Introducing the 2003 Alabama Quarter Value

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Are you into coins collecting hobby this day? If you’re looking for a unique hobby and want to find the best collection, then you can start collecting coins. The coins are something you can always rely on because it has a value worth for everyone. In case you want to collect them, you can start collecting the 2003 Alabama quarter.

This coin is one of the most uniquely designed coins you can find in the United States. You can also explore the 2003 Alabama quarter value to know how it is valuable for your collection.

2003 alabama quarter value

In case you want to start choosing a good collection, starting from a simple, most common coin will be a good start.

For a collector, every coin is valuable. So, you can be a collector and find rare, special coins for your collection. In case you want to step up the game, you can always connect with other collectors to find the best coins.

The Characteristics of the 2003 Alabama Quarter

If your collection is growing, then you need to always consider all newcomers. In fact, collecting coins is not only limited to antique coins from the past.

The modern coins, such as the modern quarters, will be good for you. The coins are designed uniquely for every issue. So, you can get a valuable collection.

The obverse description of this quarter is just like any other quarter, the famous bust of President George Washington.

Hist bust and side profile have been the icon of the coin. Of course, if you want to collect it, you can experience something fun while collecting it.

The background story of this coin is quite interesting. This coin is one of the issues of the 50 State Quarters Program held by the U.S Government.

The 2003 Alabama quarter value is quite high due to its rarity and its special edition, making this coin a good start for every collector.

Here are some things you need to take note of in this coin:

  1. This coin is the 22nd release of the program. The quarter program is one of the most famous programs for U.S. coins, making it a perfect option for collectors to have it. This coin is quite attractive with its characterized design.
  2. It has a figure of Helen Keller in its design, making it attractive and interesting for you. If you want to collect coins, then this edition is a perfect start. It has a good design as it uses Braille and has Alabama’s long-leaf pine branch that will be identical to its original place.
  3. It has the obverse inscriptions of the “United States of America”, also “Liberty” inscription and “In God We Trust”, and Quarter Dollar. It is the same with others.
  4. The reverse side has inscriptions, which are Alabama, 1819, Braille, Helen Keller, Spirit of Courage, 2003, and E Pluribus Unum.
  5. The design is made by different designers. For the obverse side, the designer is John Flanagan and William Cousins. Besides, the reverse side is designed by Norman Nemeth.

The 2003 Alabama quarter error is also important to consider. Those errors will help you to find rare and valuable coins. You can always start your collection with those coins.

Tips for New Collectors

If you want to have a great collection, then you can always start choosing the quarter for your need. The quarter is quite good as you can always choose them for your need.

So, how much is the 2003 Alabama quarter worth? You can consider them with what you need.

In case you want to experience something unique, you will always find the coins attractive. You can always get what you need from experienced people. So, you can start choosing and getting your collection of the 2003 Alabama quarter.


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