1974 Canadian Penny Error List and Value

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1974 Canadian Penny Error – Have you ever noticed that there is one coin that has a lot of errors? One of them is the 1974 Canadian penny error which has various varieties and is expensive.

It’s very rare for a penny to go wrong enough to make it rare. Maybe some of you didn’t realize that you saved one of these error coins.

The 1974 Canadian penny has several lists of faults that give this variety of coins such diverse values. You can get hundreds to thousands of dollars from this variety.

1974 Canadian Penny Error


For those of you who may still have ancient coins, read this article to the end because we will provide some important things that can increase the value of your penny.

What Is The 1974 Canadian Penny Value?

Before we discuss the penny value that you may get, you need to know in advance the varieties and characteristics of this coin. Because this coin is decades old and certainly has a variety of different conditions.

As we know, one of the considerations for getting a high price is that from the 1974 Canadian penny error, you will find out in this article.

This coin is minted with a composition of 98% copper, 1.5% zinc, and 0.5% tin. The coin, designed by Kruger Gray, features a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II when she was 39 years old.

The reverse design features maple leaves which are the hallmark and pride of Canada. Almost all coins minted in Canada have a maple leaf design on the back.

In addition, you will see the writing year of manufacture which is 1974, and the nominal coin “1 CENT”. There is also the inscription K.G which is the initials of the maker.

The coin, minted at the Ottawa Royal Mint, has no mint markings and a total of 692,058,489 pieces are minted. With a very large number of prints, this coin has become one of the coins that are generally used for transactions.

In addition, because the numbers are very large, several varieties distinguish their value. This will affect the 1974 Canadian penny kg value which continues to change every day.

There are several 1974 Canadian penny error lists that you should know about. Because of this variety, you can get different prices. Here are some error lists that this coin has:

• Planchet Errors

One of the most common mistakes is the coin planchet. This can happen because when the coin is hit, the planchet is not placed in the perfect position and makes it cut off.

You may find defective planchet on the front or elsewhere. Not even just in one position, the planchet pieces vary in location.

This is due to the imperfect laying of the planchet and stroke. Coins with these errors certainly have a higher value than coins that are minted perfectly.

• Die Errors

In addition to the planchet error, there are other errors that you need to know, namely the presence of Die Crack and Die Chip in some parts of the image. The Die Chip is very easy to find on the back of the Queen’s head.

As for the Die Crack error, you can find it in several places, such as the letter A in CANADA writing, under the letter E in CENT writing, and on the right side of the leaf.

1974 Canadian penny worth could go even higher because of this mistake. The more errors your coin has, the higher the score you can get.

• Unclassified

In addition to the two errors above, the 1974 Canadian penny kg also has an unclassified error. Usually, this error occurs during the printing process. This will affect the value of this coin.

The error you can find is double in some letters such as BE, A, DG, and H in the sentence listed on the coin. In addition, there are also two underscores in writing 1 on the word 1 CENT.

Another error can be seen in the portrait of the queen, namely on the double back of the queen and the double forehead of the queen which is quite clear. This type of error is not classified, so you need a magnifying glass to confirm this error.

With various errors, this penny value has become rare, similar to 1994 wide am penny value. The more mistakes, the rarer this coin is.

Is a 1974 Canadian penny worth anything? Of course, you can get the highest price when you find a penny error that makes it rare and in high demand.

How Much Is A 1974 Canadian Penny Worth?

After you know the 1974 Canadian penny error, then there are two classifications of coin valuation, namely uncirculated and circulated. Although this coin has many faults, to determine its value we need to look at the condition of this coin completely.

1974 Canada penny value can be seen from the uncirculated and circulated categories. Uncirculated coins mean coins that have not been circulated and have no trace of use.

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While circulated coins mean coins that are circulated and have traces of use or stains on certain parts. Here are some penny values you might get:

• 1974 Circulated Canadian Penny

Canadian pennies are worth the money judging from the condition of the coins. In circulated coins, this means that these coins leave a lot of usage marks. This will affect the value of the penny you will get.

You can get this circulated coin for $0.04 in F-12, VF-20, EF-40, and AU-50 conditions. These coins tend to have a fairly low value as they have a lot of wear and tear and show coin wear.

• 1974 Uncirculated Canada Penny

While the 1974 Canadian penny error on uncirculated coins has a higher value. Because these coins show no signs of wear and tear and still have their original mint luster. Of course, the price you get is expensive with uncirculated conditions.

You can get values starting at $0.25 in MS-62 condition, $16.60 in MS-64 condition, $17.00 in MS-65 condition and the highest price you can get are $687 in MS-64 condition and MS-67.


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