons why people collect coins.

Why People Collecting Coins

1. People Need a Challenge

It is such a peculiar reason but since it is human nature, at the end of the day people like to challenge themselves. 

Collecting coins gives them satisfaction when they can collect all the coins in the United States. The feeling is like completing a mission.

So, if you want to start collecting coins, you need to know what your goal is and what you want to collect to become a successful coin collector. One of the things that make you feel satisfied is the thrill of the hunt. 

This happens when you find a rare wheat coin, or you can sell your collection at a high price.

It is also a pride if you can sell a coin at a good price, or you can get the most valuable foreign coins through your pocket change or some collector with a great collection. Especially the 1910 US penny value is interesting.

2. To Earn Money

The main reason why people collect coins is that they want to earn money. They also view this thing as an investment instrument besides stocks, land, house, or bitcoin. 

You can purchase rare gold and silver coins from a reputable coin collector. This way is to add value to your coin collection. 

There is a metal bullion coin that you can collect to reduce the amount of risk in your coin investment. If you need cash, you can sell your coin because right now 1910 penny value is at a good price.

What is the value of a 1910 penny? It depends. If you want to make a profit from selling coins, you need to have some knowledge of the rare coin market such as the 1910 Lincoln wheat penny. 

The availability and demand for the rare coin can affect the penny dramatically. 

You need to do some research or buy a book so you can study the 1910 penny value and history before you start investing in any coin.

3. Education and History

Your coin collections feature some historical elements. Usually, it features showcasing one of the fifty states in America, the inauguration of some important figures such as a president, a king, or a queen, or the victory of a historical event like an ancient war. 

You can learn about education and history through the coin. For example, if you have coins recovered from shipwrecks, pirate treasure coins, and 1910 penny. 

Coins can introduce you to history and culture. That’s why people who love history would love to collect coins

What happened when your 1910 wheat pennies were made? Your 1910 penny value has so much history. 

At that time, The Boy Scouts was founded, The Halley Comet was photographed for the first time, many immigrants came to America from Asia, Europe, and elsewhere, Thomas Edison found the Kinetoscope, and William H. Taft served as the president of the United States.

4. Leave a Legacy

Do you know that you can leave a legacy by collecting coins? If you carefully collect coins, they can turn out into a valuable legacy for your heirs. 

Although you can’t get rich overnight just by collecting coins, you can plan your investment strategy to preserve valuable and rare coins.

You need to spare time with your children or grandchildren to teach them about coin collecting. Although some of them might lose interest when they hit their teenage years, they might return to it when they reach adulthood. 

5. Relaxation
The last reason why people collect coins is that they can relax their minds. They can use coin collection as their distraction from stress, pressures, or life in general. 

It is such a calm and peaceful moment when you are studying the origin of your collection or assembling them.

Because the coin is easy to collect, you can start them by collecting your pocket change. There is also a coin club that you can join in every country. 

This can lead you to social events and interactions. You can get friends and colleagues through it.

The Characteristics Of A 1910 Penny

Before you know the 1910 penny value, you should know the characteristics of this coin first.
  1. If you look at the observation or the front side, there is an image of Abraham Lincoln, and he is facing to the right.
  2. If you look at the bottom right of the front side, you will notice the location and the date the coin was minted.
  3. If you look at the right above Lincoln’s face, there are the words "In God we Trust
  4. If you look at the center-left of the coin, there is the word “LIBERTY
  5. If you notice the letter S in the coin, it means that the coin was minted in San Francisco. If you notice the letter D in the coin, it means that the coin was minted in Denver. If there is no mint mark, it means that the coin was made in Philadelphia.
  6. If you look at the backside or reverse, you will notice 2 inscriptions which are “The United States of America” and “One Cent” which represent the value of the coin.
  7. If you look at the top of the reverse side, you will notice the words "E Pluribus Unum."
  8. If you look at either side of the inscriptions, there are two stalks of wheat located in the center of the coin.

