How Much is a 1955 Double Die Penny Value

1955 Double Die Penny Value - You might touch a bunch of coins every day and there is not something interesting from those coins. Those are just coins to do some transactions when you buy something at the shop. But, if you dig deeper into the value of the coin, you will find out that coin collecting is a valuable hobby. One of the examples of penny collecting is the 1955 Double Die Penny which is worth collecting because it is very unique. 

Coins have become a tool for transactions for centuries and it is made from precious metals such as gold and silver. 

In the 14th century, coins began to store more than their value because the coins have been stored for their historical and artistic values as well. 

1955 double die penny

Even in Renaissance Era, people from the high class of society such as kingdom families and nobility began to collect gold and silver coins to show their wealth. 

As coins have such a valuable history and design, many people collect coins for their enjoyment and also as an investment. Moreover, there will be a new coin, just like a new treasure, to find and collect. 

1955 Lincoln Penny Double Die Obverse

One of the most famous coins to collect, if you are interested in collecting some historical and unique coins, you must be familiar with some must-have coins on collectors’ favorite coins list. 

Not only because those coins are beautiful with their design and history, but also because those coins are worth an investment. For those precious coins, collectors will work hard to find and collect them. 

Especially the rare one, because rarity will raise the value of that coin. The rare coins are just like a treasure for collectors

The coin might be the one that was brought by a soldier during World War. Or maybe the coin was used by important people such as the president or king back then. 

Coin collectors are fond of this kind of treasure, besides they can turn it into a good investment as well. These coins are selected based on their popularity among the collectors, their artistic design, and the potential to be more valuable over time. 

For beginners, you will find some famous coins that are affordable for the new collector. 

One of the examples is the 1955 Double Die Penny that has the portrait of Abraham Lincoln on it. This coin is very unique and you cannot find any of this coin except from other collectors. 

The production of this coin was limited because it was a mistake. But the mistake led everyone to be fond of this coin, especially coin collectors. 

Get to Know About The 1955 Doubled Die Penny 

1955 double die wheat penny value is Lincoln penny which was produced wrong because the date and the motto on this coin were doubling. 

There was a mistake during the production that led to around 20.000-24.000 coins being double lettering. Those bunch of coins had been mixed with other coins which were well produced. 

The observation of this coin describes the doubling display of the coin makes it extremely valuable and popular. 

It is very easy to see the error because the doubling can be seen clearly on the surface of the coin around Abraham Lincoln’s portrait. Because this coin is limited and very unique, this coin becomes the most famous double die coin in numismatics.

1955 double die penny value

What Happened to 1995 Double Die Coins?

It has been mentioned that the 1955 d Wheat Penny double die might be one of the most coins of Abraham Lincoln. It was wrongly produced and as the result, the coin has double died on the details. What was actually happen during the process? 

Here is a short explanation!

1. The Production 

It happened in 1955 when a die maker of the US mint in Philadelphia did a mistake while working on a coin die for the Lincoln coin. 

The coin must be impressed several times using a coin hub to achieve a high-quality die. During the impression, the coin would be softened by the heating and colling process before the next impression was done. 

The craftsman at the US Mint must align the die and the hub, but sadly he did not align it properly. As a result, more than 20.000 cent coins mistakenly double die. 

Fortunately, the high relief of Abraham Lincoln’s portrait on the coin made it unaffected. 

Some sources say that the coins were produced overnight. Moreover, the production continued to produce the error coins at the rate of 200 coins per minute without direct human supervision. 

That is why it had been produced thousands of it the next morning and those coins had been mixed with other well-produced coins. 

2. The Circulation 

When the mint employees finally realized the mistake, the error coins had been mixed with other well-produced coins. 

The estimated numbers of this mistake were between 20.000 to 24.000 double coins mixed up with 10 million well-produced coins. 

Because of the huge amounts of coins, the Mint decided to not melt the coins due to the economically unfeasible. 

Besides, the number of error coins was relatively small compared to the entire batch of the n well-produced coins. In the next months, the 1955 Double Die Penny began to come into circulation. 

