2003 Maine Quarter Value: History and Worth

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In the 2003 Maine quarter design, there is an image of a lighthouse standing on a cliff and there is a ship visible at the back. The lighthouse is important to the state of Maine for lighting the New Harbor area, Maine is known for shipwrecks that have fallen off steep cliffs into the sea.

The lighthouse built in 1820 is known as the Pemaquid Point Light. The design was decided with 2 choices of sunset icons, namely Mount Katahdin and the image of a lighthouse.

2003 maine quarter value

The suggested coin name is “Nation’s First Light” as a representation of the West Quoddy Head Light in Lubec, Maine, as the easternmost point in the United States.

There is controversy surrounding the coin’s design. The most popular design at first was the Mount Katahdin design but not reflect the 2003 Maine quarter worth.

On the design of the reverse side of the coin, you can see many different images, including a lighthouse called Pemaquid Point, and then there is a schooner, and also a white pine tree as a representative form of the state.

The lighthouse named Pemaquid Point is considered important in supporting maritime activities there and is also known as one of the main and most visited tourist attractions in Maine.

There is a number indicating the year 1820 that you can find on the face of this coin to indicate that this was the year that the territory of Maine was declared officially incorporated into the union.

Coin Information

The US has created a 2003 Maine quarter series coin with a different design. There is a variation of the mint mark P quarter from 2003, the mint mark D quarter from 2003, the S proof quarter from 2003, and also the silver proof quarter from 2003 with the mint mark S.

A proof coin is generally a coin with a more detailed design and workmanship and almost no 2003 Maine quarter error.

This proof coin is printed using specially provided planchets to make this coin and it will take a longer time or duration until this coin is considered ready. These silver-proof coins are made or intended specifically for the accomplished collector.

You can see and find the mint mark on the front side of all coins, the sign is written under the motto “IN GOD WE TRUST”.

Minted Coins

Location Series Quantity Printed
2003 PPhiladelphia217,400,000
2003 DDenver231,400,000
2003 Exhibit SSan Francisco3,408,516
2003 Silver Proof SSan Francisco1,125,755


The 2003 Maine quarter value always depends on the type of series and also the condition level of the coin. The following is an assessment that you can do to find out the value of the coins in each series.

Clad Quarters

A 2003 Maine quarter standard room that is in outstanding condition will generally have a value of around USD 0.25 only. You can get high and premium prices in uncirculated conditions.

The Maine 2003 P quarter and the Maine 2003 D quarter both have a value of approximately USD 1 if in uncirculated condition and have a standard value of MS 63. An uncirculated coin with a value level of MS 65 can earn you around USD 1.50.

Maine’s 2003 Proof Quarter was worth approximately USD 5 under PR 66DC scoring conditions. This could cost approx. USD 15 in PR 69DC valuation conditions.

Silver Proof Quarter

This 2003 Maine quarter has a silver value. The value of the molten silver material for making this coin is around USD 4.02 on December 15, 2022 yesterday. This silver melt value is calculated based on the current spot silver price of USD 22.22 per ounce.

How much is a 2003 Maine quarter worth? Maine quarter silver proof 2003 S has a value of approximately USD 11 in PR 66DC grading conditions. The price range is approximately USD 20 in PR 69DC valuation conditions.


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