Interesting Facts About The 1925 Penny Value

1925 Penny Value – In 1925, mintage levels ultimately recovered above 100 million, making the numerous date-and-mint mark combination types extremely affordable. The 1925 wheat penny, as well as the 1925 D and 1925 S wheat pennies, were all produced …

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1923 Penny Value: No Mint Mark and Error

1923 Penny Value – The Lincoln penny has been in circulation for almost a century and a half. Despite this, the coin has seen various design changes throughout the years. Little differences from what you would see on a penny …

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1926 s Wheat Penny Value

1926 Penny Value: Worth Up to $4000

1926 Penny Value – 1926 penny maybe is one of the longest-standing coins in the USA. This makes the 1926 penny rare and also makes the coins incredibly popular among collectors. You must be ready, that the 1926 penny value …

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