How Much Is A 1993 Canadian Penny Worth

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1993 Canadian Penny Value – Selling ancient coins might be profitable for us. Moreover, many people deliberately save coins for resale. One is a 1993 penny.

To determine the 1993 Canadian penny value, of course, there are various things to consider. Starting from the condition of coins, errors, scarcity, and others. Coins that have a high value are certain coins that are still in good condition.

For those of you who might keep this coin, we will help provide some important considerations in determining its value.

Even your coins can be more valuable if they fall into certain categories.

1993 Canadian Penny Value

Some 1993 pennies have a fairly high score with certain criteria. Read this article to the end because we will provide the best value for your coins.

About Canadian Penny 1993

Before we talk about the 1993 Canadian penny value, you need to know the history behind the creation of this coin and how the condition of the high-value coin.

The face of the coin shows a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II at the age of 64. The reverse design is a maple leaf which is a symbol of Canadian pride.

This maple leaf design appears on all Canadian coins because the maple leaf is a symbol of nationality.

In addition, you will see the year the coin was made, which is 1964, the words 1 CENT, and the initials of the maker of this coin are K.G.

This coin is made of 98% copper, 1.5% zinc, and 5% lead. With a very high copper composition, the value of this coin increases every year.

As we know that the price of copper increases every year. If the demand for this coin is high and the price of copper goes up, then you can get a very high value.

Especially if you have coins in very good condition.

Coins made in the Ottawa Mint have minted as many as 808,585,000 coins and became the coins that were generally used for transactions.

With a very high number of mints, the 1993 Canadian penny is worth even more if you find an uncirculated coin. Coins that were minted in very large numbers became legal tender.

Although many people use these coins for the transaction, not a few people choose to keep them until now.

This is what makes the value of the penny higher.

Of course, this will be an important consideration in determining the 1993 Canadian penny value. The better the condition of the coins you have the better, you can get a high price.

How Much Is A 1993 Canadian Penny Worth?

To determine the value of this coin, there are of course many important considerations that collectors must make.

If you have this coin, then make sure the condition of the coin is in good condition to sell.

Even if the koi have worn out with time and a lot of scratches or damage, you can still get a price, but not as high as a coin in good condition.

For example, in 1976 Canadian penny value became the rarest Canadian penny because of an error that made it rare.

This 1993 penny can give its highest value in an uncirculated or uncirculated condition.

Therefore, the level of rarity can occur due to an error in the coin. If you have it then you can get a higher price than coins that do not have varieties.

There are several coin grading categories that you should be aware of as follows:

  • F12 Fine – This coin has parts that are nearly worn out, especially on the maple leaf. In addition, the lower part of the ear and the upper hair began to disappear.
  • VF20 Excellent – This coin shows wear and tear on the hairline from above the eyes to the nape of the neck. In addition, the folds of Queen Elizabeth II’s clothes are still clearly visible.
  • EF40 Excellent – This coin indicates the condition of wear and tear on the hair on the back. Apart from that, the eyebrows are still visible and this coin shows the different folds of the dress.

This condition shows the mint luster is starting to disappear.

  • AU50 Uncirculated – This coin shows fewer wear marks and still has about 50% mint luster.
  • AU55 Uncirculated – This coin shows slight wear on the brows and a mint shimmer in certain areas.
  • MS60 Uncirculated – This coin indicates a never-used condition. The entire hairline is still clearly visible on the surface of this coin.
  • MS63 Uncirculated – This coin has never been used, but it still has minor scratches on the hair and still has the original mint shimmer.
  • MS65 Gem Uncirculated – This coin has no trace of wear. Almost all of the designs are still flawless like they were freshly printed from the bank and still have their full luster.

After you see the grading criteria, then you can get the 1993 Canadian penny value according to the condition of the coin you have. The following is the penny value you may get depending on the condition of the coin:

• 1993 Circulated Canadian Penny

This coin in circulation has a lot of scratches and shimmer which is not there. In addition, many parts of the coin are faded and showing signs of wear and tear.

You can get this 1993 Canadian penny worth with the highest price of $0.3 because it is judged by the composition of copper.

• 1993 Uncirculated Canadian Penny

You can get this uncirculated coin for $0.10 in MS-60 condition, $7.30 in MS-64 condition, $58.60 in MS-66 condition and the highest price reaches $132 in MS-67 condition.

The uncirculated coin still shows some obvious spots and there are few or no signs of wear.

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• Proof Like

These coins are special coins that are minted but not circulated. This coin is worth $0.75 in PL-64 condition and the top price is $37.30.

• Specimen

This coin was minted especially for collectors with a more opaque appearance. The highest 1993 Canadian penny value you can get in the condition of the SP-67 is $ 14.70 because it’s a special coin.


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