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1934 Canadian Penny Value - We are going to discuss money, very interesting, isn’t it? We know that money is the most useful thing for a human that we all use for buying, paying, or exchanging for something which is needed by human beings. 

Every country has a different type of money, which commonly we name a currency, and it has different rates from each other. 

The penny was minted to symbolize the spirit of the nation. 

In this section, we are going to have a discussion, especially about the 1934 Canadian Penny Value. 

1934 Canadian penny value

Are you ready to discuss this? Let’s get started to read the information below. 

History Of Canadian Penny

The very first Canadian penny was made in 1858. Canadian monetary system ordered Royal Canadian Mint to issue the penny because they still relied on British coinage and the United States currency. 

The large penny of 1858 - 1920 was larger than the modern one-cent coin. The pennies were issued in the 19th century. 

Then, the penny has been reduced the size to match to American penny, so it can be accepted well by the citizen. Recently, the pennies produced in 1982 can still legally be used in circulation. 

Canada's one-cent penny had not changed too much over the years, but there were some stark face changes throughout its history.

A 1934 Canadian Penny Appearance

The observe side of the penny was the plaque of King George V, grandfather of Queen Elizabeth II. It is surrounded by the inscription “GEORGIVS V DEI GRA: REX ET.IND: IMP” which means George V, by the Grace of God, the King, and Emperor of India. 

While the reverse side was written CANADA on the top, ONE CENT between two maple leaves, and the year at the bottom. 

The maple leaf is a proud and distinctive Canadian symbol. This appeared on all pennies which were minted between 1867 and 1935. 

The penny was minted in Canada by Royal Canadian Mint. The penny was round. The components of the penny were 95% Copper, 3% Tin, and 1,5 Zinc. 

Its diameter was 19,10 mm, while its weight was 3,24 grams. The total mintage of 1934 Canadian Value was 7,042,358. And its edge was plain. 

Royal Canadian Mint 

The company was established on 2nd January 1908. It has not only coinage service but also precious metal storage, assay, and refinery. The owner of the company is the Government of Canada. 

Beside coin production, the mint also designs and makes gold, silver, platinum bullion, medals, palladium, and tokens as well. The company also gets more than twenty-three award-winning coins. 

You can also visit Royal Canadian Mint and see how the coins are produced, you can see also more than $1 million of pure gold bars. 

It will be a very special moment if you can visit there and have new knowledge also experience. 

The 1934 Canadian Value Designers

The designer of the 1934 Canadian Penny Value is E.B.MacKennal. His full name is Edgar Bertram Mackennal was born on 12th June 1863 in Melbourne, Australia, and died on 10th October 1931 in the United Kingdom. 

He was known as Bertram Mackennal. He was an Australian sculptor and medallist, and his most famous design of coinage was a design for King George V. On his designs, there was his initial “BM”. 

He studied at Melbourne National Gallery in Australia, then he moved to London. He continued his study at National Gallery School. 

Some of his masterworks included King George’s statue displayed in Delhi and Madras. 

Canadian Penny Error 

While the mintage process to make the penny, several error issues might arise. When a penny shows an abnormal appearance, it can be an error or a variety. 

Canadian Penny error can be divided into three categories: Die error, Planchet error, and Striking error. 

1995 NSF One-Cent is one of the rarest pence had ever struck because it was minted with the design “no shoulder fold” dies. 

A 1934 Canadian Penny Worth

Are you wondering How much is a 1934 Canadian penny worth? Let’s talk about it. It is worth one cent. While we can compare it to the 1983 Canadian Penny Value which has an average of approximately worth 0,03 CAD. 

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The Most Expensive Canadian Pennies

We are going to discuss the most expensive Canadian pennies. Below are the pennies which have super fantastic prices. Those are:

• 1911 Canadian Silver Dollar 

This coin became the world’s most valuable. And there were only 2 coins minted. One of them is now put at the Canadian Currency Museum located in Ottawa, Canada. 

And the other one was sold to a private collector in 2019 for $1,066,000. This is the highest price of Canadian coins. This penny is the Holy Canadian coin. For many years, it becomes the world’s most expensive coin

• The first 1943 Copper Canadian Penny was sold for more than $40,000 in 1958. 

Then its price was getting much higher. In 1996, the penny was sold again for $82,000, what a fantastic price. And recently a dealer in New Jersey sold its 1943 for $1,7 million. 

• 1921 50-Cent Penny 

This one is well-known as the king of Canadian Coins. You will be wondering why? Let’s find it. The company minted the penny for large numbers but very few only to be in circulation. 

That is why the uncirculated remaining coins are very valuable and can be worth up to $ 335.400. 

Where to Buy Rare Canadian Coins

If you are looking for Canadian coins online, you might refer to the following websites. the 1934 Canadian Penny Value is also available here. 

1. 2 Clicks Coins - This website has many collections of the penny, where you can find many rare coins, including silver dimes and quarters.

2. Provident Metals - This shop sells rare pennies from all over the world, as well as Canadian silver coins.

3. CoinMart - This is the source for coins from around the world and in Canada. You will find easily the Canadian penny here. 

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