2003 Missouri Quarter Value, Varieties, Errors and Worth

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You can find errors in the 2003 Missouri quarter mint and variations. You can see on the 2003 minted coin that the surface is starting to age, leaving a scratch or cut on Washington’s face.

A coin with the type of error like a wound on Washington’s face equipped with grade level MS64 could be sold for a crazy 2003 Missouri quarter value of up to USD 18,000.00.

2003 missouri quarter value

That happened back in 2015. An error in the coin resulted from a visible dead crack on the head of the coin.

The most likely way to find the rare and high-priced glitch in the facial scar on a 2003 Missouri quarter-dollar Scarface is to find it in an unsealed, original bankroll.

Also, it is important to know the mint set from 2003 to ascertain whether the specimen belongs to a high mint-level country class. It didn’t stop there, the Scarface Missouri quarter type found many other dead marks.

The die break will determine the level of the die stage if a die chip or what is known as a “lump of metal” appears at the most crucial spot in the coin design. They are usually seen in an unobtrusive area of certain letters or numbers within the coin design.

Continuing to the next section is a crack in the die, which is a thin, raised line that is quite obvious on all the devices and the coin face.

The shape of the pattern appears to be fingerprint-shaped, its position very precisely pointing to the development of the die, and that is why there are many scar face-type coins.

Missouri Quarter Design 2003

The first 2003 Missouri quarter was released on August 4, 2003. The coin’s design is a symbol to commemorate Lewis and Clark’s return to St. Louis by way down the River in Missouri. You can see Gateway Arch National Park in the background of the coin.

Missouri was a good place to build a wagon train to start the citizens’ journey west. In 1804 Missouri was still part of the Louisiana Territory.

Missouri State Quarter Varieties & Errors

The 2003 Missouri quarter with doubled die listings error can be found on the internet. You can find an error in the form of doubling under the earlobe in Washington’s photo. Many coin collectors claim to have found a 2003 Missouri quarter series error coin.

Missouri Quarter Values

A 2003 Missouri quarter coin does not have to have a fault or come in many types to be of good value. However, the actual condition of the coin does not have a big impact on the value of the coin.

The quarter from the state of Missouri was minted in 2003 with a P 25C type and has a 2003 Missouri quarter worth MS68 sold for over USD 4,000. There are many stories about someone who became rich for a penny.

Quaternary faults and rarities are also quite diverse, such as a collection of quarter waffles priced at around USD 20 in raw coin condition. You can check sales traffic in e-commerce.

Preserving Rare Quaternary Specimens

People working as numismatists ask to sell coins that are still in good condition and are not in circulation and are stored in coin protectors.

You should also know for sure that the possession of a rare 2003 Missouri quarter error with a high grade is a considerable treasure.

Try participating in coin auctions to get bigger profits. You can ask for the help of the nearest coin expert to verify your coin and pay for their services. They will appreciate your gratitude and later will be happy to help you again.

Try sending your 2003 Missouri quarter coins to a credible coin rating agency to measure how much is a 2003 Missouri quarter worth accordingly. There are many options to try. Don’t be too hasty and do some verification steps and market studies so you can earn even more money.


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