1910 Penny Value

Now let’s jump into the 1910 penny coin value. Do you know that the 1910 penny is loved by many coin collectors? There are some types of 1910 pennies and all of them are considered rare. 

Especially if you have them in excellent condition, then you hit the jackpot!

If you have an old penny in your home, especially the 1910 Lincoln one, then you surely get rich. How much is a 1910 Lincoln penny worth? The value ranges from 25 cents to $100. 

It depends on the condition of the coin. 

Moreover, the absence of a mint mark also contributes a lot to the price. How much is 1910 penny worth anything if it has no mint mark? You can get more than $100 if you sell them.

What Is Mint Mark?

If you look at the date on a coin and you fin a tiny letter, it is called a mint mark. This symbolized that the coin was struck in the U.S Mints facility. 

This is why the price is much higher than other 1910 pennies. if you have a 1910 penny with no mint mark means that the coin was made in the Philadelphia Mint.

See Also:

If you have a 1910 S Lincoln penny, then it means it is made in San Francisco. This coin is more expensive than the 1910 penny value with no mint mark. 

The 1910 penny value no mint mark and 1910 wheat penny no mint mark value is quite similar.

The Values Of 1910 Penny

  • How much is a 1910 wheat penny worth? If you have a 1910 Lincoln penny from the Philadelphia Mint, it means that you will get around 25 cents in worn condition, but the 1910 copper penny value can give you  $20 if you have it in great condition.
  • How much is a 1910 S penny worth? If you have a 1910 S Lincoln penny, it means that you will get around $12 in worn condition, but you can get more than $100 if you have it in great condition.
  • How much is a 1910 proof penny worth? This coin was made at the Philadelphia Mint. If you have this coin with matte surfaces, squared-off rims, and sharp design details, you will get more than $200.

The 1910 penny values listed above are for the 1910 penny which doesn’t have any signs of damage including heavy nicks, holes, bends, cleanings, and any other types of damages.  

Is There a 1910 Wheat Penny Error?

Yes, there is. It is called a doubled die. What is 1910 doubled die penny? Thankfully, it is a minor error. If you look at the coin on the tail side or the reverse side, you will notice the inscription “E PLURIBUS UMUM”. If it has a slight thickness there, then it is called a doubled die. 

It is difficult to obtain 1910 doubled die penny. Therefore, many coin collectors don’t trade this very often according to a reliable source. 

However, you can get yourself 1910 doubled die pennies in a similar condition from $25 to $100. It depends on the condition. The price can go to more than $100.

There are some other errors in the 1910 penny

1. The first one is 1910 off-center pennies. This error means that there is a missing design. You can sell it from $5 to $250 if it has a greater value such as the completion date in the coin although some designs are missing.

2. The second one is 1910 pennies with die cracks. This error means that there is one crack or more in the design o the coin. Cracks can happen as it wears and ages. The crack will be formed into raised lines in the coins. 

This coin still has value, and it is still collectible. Do you know that some coin collectors want to have this penny with a die crack? 

Some drastic die cracks like a crack between letters or cracks near Lincoln’s face area are desirable. You can get from $5 to $10 and more.

3. The third one is a 1910 repunched mint mark penny. This error means that there is a different position in the punch when the artist wants to strike the coin to create the mint mark. 

So, the coin has multiple neat mint marks. This coin is highly collectible.

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You can get from $5 to $25 and more if you have this one. The price will be dependent on the condition of the coin and the punch of the mint mark stamps.

The person who is responsible for creating the 1910 penny is Sculptor Victor David Brenner. He created this penny in 1909. At first, he put his initials on the reverse. However, the initials no longer exist in 1910 penny. 

In 1910, the bank made 152,848,623 pennies. if you have one of them, now you know the 1910 penny value. It depends on you whether you want to sell it or collect it for now and maybe sell the coin some years later.

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