2004 Iowa Quarter Value: Spec and Error Varieties

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On the front of the 2004 Iowa quarter, there is a portrait of a face facing to the left, namely the face of George Washington who became the first President of the United States and served from 1789 to 1797.

In that part you can also see a motto that reads ” IN GOD WE TRUST” and also the words “LIBERTY”, the writing is surrounded by the nominal currency values and finally the words “USA”.

2004 Iowa quarter value

The inscription on the front of the coin:

  • JF WC
  • The obverse of this coin was engraved by John Flanagan.

Then on the other side of this coin, there is a design with a picture of a school building with one room in which a teacher and his students are planting trees together.

The design on this coin is based on “Arbor Day”, the name of the art painting is created by Grant Wood.

The inscription on the back of the coin:

  • IOWA
  • 1846
  • 2004
  • This coin is engraved by John Mercanti.

2004 Iowa State Quarter Error, Grade, and Variety

You can still see the 2004 Iowa quarter error quite clearly on the back and front of the coin. The 2004 Iowa quarter conditions with errors like this can actually give you more money than the nominal value of the coin.

There was an error where the die chips on the coin made the letter “B” appear as well as the letter “R” appears filled in the word “Liberty”, and was seen on a 2004 quarter coin from the state of Iowa.

2004 Iowa State Quarterly Values

The condition and external appearance of a 2004 Iowa quarter will determine its 2004 Iowa quarter value; the condition does not have to have a fault or unique variation to make it valuable.

For example, the 2004-D 25C Iowa state quarter variant, which has an MS69 rating level, turned out to be sold at auction for as high as USD 1840, that was in 2007.

Then, there is a quarter from the state of Iowa variation 25 C 2004-P 25C and has a rating of MS68, sold at auction with prices reaching USD 1500 in 2019.

Then the last one is the Iowa state quarter with 25 C Silver variation in 2004-S and has a value with a PR70 DCAM (Proof) rating sold at auction with prices reaching USD 230 at auctions in 2005. That will answer your question about how much is a 2004 Iowa quarter worth.

2004 Iowa Quarter Interior Die Break Error

The interior mold was broken because the condition of the mold was broken but it was still used to make the coin. Damaged dies that go unnoticed and are not replaced immediately can make a coin with an error that has a high price to collectors.

2004 Iowa Quarter Interior Die Break Error

The letter “N” in the word “GRANT” could not be seen clearly and was almost lost because it was closed by a die break. Die chips can also be seen on the letter “G” and also the letter “R” from the word “GRANT”.

This 2004 Iowa Quarter is in circulation and is therefore deemed unfit for appraisal. Even so, many people try to sell it at a higher price than its face value in e-commerce.

2004 Iowa Quarter Doubles Dies Variety

Many people found the 2004 Iowa quarter with double die variety twice as many as they should have been. The quarter that came from the state of Iowa production in 2004 is known for duplication errors which are often found on the back and front of the coin.

That’s it for the review of this coin, and hopefully, you can be lucky enough to find a coin with a mistake that has a high 2004 Iowa quarter worth.


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