Let’s Talk About “1957 D Wheat Penny Value”

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UPDATE: November-2022

1957 D Wheat Penny Value – We are going to talk about money, very interesting, isn’t it? We know that money is the most useful thing for humans that we are all used for buying, paying, or exchanging for something which is needed by a human being.

Every country has a different type of money, which is commonly mentioned as a currency, and it has different rates for each other.

Have you ever heard about the “1957 D wheat penny value”? I am so much sure that it is a super interesting topic which is talking about a penny or we can call it a cent.

You will also get some more information regarding the history of a penny in the 19th century.

1957 D Wheat Penny Value

Not only the history but also the other detailed information regarding the topic. Are you ready to discuss this? Let’s get started to read the information below.

The History of 1957 D Wheat Penny Value

From 1700 until 1908, the penny worth one cent was well-known as the Indian Head Penny by American citizens. However, the first United States original penny was minted in 1787 and officially inaugurated by the government, it was also referred to as one cent.

Then, in 1909, the production of those pennies was stopped and replaced with the wheat penny. The wheat penny was the coin that has President Abraham Lincoln’s plaque on it.

He is the 16th President of the United States of America. He was born on February 12th, 1809, and died in 1865.

President Abraham Lincoln led the country through American Civil War. He succeeded to preserve the country from slavery, strengthen the federal government and modernize the nation’s economy.

Therefore, he was given a very special honor because of his 100th anniversary of birth and for what he had given to the nation which was precious for the nation’s growth.

Therefore, the government considered it the best way to honor him for his leadership.

In his leadership as the President, there are thirteen different Lincoln Memorial Cent varieties were minted.

Those varieties were (1) 1964 Special Mint Set Lincoln Cents (2) 1969- S Doubled Die (3) 1970 Small-S (4) 1971 – S Proof Doubled Die (5) 1972 Doubled Die (6) 1982 – D Small Date Bronze (7) 1983 – D Bronze (8) 1983 Doubled Die (9)1984 Doubled Die (10) 1989 – D Bronze (11) 1990 No – S Proof (12) 1992 Close AM (13) 1995 Doubled Die.

What Does Actually”1957 D Penny” Mean?

Let’s discuss this in common, so you will at least have brief information about what will be the main topic of our discussion.

Nowadays, the 1957 D wheat penny value can be commonly known as a gold coin of the United States of America which was released and designed in 1957 while President Abraham Lincoln led at that time.

The penny was usually called ad Lincoln cent or else a Lincoln penny.

The letter “D” is described the place producing the coin which stands for “Denver”. Denver is one of the most famous cities in the United States of America.

1957 d penny value

Why is Denver becoming the place for mintage the penny? Have you ever wondered about it? In the city of Denver, there is a big company named Denver Mint which is the largest producer of coins in the world.

Is There Any Other Letter Besides “D” on The Coin?

The United States makes four cities as mint production facilities, those are in Denver, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Carson City, and West Point. Therefore, some letters were used on the coins such as S, P, CC, or W.

We will get more information about those letters. If on the coin, there is a letter S, it means the coin was made in San Francisco, while the letter P is for Philadelphia, besides the letters CC for Carson City and lastly letter W is for West Point.

Each of them uses different machines and processes for making the coins. Thus, now it is obvious of each letter on the coin in which it is described the city which produced it.

Now, the question is, where is the best place for coin production in the United States of America?

The fact, Denver Mint company is the best company for making gold and silver coins. It was established for more than four decades or 400 years.

How Does ”1957 D Penny Value” Look Like?

As mentioned previously, it is made of a golden coin in which on the coin there is a plaque of President Abraham Lincoln from the shoulders up to the middle.

On the right side, is written: “1957 D”, while on the left side is written word “LIBERTY”. Moreover, above the plaque of President Lincoln, is written: “IN GOD WE TRUST”.

The reverse side showed two stalks of wheat on both the left and right sides. The Latin logo “E PLURIBUS UNUM” is on the top which means “out of many, one”.

And “ONE CENT” is written on the center and directly beneath it, is written “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA”.

Let me show you the very detail of the penny itself from the total production, the material, diameter, and also the weight.

The total mintage is only 1,051,342,000. You need to know that the metal composition of the specimen is 95% Copper – 5% Tin and Zinc.

And its diameter of it is 19 mm (0,75 inches), while its weight is 3.11 grams (0,10970 ounces). The shape is round and the edge is plain.

Who Was The Designer of The Coin?

Did you know who is the designer of the 1957 D penny value? The penny was designed by a Litvak American sculptor named Victor David Brenner.

He was born to a Jewish parent on June 12th, 1871 in Siauliai, Lithuania, and passed away on April 5th, 1924 in New York, US. He died at the age of 52.

He is not only famous as a sculptor but also an engraver and medalist. Then, he was primarily well-known as the US Lincoln designer, especially for a cent. He was recruited by the government in 1908. His design also had been chosen by President Theodore Roosevelt.

