Your Go-to 1945 Canadian Penny Guide: Value and Error

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1945 Canadian Penny – When we are talking about old coins from Canada, many old and antique coins have their worth and value, each with their different grades, category, and price. For many coin hunters and collectors, there are hundreds of different kinds and types of old antique coins, each with its different prices, and grading.

If you are planning to hunt for antique coins, especially on the Canadian penny, then here are your complete guides on Canadian penny hunting, especially the 1945 Canadian penny.

1945 Canadian Penny Value

This is your go-to 1945 Canadian penny guide and advice. One of the notable, and valuable coins for the Canadian penny, are the 1945 specimen of the Canadian penny.

What makes this penny special? Why some of them are valuable? Here, is your complete guide on the 1945 Canadian cent.

The History And Origin Of The 1945 Canadian Cents

The 1936 and 1945, World war II erupted, the war between the Axis side, and the central side. Canadian is one of the countries involved in World War II, and to support the war effort, the Canadian government subsidized and allocated resources such as precious metals like Bronze, and Tin to support wartime productions, this, in turn, affected the penny mintage in Canada.

At the end of World War II, with the increasing demands for precious metals such as copper and zinc, and with the slow supply of productions thanks to World War II affecting copper production, the 5 cents coin, and another nominal for a penny were minted using steel instead of copper.

Canadian royal mintage has minted this steel penny with nickel and plated it with chrome paint.

However, some of the 5 cents of the 1945 Canadian penny haven’t been chrome painted, leaving it to be one of the 1945 Canadian penny errors in this series and year. However, these are only a small amount of the 5-cent penny, and the coins are pretty rare.

How to differentiate between the 5 cents that have chrome painted with the error pennies that have no chrome paint?

Well, simple, the appearance of the coin that has no Chrome paint will appear slightly duller and you can see it has slightly dull lusters, compared with other 1945 Canadian steel penny.

Even though the 1945 Canadian penny value has been minted, and in circulation for quite some time, the value of this penny has been increasing and affected by quite a lot of factors.

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So, how do we know about the 1945 Canadian penny worth? Is there any worth for the Canadian 1945 cents? Here are a few explanations regarding the 5 cents of 1945 Canadian coins and their price and value.

Prices And Value Of 1945 Canadian 5 Cents

Is a 1945 Canadian penny worth anything? Before we answer this question, you would need to know that many factors decide the value and price of a Canadian 5 cents piece of coin.

The factors might include the quality of the pennies, conditions of the penny (divided into several grades such as: normal, good, fine, near mint-state, and minted state), wear and damage the penny has, and also the rarity of the penny.

Keep it in mind that the 1945 Canadian penny value is also subject to Canadian laws of supply and demand, hence the value and price of each old Canadian penny that has been circulated or uncirculated will follow the rules and law of supply and demand, created by the Royal Canadian mintage of.

Most of the 1944 to 1945 Canadian penny wasn’t a rare piece at all, and due to the high amount of minted coins in this year, resulting in the coin became quite a common piece, compared with other coins.

This makes the common 1944 to 1945 Canadian penny has very common value, and low price, even in the good minted state.

The value of the 1945 Canadian penny was also affected by the type, and for 1945 Canadian cents, two types have been known, 1945 with no Chrome paint, and standard 1945 Canadian steel cents.

These two have different intrinsic values, and therefore different prices too when compared together.

The standard variety of the 1945 Canadian penny is valued at a minimum price of CAD$ 0.02, and at least will worth around $1.5 for the circulated grade.

However, if the coin is in an uncirculated condition or SP condition, the price could change, and be different.

For example, the most expensive type of Canadian 1945 steel cent is the SP-66 grade, perfectly minted conditions, with the highest amount of $2.810.

For the 5-cent Canadian penny, there is also a Canadian error penny, in which the cents have no Chrome paint. This results in a variety of error pennies that has no Chrome paint, differentiating from other steel penny.

Most of the Canadian error penny of the 1945 steel cent is worth around $0.5 to $11 for the circulated grade, and for the uncirculated class, it could be worth around $17, to a whopping amount of $1.100.

To better understand the 1945 Canadian cent value you also need to understand that there are also other varieties, and types of the 1945 Canadian coins, these include the George VI cent coins, the Canadian steel penny of 1945, the Canadian no chrome penny of 1945, and the Canadian one-cent penny 1945.

So, to better understand the coin from this year, here are a few categories, and the most valuable Canadian penny list.

1945 Canadian Penny List

During the year of 1944 to 1945, Canadian royal mintage minted several types of coins, with different initial values, and different numismatic values.

When we are talking about a penny from this year, there are several kinds of Canadian penny, with different specifications, categories, and different designs too.

Each of the pennies also has a different initial value, ranging from one cent, 5-cents, and 10 cents.

1945 Canadian Penny Value and Error

Here is a few of the Canadian cents list, and some of them are not able to keep track on:

  • 1945 George VI Penny – it is a bronze penny featuring the face of George the VI on one side of the coin, and a maple leaf on the other side. It is composed of 98% of copper with 2% of tin and zinc. With a total weight of 3.2 grams, a diameter of 19 mm, and a plain edge, it is considered one of the most common 1-cent pennies minted this year.
  • 1945 5-cent steel pennies – It is 5 cent steel penny, with the feature of King George VI and with the torch insignia on the other side. It is made of steel because, during World War II, the shortage of copper made the Canadian government change the composition of the 5 cents penny into steel.
  • 1945 Steel pennies with no chrome paint – It is the alteration of the Canadian 1945 5-cent penny that has no chrome paint on the surface, leaving the coin to have a slightly duller appearance. These are considered error pennies and have their own intrinsic and rarity value compared with other types of coins.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding About The 1945 Canadian Coins

When collecting such old coins as the 1945 Canadian steel penny, or bronze penny, there are a few questions that you might stumble upon.

If you want to make a better decision, such as buying or selling the correct coins, avoiding rip-off pennies, and investing in the correct cents, you can acquire good value for your coins, and invest more in your penny collections.

To help you become better collectors, and wiser investors, here are a few frequently asked questions regarding the 1945 Canadian cents.

How Much Is A 1945 Canadian Penny Worth?

Just like any other old coins, the 1945 Canadian coin value is determined based on a few factors, from rarity, category, variety, conditions, grading, errors, and also supply and demand laws.

One of the most deciding factors, however, is the rarity of the coin, after all, the rarer the coins, the more it has intrinsic value, and the more they became valuable as collections.

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Many collectors appreciate the rare and invaluable error pennies, and therefore the price for some error pennies has risen to even a fantastic amount.

One example is the Gold 1911 Canadian sovereign coin, with the highest amount of $22.000 sold at auction.

What Is A 1945 Canadian Penny Worth?

Just like we mentioned earlier, it all depends on several factors such as rarity, grade, conditions, and supply and demand laws. We could provide some estimation on how much it would cost for you to buy or sell some of the 1945 Canadian coins, however, these number estimations could change at any time, and might not be accurate too much, but still, we would try.

The 1945 Canadian penny is worth around $0.2 when melted and around $0.04 if it is also in uncirculated grade, depending on the grades, some of the Canadian pence could reach around $5 to $10.

However, one of the most expensive Canadian pennies is the MS grade (Minted State) which could reach thousands of dollars. It is because the minted state is a condition for a coin that hasn’t been touched by anything, and is perfectly fine just like when the coin has been minted yesterday.

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