2004 Florida Quarter Value: Spec, Design and History

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The 2004 Florida quarter coin is the second State Quarter coin and has been issued since 2004. According to United States historical records, Florida is officially included as one of the 27th American states and is a member of the labor union.

In other words, the Florida State Quarter is also the 27th coin minted according to the series.

2004 Florida quarter value

The design of the Florida State Quarter coin represents the 2004 Florida quarter value and history that goes back nearly 500 years after the discovery of a galleon that came from Spain and brought many explorers to mainland Florida.

The event occurred in the 16th century ago until finally the Space Shuttles which had been launched from the location now known as the Kennedy Space Center, where the event took place in the 21st century not so long ago.

Not only galleons and Space Shuttles, but the design of the Florida State Quarter also has an image of a pair of Sabal palmetto palm trees. The palm tree is the official representation of the state and is a trademark of Florida.

All 2004 Florida quarter coins in uncirculated condition were plated 7 times with pure 24-karat gold. Every coin in this series receives this kind of packaging in an effort to protect the coin’s condition.

2004 Florida Quarter Commemorative Coin

Right when entering December 1997 ago, a coin program that existed in America and was considered to take the most daring steps finally actually became a reality, namely when the President who was serving at that time, Clinton decided to sign a bill providing rights and licenses to the U.S. Mint to be able to publish a collection of 50 State Quarters that have innovative designs, and it can up the 2004 Florida quarter worth.

Since January 1999, each of the 50 states that make up the Union has received an honor in the form of a commemorative Quarter Dollar series coin that has its own uniqueness representing each state.

There are 5 states that are privileged to be shown each year; this decision is taken based on the order of states that contributed to the process of ratifying the Constitution or the order officially becoming a state.

The coin printing schedule was very tight at that time; therefore each State Quarter underwent a minting process for only about 10 weeks.

This treatment had the effect that the prints of each quarter would only be a small part of the “normal” series of quarters, and it is possible to cause the 2004 Florida quarter error.

2004 Florida Quarter Mints

Regularly issued 2004 Florida quarter coins will undergo minting in the Philadelphia area as well as the Denver Mints.

You can find a mint with the initials P or D to the right of the portrait of George Washington on the obverse of the coin: the lowercase “P” stands for the mint of the Philadelphia Mint, the lowercase “D” stands for coins from the mint Denver.

There is a portrait located on the left of the photo of George Washington who served as the first President of the United States since 1789 and ended in 1797, there is a motto “IN GOD WE TRUST” and also the words “LIBERTY” around the writing there are denominations of money and also the words “USA”

2004 Quarter Specifications

  • Coin Release Date: March 29, 2004
  • Reverse Side: Gateway of Discovery
  • Coin engraver: T. James Ferrell
  • Coin Standard Weight: 5.670 grams
  • Coin Standard Diameter: 24.26 mm
  • Coin Thickness: 1.75 mm
  • Coin Edge Details: Reed
  • Coin Composition: Cupro and Nickel Plated (8.33% of Nickel and 91.67% of Copper)

That’s some information about the history and details of 2004 Florida quarter coins that you can use as a guide in determining how much is a 2004 Florida quarter worth and starting your coin-buying and selling business.


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