Recommended 10 Most Valuable Canadian Penny List

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Most Valuable Canadian Penny – When we are talking about valuable coins, many amateur people would think of rare ancient pennies like Roman coins, or Gold coins. However, some of the smallest coins, seemingly unworthy, and not valuable like one cent can be worth more than you think.

Pennies, like copper, silver, and steel penny when the conditions, grading, and rarity were right, might be worth more than gold.

In this article, we would discuss our recommended, rarest, and most valuable Canadian penny list that you should keep an eye on.

Canadian coins, just like the US coins them has their rarity, amount of total minted coins, and different rarities and grading.

Some of the Canadian pence isn’t rare and valuable at all, however certain specimens might be more valuable than you think.

Our article here would discuss a rare Canadian penny that is more valuable than you think. If you like old coins, Just like the 1944 steel penny value article we wrote earlier then this article would be recommended for you.

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Top 10 Most Valuable and Rare Canadian Coins

Many serious, and professional coin collectors have been searching, and hunting for rare Canadian pennies low and high, searching anywhere for notable, valuable Canadian coins, and mostly paying countless, and thousands of dollars to acquire rare valuable pennies, just to add to their collection.

Most Valuable Canadian Penny

What makes some Canadian penny valuable and worth even thousands of USD?

Several factors contribute to the value and worth of Canadian coins, such as grading, conditions, lusters, and shine of the penny, but the most important factor is the rarity of each coin.

Some of the rarest and most valuable Canadian pennies were minted by accident, featuring certain minor errors, or produced only in a short premium time, hence their rarity.

If you want to hunt some valuable, rare Canadian coins, here are a few noteworthy types of Canadian pennies you should try to hunt.

•  Canadian Silver Nickel from Any Year and Series

In the year 1922, the Canadian government minted Canadian nickels, made of silver, hence, it was made as “coin silver” with 800 parts of silver, another type such as Sterling silver contains 925 parts of silver.

Because of the very high silver content, many people over the years always melted the coins to get the best value out of the silver content.

Now, the Canadian Silver nickel from every year and series is extremely rare, and one of the most common pennies to be faked.

It is better to appraise this coin in your local coin grader before purchasing, or investing in this one of the rare Canadian penny.

•  1936 Canadian Dot Dimes

1936 Canadian Dot Dimes

The 1936 Canadian Dot dimes are one of the most notable, and also most expensive of Canadian dimes. The price for one dot dime could reach around $184.000 in the auction, making it one of the most prized collections for many Canadian penny collectors.

The reason why the “Dot” dimes become one of the most valuable Canadian penny is because of its Dot design. This dime was produced in 1937, with the added 1936 Dot design.

It is a very rare coin and only a few are minted in existence, there are less than 10 specimens of Canadian dot dimes, and hence its current value is around $140.000 and could reach $245.000 at auction.

•  Minted Condition of Victoria 50-Cent Piece

Victoria 50-Cent Piece

Several 50-cent Canadian dollars feature the face of Queen Victoria. Most of them were minted in the late 19th Century, and few of them survived in good condition.

Very rare to find a 50-cent Victoria coin that has pristine, minted, or near-mint conditions, and these specimens could have very high value in the auction.

One of the highest values, of the Victoria 50-cent piece that has been sold at the auction, could reach around 50.000 Canadian Dollars, Ranging from just $100 to an astonishing $50.000.

•  1921 50-Cent Coins

1921 50 cent coin canada

The 1921 50-cent coin piece, also known as the “King Canadian coin” is a rare 50-cent piece, extremely rare, that there is only around 50 to 100 piece of King Canadian coin in circulation.

A large amount of these coins were minted in 1921, however, only a handful of these coins ended up in circulation.

The vast majority of these coins have been melted down, then re-created to become another version of the 50-cent piece. The remaining 1921 50-cent coins now fetch more than $218.000 in the auction.

•  1911 Canadian Silver Dollar Coins

1911 Canadian Silver Dollar Coins

One of the most valuable Canadian penny is the 1911 Canadian Silver Dollar, and it even held the world record as one of the most valuable coins in the world.

Only two of the Canadian silver dollars have ever been stuck in history. One of these coins is housed in the Canadian coins and currency museum.

This only leaves only one specimen of the 1911 Canadian silver coin available, and in 2019, this type of coin has been sold to private coin collectors with the top amount of USD 552.000, and in the previous auction, this coin has been sold for more than $1.060.000.

This is one of the most expensive pennies that have been sold in history.

•  1969 10-Cents With Large Dates

1969 10 cent with large date

In 1969, the 10-cent of 1969 coins were made, however, there was an error in its mintage, it was the error in the initials of the date. The minted date was minted in large fonts of date, instead of small dates. The 1969 large date hence become quite rare error pennies for the Canadian dollar, hence it belongs to one of the most valuable Canadian penny.

It is estimated by coin analysts that only a handful of 20 to 30 Canadian large dates 10-cents has ever been in circulation. One of these coins is currently appreciated for around $11.000 to $21.000.

