2004 Texas Quarter Coins Value and Worth

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If you love collecting old coins and happen to stumble upon the old 2004 Texas quarter coins wondering how to sell them, or wanting to know if they are worth your coins or not, then here we are going to discuss the Texas quarter coins value and worth, how they are worthy in the current market, and how to know if your quarters are worth the money or not.

The 2004 Texas Quarter Value

How much is a 2004 texas quarter worth? Most of the circulated grades of the Texas quarter would be valued at least $0.25 to $0.50.

The circulated grade has a pretty low value because most of them are damaged over the years, and don’t have much value.

2004 Texas quarter value

Regardless, some of the uncirculated grade 2004 Texas coins would be valued at more than $5 to $15, but they are pretty rare.

If you want to know more about the value, and grade of each 2004 Texas quarter error and how much you can benefits from it, visit our official website for the standard coin grading chart, and prices in 2022-2023.

Here, we can give you the information you will need to know the value, and worth of each old coin, depending on its grade, variety, and category.

How To Find Valuable 2004 Texas Quarter Coins

If you want to find some valuable old coins and antique coins such as with the 2004 Texas quarter, your best bet is to go to the local coin auction.

There you can see some valuable, and worthy to keep coins that are auctioned. You can also try your luck on the local coin dealers to get a look at some expensive, and memorable coins, but they are sometimes expensive, yet valuable.

If you feel lucky, you can try to get your hand on the coin roll, or when coin hunting services. This could be done by purchasing some coin roll package, or mystery package from the internet.

These contain random pieces of coins from here and there, different pieces, different years, and from different series.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding The 2004 Texas Coins And Quarter

Now, to help you on knowing what to do, and hunt some 2004 Texas coins, and a quarter, then we provide you with some frequently asked questions here.

  • How to know if your coin is valuable?

You can go to the local coin grading service to get your coin graded depending on its condition, and grade. You can also try to check on the online grading and price chart.

  • How much is a 2004 Texas quarter worth?

The circulated, standard 2004 Texas quarter value would be at least worth around the same as its initial face value, around $0.30 to $0.50.

For some circulated coins, it would just the same as $0.25, but for some rare coins, the uncirculated grade could be worth more than $5, to even $10 if the conditions were correct, and have a good grade.

  • Best coin roll and hunt

You can purchase some coin rolling packages to hunt for some valuable pieces of coin. Some coin roll contains more than 10 to even 100 coins per purchase.

Some of these coins have some value, random pieces, random years, random series, and many more. Who knows that some coin roll would make some beneficial gain for you?

So, in conclusion, the 2004 Texas quarter wasn’t the most profitable and valuable piece of coins or a quarter. However, some of the variations and different grades of the quarter could give you more profits than you can get, but only if you are lucky though, since finding them would be quite hard, and the chances of finding some error quarter would be very small.


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