How Much is a 1952 to 2002 Canadian Penny Value?

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1952 to 2002 Canadian Penny Value – Most people still keep coins as collectibles and expect more than face value. One of the coins that are still being sought after is the coin from 1952 to 2002 Canadian penny. This coin is one of the most sought-after by collectors becauser it has a fairly high selling value. 1952 to 2002 Canadian penny value was also influenced by the condition of the coin.

This 10-cent coin is the target of many collectors and maybe you are the one who has this coin. Curious how much value you can get? Read the article below until you get the value you want.

About 1952 to 2002 Canadian Penny

Talking about pennies must be interesting for some people, especially for those of you who collect these coins. This ancient coin deserves a high price today for various reasons.

One of the coins with the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II’s face is quite interesting. Because this coin is one of the most valuable foreign coins.

Before we discuss how much 1952 to 2002 Canadian penny value you can get, you need to know first how to design this coin. Maybe there is a pile of coins in your house.

The coin has a forehand design with a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II created by Ago Aarand and Dora de Perry-Hunt. This coin shows a portrait of Queen Elizabeth facing right and this profile was taken when Queen Elizabeth was 64 years old.

Around the front of the coin is the inscription “ELIZABETH II D.G. REGINA”. While the reverse side was made by George Edward Kruger Gray who carved his name on the coin design with the initials “K.G”.

The reverse of the coin depicts the Bluenose, a racing ship and the provincial symbol of Canada. In addition, the back design is also equipped with the year of coin minting and the inscription CANADA.

Try to find out again whether you keep this coin or not? If you keep it, we will help determine the best price according to the condition of your coin.

Because this coin is not an ancient coin that has a high value and is rare. However, this coin is one of the coins that have a higher price than its nominal value.

Of course, determining the value of a coin requires several important considerations. The Canadian penny 1952 to 2002 value is determined by the condition of the coin and the location of the fault that makes this coin quite rare.

1952 to 2002 canadian penny value

To find out the value of a penny, you need to identify the fault or look for a coin in good condition. Because this coin has been around for decades and may be one of the coins that have various conditions.

Varieties 1952 to 2002 Canadian Penny Value

Once you know how 1952 to 2002 Canadian coins were made, then you should know what varieties this coin has.
Because each variety offers a different price and depends on scarcity. Even if the demand is high but you don’t have coins in good condition, then you won’t get the highest price either.

To determine 1952 to 2002 Canadian penny value, there are several varieties that you need to know, as follows:

• 1952 to 2002 No Mintmark

The first variety is the most common and is used as a transaction tool. This coin was minted in as many as 716.4 million pieces and became the legal tender.

This coin is included in the circulated coins that go through the transfer of hands. Of course, this will affect the coin’s condition even though your coins are rare.

Because it is used as a means of payment, many people choose to use this coin. But some people also choose to keep it because they hope to get a higher value.

• 1952-2002 P

The second variety is the 1952 to 2002 P penny which is one of the coins with a very clear mint mark. This coin was created less than the no mint mark variety.

This is what causes the 1952 to 2002 p Canadian penny value to be more expensive because the amount is limited. With a low number of prints, many people tend to keep them instead of using them as a means of payment.

1952 to 2002 P was minted as much as 114.200.000 and became one of the rare Canadian coins you can own. Because most people don’t even realize that they have valuable coins.

• 1952 to 2002 P-Proof

This third variety is the rarest, maybe even this coin is only circulated among collectors. To determine the 1952 to 2002 Canadian penny value of course you have to know how much these coins were when minted.

The smaller the number of coins minted, the rarer these coins are. On the other hand, when coins are minted in large quantities, there is a possibility of circulating coins, causing their value to fall.

But for some people who keep these rare coins can get a higher value than you think. Especially if you have rare coins in an uncirculated condition.

You can get a lot of profit from a 10-cent coin that you may accidentally keep at home.

This coin was created to commemorate the 50th birthday of Queen Elizabeth II. This coin is made of steel and plated with copper.

How Much is a 1952 to 2002 Canadian Penny Value?

Once we know there are two varieties of this coin, then we can determine how much pasta we get. To determine the price, we also have to consider various things.

Such as coin conditions, errors, varieties, and circulated or uncirculated coins. Because many people choose to keep their coins instead of using them.

Here is the value you might get for this coin:

• 1952 to 2002 Canadian Penny Value No Mint Mark

This coin is worth not far from 1867 to 1992 Canadian penny value which is a common coin that is commonly used for transactions.

You can get this coin for as low as $0.2 in MS63 conditions or coins that are circulated and circulated. While the highest price you can get is $13 in MS65 or uncirculated condition because the coins are stored for a long time, although some parts of the coins are missing.

• 1952 to 2002 P Canadian Penny

This variety of coins is minted less than the previous varieties. This shows that these coins can get a higher price than no-mintmark coins.

Because there are fewer of them, there is a possibility that many people deliberately keep them. You can get this coin starting at its lowest value of $0.45 in MS63 conditions and $13 in MS65 conditions.

• 1952 to 2002 P Proof Canadian Penny

These are the fewest and rarest varieties of coins, perhaps even minted just for the collector who seeks them. But some people still use these coins for transactions.

Even though this is a rare coin. From 1952 to 2002 the Canadian penny value you can get is $5 in PRF65 conditions.

However, because this coin is quite rare, you can get a higher price even worth hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Therefore, the condition of this coin is confirmed to be uncirculated or uncirculated but damaged due to storage for a long time.

All of the above values are almost the same as the 2005 close am penny value which is a coin that is generally used for transactions. You can get this coin at a higher price in an uncirculated coin condition.

Moreover, many people tend to choose to use paper money instead of coins and many choose to store or collect these coins.

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All the value you get depends on the condition of the coin. Because coins that change hands will circulate and the coins will show some signs of wear and tear.

Such as pictures and writing begin to disappear, and there are scratches or other parts of the coin that begin to disappear. Of course, this will reduce the selling value of this coin.

In addition to circulating coins, some coins are not circulated and are not circulated. These coins tend to be in better condition than circulated coins.

Coins that are not circulated still have clearer images and writing and are minimally damaged because they do not change hands. The coins also show no sign of wear and tear and still have a shimmer on their surface.

From 1952 to 2002 Canadian penny values have a copper luster because these coins are made with copper cladding. Therefore you will see the original shine when you have uncirculated coins.

Even though they are quite old, these coins can be sold at increasingly higher prices. This is due to the demand for ancient coins.

So for those of you who still have this coin, maybe you can sell it at a higher price.

Make sure you have coins in the best condition so you can get the highest value for the Canadian penny you have. Collectors will value your coins with various considerations that will allow you to get a high score.


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