2004 Wisconsin Quarter Discussion, Worth And Value

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The 2004 Wisconsin quarter is a territorial or state quarter that is specifically designed for each of the states in the US, and it is designed with different reverse side designs. For those who are wondering about how much the value of each Wisconsin quarter, here we will discuss, the value, worth and current market value for the old Wisconsin quarter.

2004 Wisconsin quarter value

Is it worth selling or hunting for the Wisconsin quarter? Here is our discussion about it, and how you can get some money for it.

Is it worth it to keep, hunt, or sell for the old Wisconsin quarter, or is it just another worthless coin you got from the coin roll, here is the information on the market value of the 2004 Wisconsin quarter in the open market?

So, how much is a 2004 Wisconsin quarter worth, and the value in the open market? The standard value for the Wisconsin quarter is around $0.25 or the same as its initial face value.

It can go up to the $0.50 at max for its 2004 Wisconsin quarter value for the circulated grade.

How To Know If Your Wisconsin Quarter Is Valuable Or Not?

You can go to the local coin grading service to better know about the grade, category, and the different prices that you can gain from the Wisconsin quarter.

They could give you the best information on how much your coins are valued, and priced in the market.

You can also refer to our coin grade chart here, from different years of the Wisconsin quarter, the different type of the 2004 Wisconsin quarter, and how much it can be valued.

Some of the Wisconsin coins have different type, grading, and also category, while other also has 2004 Wisconsin quarter error that could increase in value and pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions

So, if you have any questions regarding the 2004 Wisconsin quarter worth and how much they are valuable in the current antique coin market.

How valuable is it in the Wisconsin quarter?

Most of the time you won’t get value much from the Wisconsin quarter, as they are mostly in circulated grade, hence they would only be worth around for their initial face value of $0.25.

How much is a 2004 Wisconsin quarter worth?

For some standard circulated quarters, it could be worth around $0.30 to $0.50 for variations. Some of the uncirculated grades are rarer and would fetch around $5 to even more than $15.

Refer to our coin grading, and price chart so you will have a better understanding of how much your coin might fetch in the market.

What kinds of Wisconsin Quarter is the best?

There are three different Wisconsin quarters, the Wisconsin 2004, Wisconsin D 2004 quarter, and the S-Proof quarter.

The S-proof quarter is a special collectibles coin that doesn’t introduce much in the market, and it is sold as a collectible item from the bank, so it is rarer and sometimes would fetch a better price especially if it has better grades and conditions.

One of the rarest categories for the Wisconsin quarter is the S-proof quarter. It is made from the same nickel-clad, however, it is only specifically designed as the proof coins, meaning it is only for collectibles and sells for collector’s edition, not open to market circulations.

They can be pretty rare, and the value for it could fetch quite a bit of money.

It is quite hard to find some of the 2004 Wisconsin quarter worth your money, however, most of the time you will just get the common, mostly circulated grade of Wisconsin quarters. These can be found in many places, such as antique coin markets, open markets, etc.


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