During the circulation of these double die pennies, the coins were mostly found around Western Massachusetts, New York City, and Boston

The coins were mostly found inside the cigarette packs as change because the price of cigarettes at that time was around 23 cents. Most cigarette sellers slipped 2 pennies on the cigarette packs as a change to their customers. 

3. The Existence

Some months later after the production of double die pennies, many people thought that those double pennies were unique and different. 

As it is reported by the experts that many double die pennies got lost during circulation. 

They believe that some of them were just lost and some others have been collected by many people as they see the coins were different and unique. 

From the original amount of double penny around 20.000 up to 24.000 coins in the circulation, many of coins got lost during the circulation. 

The estimated amount of double die coins that survived nowadays is only around 15.000 coins. It means that almost half of the double coins are nowhere to be seen, whether they are really lost, or are collected by people. 

1955 wheat penny double die

The Value of 1955 Double Die Penny

Talking about the rarity and uniqueness of double die pennies, many people are attracted by the beauty of this coin. 

1955 Double Die Penny Value is increasing over the year and that is the reason why this coin becomes one of the most popular series of US coins to collect. The demand for this coin is really high due to its popularity. 

Besides, the supply of this coin is very slow compared to the demand for this coin. That leads the value of double die penny to reach the top. 

What is the 1955 double die penny worth? How much is a 1955 double die penny worth? Do you think it is valuable for you to collect? 

The average amount of a 1955 double die penny worth around $1,100 at the circulated buy and it is worth $800 at the circulated sell. 

Besides, the uncirculated buy is worth around $2.400 and $2.00 worth for uncirculated sell. One of the recent auctions stated that a PCCGS MS-65 Red sold for about $37,600 in 2016. 

Over more than the last 10 years, the price of the double die penny has been increasing up to 2% annually. It is stated that in 2007 the price was about $950 and has been increasing up to more than $1,100. 

Moreover, the uncirculated MS-63 for instance was about $2,700 for average retail in 2007 and has been increasing up to $3,000 worth in 2019. 
Mintage: N/A 
Minted at: Philadelphia (No Mint Mark)
Designer - Engraver: Victor D Brenner 
Metal Composition: 95% Copper - 5% Tin and Zinc
Diameter: 19 mm 
Mass / Weight: 3.11 grams

1955 wheat penny double die

Be Careful With the 1955 Double Die Penny Value Counterfeit

Due to the popularity and the high value of the 1955 double die penny, there is attention to counterfeiting this coin. There are a bunch of coins that are counterfeit of double die penny that you should be aware of. 

These counterfeit coins are hardly detected because of the similar trait and images of the coins. 

To make sure, you can go to the third-party grading service and check every double coin you want to buy and collect. 

This way will help you out from getting the counterfeit double die coins. NGC or PCGS grading services are recommended for you to check the authenticity of your coins. 

There is one trait you can use to make sure that your double die coins are original. The origin 1955 double die penny has microscopic doubling that can be seen only with the help of magnification. 

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So, if you want to make sure, you can use the magnification to check it. 


How Much is a Double Die 1955 Penny Worth?
According to USA Coin Book, a 1955 double die penny is worth $1,286 on average and up to $16,644 if in the “Uncirculated (MS-63)” condition.

How Many 1955 Doubled Die Cent Are There?
These doubled features were visible on all of the coins struck from this die. It is estimated that 40,000 of these coins were minted, all during one night shift at the Philadelphia Mint.

What Makes a 1955 D Wheat Penny Valuable?
The value of a 1955 penny minted at the Philadelphia mint is $0.02 if it's in good or fine condition. One minted at the San Francisco mint is priced a little higher, at $0.03. If the 1955 S penny is proof, its price shoots to about $22.

What is The Error on the 1955 D Wheat Penny?
The error was produced when a hub and working die were stuck together at a rotated angle and this caused the image to be rotated and heavily doubled. The die was then used to strike 1955 Wheat Pennies, making the entire obverse design appear doubled.

If you are interested to collect this double die coin, it will be better for you to buy the one that has a certificate from the third grading service. This will keep the value of the coin and you can turn it into a promising investment. 

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