2004 Michigan Quarter Value: History, Design and Mintage

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The new design on the face of the 2004 Michigan quarter coin retains the design of the Washington Quarter faces facing left, with text on the obverse which now reads:

  • United States of America
  • Liberty
  • In God We Trust
  • Quarter Dollars

On the other side of this coin there is a lake called the Great Lakes which is located on the border of the state, hence the motto “The Great Lakes State” in the state of Michigan used.

2004 Michigan quarter value

The unfortunate thing is that there isn’t as much symbolism as coins from other states, although there is a display of the state’s design around which there is an image of a lake.

Some of the lakes that make up the Great Lakes include Michigan, Superior, Erie, Huron, and also Ontario.

The Design Selection

2004 Michigan quarter designs began to be sought to start in 2001. A governor named John Engler brought together 25 members, some of whom were numismatic experts from the Michigan area, and it represented the 2004 Michigan quarter value.

There are at least 4,300 incoming coin designs from residents in the state. There were 4 participants who entered as the owner of the best design, including “Outline depicting the boundaries of the State of Michigan accompanied by images of the Great Lakes and also State-owned Icons”, then there was “Outline of the borders of the State of Michigan and also images of the Great Lakes accompanied by a Bridge Mackinac”, then the design “Outline of the State of Michigan plus a picture of the Mackinac Bridge and also the Automotive Industry Icon”, and finally the “Outline of the Michigan State boundary then there is a picture of the Great Lakes only with the Automotive Industry Icon.”

Of all the designs that were selected, all of them used the Outline of Michigan boundary design in them. The winner is determined by the Governor with the help of numismatics.

Most people apparently didn’t like the decision, some coin activists even wrote sarcastically while congratulating the Governor.

Then he continued that in fact such an outline drawing was unnecessary and did not represent anything from Michigan and was impressed that this state had no achievements or privileges in it.

This 2004 Michigan quarter coin is the 26th out of the Statehood Quarters program. On the back of the coin is the text which reads:

  • Michigan 1837
  • Great Lakes State
  • 2004
  • E Pluribus Unum

The Michigan coin is also made using silver for the purpose of being Silver Proof Sets specifically with different 2004 Michigan quarter worth. The coin also includes those minted for Florida, Michigan, Iowa, Texas, and also Wisconsin.

2004 Michigan Quarter Error

There’s almost no 2004 Michigan quarter error to be found in the 2004 Michigan quarter to date. The average price is only USD 0.25 as usual.

But you can meet people who are experts in assessing coin values and verifying them so you can know how much coin value you have, what’s more, if you have a coin with a unique error, then it’s a jackpot.

2004 Michigan Quarter Specs

The 2004 Michigan State Quarter coin variety designed by John Flanagan and Donna Weaver is also available in a silver coin variety as part of the proof set.

Here are the specifications of this coin:

  • Composition: 91.67% of copper, 8.33% of nickel for plated ones, and 90% of silver, 10% of copper for silver proof coins
  • Coin diameter: 24.26 mm
  • Coin weight: 5.67 grams
  • Coin thickness: 1.75 mm
  • Coin edge: Reed

Michigan Quarter Mintage

A total of 1,769,786 silver coins were issued for this series, and the following are the minted quantities of each type:

2004-D (Denver) Michigan Quarter: 225,800,000

2004-P (Philadelphia) Michigan Quarter: 233,800,000

2004-S (San Francisco) Silver Proof Michigan Quarter: 1,769,786

2004-S (San Francisco) Proof Michigan Quarter: 2,740,684

The rarity will affect how much is a 2004 Michigan quarter worth.


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