Let’s Talk About “1957 D Wheat Penny Value”

Nowadays, mostly the 1957 D wheat penny coins are not valuable anymore as people are not using them for transactions anymore in the United States of America.

However, I will give you a surprising fact about it. The most valuable wheat penny had ever happened when the coins were issued and sold for $2.460 at the Stack Bowers auction in 2018.

Have you ever thought, about how much is a 1957 D penny value? Currently, the 1957 D wheat penny value is worth 15 – 60 cents, while the coin in pristine is valued at $1.

Anyway, all pennies in circulation are graded by PGCS which stands for Professional Coin Grading Service. However, you need to know that those coins were not used anymore in circulation nowadays.

If you have a 1957 D wheat penny in your pocket or your home, it might not have a big value, how much is a 1957 D wheat penny worth? It is most likely 3 – 5 cents.

Although your penny looks old, for some Lincoln Penny, they are worth up to hundreds, of thousands of dollars. Remember, only some of them not all of 1957 pennies.

Keep in your mind that pennies are nowadays becoming scarcer, and their value of it will increase especially for those who are coin collectors.

The Variety of 1957 Lincoln Penny

In this section, we are going to explain more about a variety of 1957 Lincoln pennies. Two wheat penny varieties were minted. Those are 1957 Lincoln Penny and 1957 D – Lincoln penny. Total amount for both variety was 1,333,882,000.

The 1957 Lincoln Penny is the penny without the letter D under the written minted year on the coin. It means the penny was minted in Philadelphia. These pennies were minted 282,540,000 in total.

While 1957 D – Lincoln penny is the penny that was minted in Denver. The mintage became the third-highest number of wheat series. The total number of this penny was 1,051,342,000. Those were very famous in that era.

Grading of 1957 D Penny

There are some grades of the 1957 D wheat penny especially for coin collectors, the Lincoln penny is quite valuable and desirable among them.

They introduced four characteristics of a penny which determined how to value it is. Those are uncirculated, extremely fine, fine, and good.

– Un-circulated: it means the penny never goes to hands over the years. On the other hand, no one was using the penny for the transaction. You will notice there will be no sign of usage and any damage at all on the coin.

It will look like a brand-new production coin. This un-circulated coin becomes the most sought by coin collectors because it is very scarce.

– Extremely Fine: this means the penny might be never circulated, but it has a very small blemish or damage on it. Whether it is small scratches or a sign of usage. Although it is worse than the un-circulated one, this type of penny is still impeccable.

– Fine: This penny is indicated and circulated among the United States American citizen. You will find small damage such as light scratching and smoothing because it was used on exchanging hands to hands, but after all the coin is well-preserved.

– Good: this penny is the worst type you will find because it has been extremely used and circulated for a very long period. It will have heavy damage in all aspects such as serious scratches, smoothing, old or even worn.

Below are some lists of penny values that we have summarized in the previous article, please check to find out other types of coins:

What is 1957 D Wheat Penny Error?

There is nothing perfect in the world, even a mintage of penny which was made by a professional will have some errors.

Thus, we will discuss deeply what errors appear on the penny? The penny which has different errors will have different values as well.

Here we go, there are some common lists of 1957 D wheat penny errors such as re-make mint mark, off-center strikes, and doubled dies.

how much is a 1957 d wheat penny worth

As mentioned above, a different error will have a different value, so here is the value of each. First, if you find your 1957 D wheat penny has the re-make mint mark, it will be valued at $2.50+. second, the penny with an off-center strikes error will have a value of $5 – $50+. And last, for the doubled, dies error, you will get your penny values for $3 – $10+.

Looking for More Information About Coins? Check Other Years From This Lincoln ( Wheat ) Penny Series:

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Why are 1994 Pennies Worth Money?

What is the difference between the 1957 D wheat penny and the 1994 pennies worth money? So the difference is not only on the year minted but also on the reverse side the 1994 coin cent was written UNITED STATES OF AMERICA on the very top, then beneath that is the logo E PLURIBUS UNUM, then the plaque of the WHITE HOUSE, the lowest was written ONE CENT. This penny is nowadays worth about $60.

Keep in mind that the price of pennies also depends on the condition, if the pennies are perfect, means there is no error, no damage and still very new and un-circulated, of course, they will value more money up to $1000+. You can get the price information also from the marketplace.

Having Old 1957 D Wheat Penny? Let’s Make It New!

Here is the way to make your old 1957 D wheat penny looks new. This is the best way to clean your coins and they will turn to a very bright orange color. There are only two ingredients to prepare, which are vinegar and salt.

And the steps are super easy, you just need to pour the vinegar into a glass and add the salt, then stir it until dissolved.

Lastly, just simply put your pennies inside the glass and wait for five minutes, if they are not getting brighter, then wait for another five minutes. Those explanations are expected could be useful knowledge for the readers to get to know more information about the 1957 D wheat penny.


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