•  1916 C Gold Pennies Sovereign Coin


1916 C Gold Pennies Sovereign CoinThe sovereign coin is the British One-pound gold that was struck in 1916 by the Royal Canadian Mintage. It was minted from 1908 to 1916. C Gold Sovereign is a very rare coin, with only known at least fifty specimens. The value of the uncirculated 1916 C Gold pennies sovereign coin is ranging from $33.000 to 218.000 Canadian dollars.

Since it is a gold coin, of course, it has to belong to our most valuable Canadian penny list.

•  1921 Silver Cents

1921 Silver Cents

In 1921, Royal Canadian Mintage introduces the new 5-cent coins that were made from nickel. In the 1922 coinage, to prepare for its launch, the mintage was melting down an entire inventory of silver of the 5-cent coins. Most of them were the 1921s silver coin; hence only 400 silver cents were left.

These 1921 silver cents were only a handful to survive in circulations, hence it is considered the most valuable Canadian penny that can reaching around $2.200 to 67.000 Canadian Dollars.

•  1953 Shoulder Fold Penny

1953 canadian penny shoulder fold

The shoulder fold was a redesigned version of the 1953 Canadian penny to commemorate the coronation of Queen Elizabeth.

This Canadian penny features the backside of the coin with the queen’s gown, with the other coins of an iconic Canadian maple leaf. However, when the minting process, caused problems with the minting equipment, and quality.

It was then redone later, eliminating the shoulder fold, hence the original design of shoulder fold pennies design becoming very rare in circulation. The 1953 shoulder fold penny has been sold for more than 2.000 Canadian Dollars at the auction house.

•  1923 Small 1-Cent Penny

1923 Small 1-Cent Penny

During 1858 and 1920, the Canadian Mintage has mint large cent coins; however, they were then replaced by small cent coins. One of the rarest date pennies is the 1923 small date cent, with the 1923 small 1-cent penny becoming the rarest of them.

It is estimated that one small 1923 date penny could reach up to $3.350, with the cheapest specimens could be bought for around 25 Canadian dollars.

It is not the most valuable Canadian penny whatsoever, however, when the specimens and rarity were right, it could be much more valuable than you think.

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Frequently Asked Questions, and Notable Facts of interest regarding Canadian Penny

If you are planning to collect and hunt some rare Canadian coins, then you might need to research, and gather some information regarding about rarest, and most valuable Canadian pennies.

To help you create better judgment and better experience to hunt rare pennies, here are a few frequently asked questions, and notable facts that could help you in your coin-hunting pursuit.

What Canadian Penny is Worth Money?

You should keep in mind that not every Canadian penny has value, and is worth your money. Some of them have no value, or would only value their initial penny value, while some of them might only fetch a couple of dollars, ranging from CAD$ 0.02 to even CAD$100.

So what makes them different? What makes some of the Canadian pennies worth the money, while another penny is not as valuable as it seems?

Many factors affect Canadian dollar price, from grading, category, types, and errors and one of the most determining factors is the rarity itself.

The most expensive piece of Canadian penny is the very rare error pennies, due to their being produced or minted in an accident, hence it’s only a few in an accident, and becoming very rare in results.

These rare pennies could even reach for more than hundreds, and hundreds of thousands of dollars, ranging from just $150, to even astonishing $120.000.

Most Expensive Canadian Pennies

There are many expensive, and valuable Canadian pennies, but each of them is very rare and only a few are in existence.

To get your hand on some of these most expensive Canadian pennies, you need to do extensive research, get into contact with trusted buyers, go into a lot of auctions, and invest a lot of your time and money.

The most expensive Canadian penny is a pair of 1911 Canadian Silver Dollar coins. There are only two of these coins in existence, due to their mintage errors, and experimental design.

One is being kept in the royal Canadian currency and coins museum, hence there is only one coin of the 1911 Canadian Silver dollar coins that can be collected for private collectors, making the price of this coin could reach $1.000.000.

Other kinds of Canadian penny such as the Canadian silver nickel, 1936 Canadian Dot dime, Victoria cent, uncirculated 1921 piece, 1916 Gold Sovereign coins, and many more.

These kinds of coins are considered higher-end grades for many coin collectors, hence it won’t be easy on getting your hand on these.

What Year is The Most Valuable Canadian Penny?

There are many specimens of some valuable and noteworthy Canadian penny, from different years, series, and types of pennies.

When we are talking about the Canadian penny, some years of the penny might notably be much more worth it than another year, for example, 1911, 1936, 1921, 1906, and 1916 are some examples of the most valuable year for the Canadian penny.

How to Get Some Valuable Canadian Penny?

There are several ways to get your hand on some valuable and worthy Canadian penny. You can buy some from trusted Coin dealers, and some valuable coins. You can also pay a visit to the auction, for some more valuable Canadian penny, but you have got to be ready to bring hundreds and thousands of dollars if you went to some old coins auction.

You can also try your luck on purchasing online from some trusted dealers, or try your luck on some of the coin’s mystery boxes.

When hunting some of the most valuable Canadian penny, one thing you should know is that it isn’t as easy as you might think.

Most of the time, some valuable Canadian penny will be worth around $5 to $150, and some of the higher ends of the grades would reach for around a couple of hundred of dollars.


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